231 Dumbbells

    The next morning, Yera's wonderful sleep was interrupted by her husband.

    "Rise and shine darling. It's time for your training! Let's condition your body first and run..." Xander excitedly mumbled at Yera's ear, God knows how many times he repeated the words in different tones just to wake her up from her deep slumber.

    "Can we skip it today? I'm still sleepy..." Yera begged. Her body wanted to sleep more and was too lazy however, Xander pulled her up.

    "Come-on get dressed for the workout. You were the one who was so keen to do this before. Don't you know how high is my professional fee as a trainer? You have to use me wisely..." Xander mumbled as he got Yera's jogging clothes.

    Yera idly stood up and prepared because her husband would definitely not stop bugging her. The sun was still not up when she and Xander went out to run in the vicinity. This was the first  time Yera did physical exercise in her whole life and to be honest she was not used to it.

    She stopped and sat on the grass because she was already panting hard, her shirt was full of sweat hugging her body tightly.

    "Here darling..." Xander handed her a bottle of water and Yera drank it all while Xander got her another shirt to change into. She smiled at the thoughtfulness of her husband who was bringing those things she would need in his backpack.

    "Such a thoughtful trainer ahhh..." Yera teased with a smile that quickly vanished and was replaced with a crumpled face when her husband pulled her once again for another round of running. He had a timer and he was checking her time taken for each lap.

    "Is this much running even good for beginners?" she asked in doubt because she felt like she was undergoing military training with him.

    After the exhausting run, they went inside one of the rooms Xander arranged where he made sure he was equipped with necessary exercising equipment for her.

    Yera gulped when Xander paused in front of a medium to heavy set of dumbbells.

    "Seriously?" she burst because she felt like those equipment were best suited for men. "Do you want me to become a muscled woman?" she asked in disbelief.

    Xander laughed and shook his head. "Of course not darling. I will give you the  best training for a woman to increase your strength and core stability. Trust me on this," her husband said followed by a wink. Yera pursed her lips in disobedience.

    Yera was really not in the mood to do such heavy dumbbells so she said, "can we skip the dumbbells darling and try a lighter type of workout?"

    Xander ignored her and carried a pair of five pounds dumbbell to hand to her. Yera frowned but Xander only gave her a wink and said, "These are just basics darling. It's a light workout."

    Yera's eyebrows flinched then she conspired a plan in her mind and a seductive smile started curling on her lips. Xander gulped when he saw her seducing antics, because he could sense that his wife was up to something with those looks.

    And it was not too long before his wife seductively ran her fingers from his broad arms going up to his shoulders before she encircled her arms on his neck and leaned closer to him as she whispered into his ear, "darling, let's just do some workout in our bedroom."

    Xander blinked several times because he was startled to hear those inviting words from his wife. Not to add that he was getting distracted too with her scent. Her sweat filled scent smelled sexy and he wanted to bury his face and himself in her body.

    Xander released a long deep sigh and washed away those naughty thoughts from his head. He should not let his weak body be seduced. He needed to be strict so his wife would have a fit body and learn to defend herself.

    He was about to say something when he felt his lower lip being bit and pulled by Yera's teeth. And it did not end there because she even pressed her bosoms onto his chest and he could feel her fingers playing on his nape and caressing his hair.

    His buddy was deliberately saluting between his thighs, getting anxious.

    'Damn!' he cursed as the electric wave ran in his body. He was totally aroused with some simple teasing by his darling. He released another sigh before gently removing his wife's arms from his neck.

    However, Yera was persistent and abruptly pulled his shirt closer to her. Her hand was naughtily moving and Xander's body was almost on the verge of losing its senses. He immediately backed off so his wife's hand could not touch his private part.

    "Stop it darling. Even though it gives me blue balls... the training will continue. Here," Xander firmly declared before turning around to get the dumbbells and put them into Yera's hands.

    Yera's face couldn't be painted with that deliberate rejection. 'How come it did not work? Is he really my husband?' she irritably mused, startled with her husband's self control.

    Xander positioned her body and then he whispered, "Darling, don't worry we will continue later with the other exercise you're suggesting. Most probably after you take a rest from our training today."

    He was grinning hard while Yera looked sulky while she did the workout with Xander's instruction.

    'Other exercise later? Maybe I will ignore you later like how you ignored me now?' Yera thought silently while she twisted her lips, seeing how amused her husband was at her irritation.

    "Darling, how come you look so enticing when  you're annoyed like that," Xander could not help but comment.

    "Don't talk to me. I'm too focused on these freaking dumbbells..." Yera chided.

    Xander continuously grinned and teased, " we will soon change into a ten pounds pair darling. You're doing great..."

    Yera narrowed her eyes and threw her deadly stare at Xander that made him zip his mouth that instant.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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