232 Ego*

    Yera was still in a grouchy mood during the dinner, she was so much annoyed with Xander that she did not bother to talk to anyone at all. Dion and Rizie could sense the gloominess in the air while eating, so they chose to eat silently.

    Dion looked at Xander and asked him with his eyes what happened but the latter only shrugged his shoulders and gave him a meaningful grin.

    After a few long moments of silence, Rizie could not take the serious ambiance any more and so she casually asked Xander, "how was the workout brother in law? Sis looks so exhausted. Are you sure you're doing it right? We can get a professional trainer you know."

    Xander's eyebrow lifted up as he remarked, "Excuse me... I'm a very professional trainer. What do you think of me? Darling is like that beca..." Xander paused when Yera glared at him.

    "I mean -- It's because it's her first time so her bod-y is a bit stiff and it's still adjusting with the sudden workouts..." Xander continued in a little stuttering voice.

    Rizie could not help but silently laugh seeing the funny look on Xander's face. She had never met a man as henpecked a husband as Xander Yang. After that glare from his wife, Xander did not dare to utter a single word and even gave Dion and Rizie a vague signal to remain quiet and just focus on their meal.

    Yera was the first to leave the dining area and then Rizie got the opportunity to ask Xander what happened.

    "Nothing happened, you nosy body. Let me follow my darling. I know she's tired so let me go and help her relax," Xander said in humor with a wink.

    Dion only shook his head. He doubted that such a mischievous grin from his brother in law would help his sister relax...

    Yera on the other hand went directly into the bathroom for a relaxing bath in the tub before sleeping. She already had her plans to torture her husband for neglecting her this morning, how much she had tried and yet it didnt work, now shall be the time for revenge.

    "You will dig your own grave tonight darling..." she mumbled. Obviously she was ready for war and would not let this night pass without torturing her husband with all her might. She did not stay long in the water and got up for a quick shower.

    She smirked hearing Xander's footsteps nearing the bathroom door. "Darling..." she heard her husband call in his loving and sweet tone. She did not respond to his calling because she was sure that her husband would barge inside to coax her besides she had intentionally left the door unlocked.

    Soon enough she felt Xander's presence inside the shower room. She turned around and asked, "Why are you here?"

    Xander gave her a sweet smile before saying, "Joining you for shower." Yera arched an eyebrow and replied, "But I'm done showering."

    Xander pouted his lips as he playfully caressed Yera's cheeks while he whispered, "I'm really sorry darling for neglecting you during the workout. You know that this husband of yours loves you more than anything and is strict only when giving you workout and self defense training. I should do things in a professional manner to make you perfect in everything..."

    Yera smiled and touched Xander's face before she leaned in to give him a deep kiss. Her husband encircled his strong arms on her waist and she could feel his hardness poking her since he was already hard.

    She trailed her hands onto his bare chest down his belly then teasingly played her fingers on the tip of his member that made Xander growl in pleasure. She held it in her hand, gently tugging and rubbing that made Xander moan, a moan that was obviously asking for more.

    However, Yera was determined to ignore him like he did this morning so she gently released herself from the kiss and whispered in her husband's ear, "I will stop now darling, I am really tired and I want to rest now after such an exhausting workout you made me do today..."

    "Even though it gives me blue balls..." Yera ended, copying Xander's words from this morning before she suddenly grabbed a towel and left her husband totally flabbergasted with what she just did.

    "For real? My darling really abandoned me like this?" Xander, with his mouth agape, mumbled in disbelief.

    He washed his face with his palm. It looked like they would have a tug of war this evening because he was determined to make his wife plead with him to take her, no matter what.

    Xander took a quick shower before he hurriedly went out of the bathroom ready for the battle. His wife was already on the bed and he joined her soon. She was still pissed off and Xander understood it perfectly because it was very rare for his wife's character to initiate something like that and he turned her down. He was honestly regretting his stupidity.

    "Darling..." Xander whispered in her ear, holding her from her waist as her back was facing him.

    "Let me just  hug you okay? If you want I will give you a massage so you can relax properly..." he suggested.

    "No!" Yera hissed recalling the last massage her husband gave her. Her traitor body would definitely squirm in temptation if she would allow him to do it again.

    She felt her husband hugging her from behind while burying his face on her nape. "Darling... Please don't get irritated anymore. If you only knew how hard it was for me to suppress my desires and show such self control this morning..."

    She could feel her husband's warm breath on her nape while he explained himself. She bit her lip because her husband had started to make his  seductive movements with his hand that was roaming already inside her nightgown. Yera cursed at the thought that she should have worn a pair of pajamas instead.

    She tried to ignore her husband's teasing hands but her body was betraying her. Before she knew it, her husband was already inside her panty, his fingers caressing her sleek folds while he had started to lick her nape.

    "Stop that..." she whispered in her hoarse tone. It was barely to be heard because her body was starting to kindle with the sensation and pleasure she was feeling.

    "Stop what darling?" Xander huskily hummed followed with inserting his finger teasingly inside her entrance. She was already wet and Xander could feel the erotic movements of her body.

    He took the advantage of her weak moment and quickly moved on top of Yera and had her to face him while his finger was still gently teasing her, thrusting inside and making round movements, forcing out moans from her mouth, weakening all her resolve. He lifted her nightgown so his mouth could suck and play with her already hardened peaks.

    "Are you sure you want me to stop now? Just say it. Tell me to stop, and I will respect your decision and stop right away darling..." Xander asked in between his sucking and nibbling on Yera's nipple while he continued to move his fingers in her.

    Yera's body was arching while her head and body was arguing whether to tell her husband to stop or not.

    If she said 'stop' then it meant she won over him but if she said 'don't stop' then she lost over him.

    She pulled her husband from sucking her nipples to face her, and with misty eyes she whispered, "Don't stop..." She pulled him for a passionate kiss while she spread her legs apart giving him more way to accept him fully.

    Yera unconsciously smiled because she could always eat her ego for her husband because her husband was worth it.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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