233 Envelope

    Xander hugged his wife tightly after their intimate workout in their bed. He smiled, feeling blissful. He wanted their relationship to remain like this. Though quarrel was inevitable in every relationship what was important was at the end of the day they would still end up in each others arms.

    "I love you darling," Xander whispered as their bodies melted into each other's warmth underneath their comforter.

    "I love you too," Yera lovingly answered as she closed her eyes.

    The couple was about to sleep but Xander's mobile started ringing. Seeing it was Ralf, he immediately answered because he knew that it would be an important matter if Ralf called so late at night.

    "Hello Sir. A dead body was found in the suburbs near the capital city that matched the identification of the leader of the gang who abducted madam. The CCTV footage is missing but according to the witnesses, someone was chasing that man and he was deliberately crushed by the vehicle... We are still waiting for the autopsy report to come." Ralf reported from the other line.

    Xander's face darkened as he gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. Just like he had suspected, it would not end with the Go's. He ought to quicken the training of his wife to make her self reliant when it comes to self defense and he now planned to teach her various ways to protect herself with any available things around her should the worst happen.

    Yera who was resting on Xander's chest tilted her head to look at him because she noticed the sudden uneasiness in Xander's mood as soon as the call he received ended. "What is it? Is there a problem?" she asked because Xander's tone while he was on the phone sounded serious.

    Xander exhaled loudly and said, "You will need to focus hard on your training darling and I mean it. The following days will be busy and we will prioritize this at all cost."

    Then he added, "Someone killed the leader of the gang who abducted you. Ralf sent me the file so you can confirm the red dragon tattoo on the body of the man found, if it's the same you saw..."

    The Go's no longer had any resources plus Jam was not having any suspicious movement. Whoever killed that bastard who abducted Yera was obviously the mastermind for her intended killing. Yera could fully grasp the seriousness of the current situation.

    "Let's rest for now. I will look at the photos tomorrow," Yera answered. She didn't want a nightmare after a wonderful evening.

    "Don't worry darling... We will catch them soon..." Xander muttered because he could sense his wife's body tensed against him.

    Yera felt Xander's embrace tighten on her while she let out a silent sigh. She wanted to bury that nightmare and never even look back at those memories, but she couldn't, until the person who was after her was captured.

    'Get them soon,' Yera mused, hopefully it happened very soon as it would only then be possible for her to feel completely at peace. Get those bastards soon so she could finally live a carefree life with her husband and build her own family without getting worried.


    Lyndon was drinking alone in his home while he looked at the envelope sent anonymously to his house. He was contemplating whether to open it or not.

    He gulped his glass of whiskey while he stared at the envelope. Then he looked at the wall clock in his bar area. It was already late and it would be another sleepless night for him. Proper sleep for him at night was rare unless he gulped alcohol before going to bed. Drinking alcohol had become his usual routine at night, for him to be able to have a nice deep sleep since the day he thought Yera was dead.

    He heaved a long deep sigh before grabbing the envelope. He opened it and his eyes widened seeing the photos and information inside. Who could be that person who would take time to send him something like this.

    The first person that came into his mind was Jam but then later he realized that Jam could not benefit anything from it so she would definitely not do it, besides Jam was nowhere to be found. She was serious when she said she would leave. After what had happened between them, the next thing he did when he  woke up was to try to get in touch with her but her mobile number was no longer reachable and her house was locked. Her car was missing indicating she had really left and he confirmed it with the security of the private residential area.

    Lyndon stared at the photos before reading the reports with it. It was Yera's photo with a man who was said to be Bernard Cooper. He recognised late Bernard Cooper because of that reality show where he became very popular. He was also aware that he was almost mistaken as Xander Yang's twin however, he was not aware that Bernard was in a relationship with Yera while she was Deyna Song during those times that she had an amnesia.

    The data was very detailed including how Deyna and Bernard were together when that accident happened and where Bernard died.

    'Could it be that Yera is only seeing Bernard in Xander?' Lyndon mused. That speculation was giving him hope that somehow he still had a chance to fight, to take back what was initially his. Yera was his fiance before everything else. The love he saw in Yera's eyes for Xander could be because Xander looked exactly like Bernard Cooper.

    What could be the intention of that person who sent him all this information and the photos? Obviously, whoever that person was wanted to encourage him to get in between Yera and Xander so Lyndon thought that it could be someone from Xander's side? The man was a well known womanizer so he wouldn't be surprised that someone did not want Xander Yang to have a happy life. The message was sound and clear. He could use this information as a scandal to destroy Xander and  Yera's relationship, before they could even announce to everyone that they were married.

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