234 Alarm Clock

    Dion was already fully recovered and he had informed his sister that he was ready to be introduced as Dion Han.

    His sister was very fast and all documents to support his identity as a Han were prepared, it was all in agreement with his mother who let him decide whatever he preferred. So right now, it was official. He was now included in the Han lineage.

    His sister also insisted that a formal welcome celebration should be given to him as a new addition in the family and to introduce him to everyone as well as the heir of the Life Globals group.

    Though Dion was hesitant at first but after he finished reading the journal of his father, everything had changed.  The journal had encouraged him a lot to continue the legacy of his father and his dreams to help more people by means of their company. He vowed that he would support his sister wholeheartedly in fulfilling those dreams and that he would strive and work harder for it.

    Tomorrow, he would start reporting at Life Globals group's head office as the COO but he would still accept important surgeries like her sister.

    Dion knew he would be busy in the following days but then his plan to make Rizie fall in love with him would also proceed since Rizie should be with him always as an assistant and he would make sure for that to happen.

    He woke up early to prepare breakfast for Rizie today. He would go all out pampering her for taking good care of him during this time and before the two of them get too busy with work.

    His sister saw him with the tray of food at the stairs. Dion quickly explained and said, "I feel bad that she took care of me well so this is the least I could do for her..."

    Yera laughed seeing how red her brother's face was.

    "Why are you explaining? You're a grown up man now so I'm sure you know what you're doing. Go for it and do all that you can so she won't consider dumping you after a month. Remember there's still a high possibility for you to get dumped soon. She easily gets bored so make sure everyday is exciting..." Yera advised before she gave a pat on her brother's shoulder and then proceeded to go down the stairs to join her husband for breakfast.

    Dion pressed his lips together because of his sister's intentional pressuring words. Then he scratched his head because his sister was like an alarm clock, often reminding him that he would get dumped soon.

    Rizie told him that he could enter her room anytime he wanted, especially if he would need any help in case he could not reach her on her mobile phone.

    He opened Rizie's door and as he had expected she was sleeping since it was still early and the sun was still not up. He put the tray of food on the bedside table while he sat on the side of the bed.

    He stared at Rizie and smiled. As he said before, Rizie was the total opposite of his ideal woman. Who would have thought that he would unexpectedly fall for her. Dion smiled and lifted his hand to gently caress Rizie's soft cheeks.

    "Are you really going to dump me after a month's relationship?" he murmured. 'I will not allow that to happen... I will make sure that even this word will not cross your mind whenever we're together and all that will cross your mind when I am not near you will only be me." he added with a low tone, almost a whisper.

    Rizie moved and slowly opened her sheepish eyes. "Good morning..." Dion smiled at her with his sparkling eyes.

    Rizie smiled back. It was the first time that Dion had woken her up like this. Usually she was the one who would first go to his room to check if he was still sleeping or already awake.

    She comfortably sat on the bed but her eyes went round as she realized something. She unconsciously touched her hair and almost tripped as she jumped out from her bed to run straight into the bathroom.

    Dion on the other hand grinned while he followed Rizie. "So cute," he mumbled with a suppressed laugh.

    Rizie scrunched up her face as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She looked like a poodle with that messy hair of hers. She instantly combed it with her fingers trying to fix it before she went out. She could see the teasing smile on Dion's face which she answered with a coy smile.

    "My hair was very messy so..." Rizie tried to explain, trying to find the right words so she wouldn't look funny.

    "Nah, you look pretty even in your messy hair. I like it even more. You really look cute with that," Dion complimented with a smile, maintaining eye contact. He meant each word he said.

    Rizie suddenly felt shy while her face blushed.

    "I wanted to serve breakfast in bed to you. I cooked and prepared all these dishes for you. Come here and eat. Let me try feeding you with my own hands this time." Dion said as he grabbed the tray and put it on the table inside the room where he could feed Rizie.

    "Are you better now? Why bother with these things. We can eat downstairs with everyone." commented Rizie as she sat on the chair pulled by Dion to make her sit near him.

    "Yeah but I won't be able to feed you there with that meddling doctor couple around..." Dion nonchalantly said

    Rizie laughed and scoffed, "Why are you feeding me with your hands? I'm not sick. I can feed on my own you know."

    Dion expected her to say all this, so he said, "Well... I want to see if my arm is really well or not by now, so I am trying to move my arms and check if it is okay or not..."

    He put a spoonful of rice with fish and lifted his arm so he could feed Rizie who was a bit confused with his reason.

    Rizie opened her mouth though to accept the bite. She looked at Dion confusedly while the latter moved his shoulder a bit and murmured, "Hmm, I think I can lift it now but something still feels odd."

    Dion continued to scoop rice and put on fish while he moved his shoulders as if testing if he would feel something uncommon.

    "Here one more spoon. I'm assessing how my shoulder is because feeding you is similar to moving hands when I'm inside the operation theater doing surgery. Maybe I should practice more the movement of my hand by feeding you every now and then. This way I can assess if I'm already good enough to do surgeries." Dion declared while he fed another spoonful of the meal to Rizie.

    "Huh?" Rizie swallowed without chewing. She looked at Dion in disbelief, wondering if what he was blabbering made sense at all.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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