235 In The Dark

    "Where are we going?" Rizie asked while they were inside the car. She was sitting with Dion on the backseat of the car.

    Dion smiled at her and simply said, "We're going on a date..."

    "Really? But wait... Are you sure you're really fine now?" Rizie reconfirmed. Dion pinched her nose and said, "Yeah. I'm really fine now."

    "Where are we going then?" Rizie excitedly asked.

    "Hmm, we'll watch a movie first then we will go to an amusement park and if we still would have time and energy left, then tell me what else you want to do..." Dion replied. All these were a few of the things that Rizie had mentioned previously that she would like to do with Rui. Well, he was confident that Rizie would love to do it with him now.

    He felt Rizie grab and squeeze his hand and then she looked at him with a forced smile on her small face, she bashfully murmured and whispered, "Hmm, about that ahm, that was before and you do know it's you whom I like so..."

    She felt bad for Dion, because he recalled all those ideas she then had thinking about Rui at that time, once they would go on a date, but of course things were different now she ended up being with Dion. So she added, "I would love to do all these things with you now..."

    Dion crinkled his nose and said, "You don't have to explain. Of course I understand simple matters like these ones. As long as you will like me, nothing else matters."

    Dion wished he could change the word like to love but then he did not want to rush Rizie or panic her because he had been with Rizie long enough to know her sentiments. She easily got worried with these kinds of words and things. She had a tendency to get panicked whenever she was pressured. It was all psychological and he would help her to overcome this in due time. Right now, what was important was for them to enjoy each other's company whenever they were together.

    They first went into the cinema to watch a romance, suspense and horror film that was newly released. It was a box office hit and he knew Rizie liked the suspense genres in movies.

    They went to the biggest multiplex in the city and Dion asked Rizie to wait and sit in a chair while he bought the tickets and some popcorn. He suddenly felt uneasy for some unknown reason, his sixth sense started making him feel that someone was watching them, so he looked around thinking there was again an unnatural thing lingering around but there was nothing.

    He then went back to get Rizie. "Let's get inside... The movie is about to start soon." he said with a beaming smile.

    Rizie nodded while she wrapped her arms with Dion's as they walked inside the cinema.

    "Do you really want to do this? We look so suspicious in these outfits..." Xander mumbled after he bought the tickets where the seats were just two rows away from the back of Dion and Rizie.

    "Do we really need to stalk them like this?" he rephrased.

    "Stop complaining and let's go inside..." Yera sneered. She was supposedly about to visit the hospital when she accidentally overheard the staff in the kitchen gossiping about Dion and Rizie going out on a date that day.

    So during breakfast she had convinced Xander to tag along with her and stalk the two. She just wanted to make sure if those two would not do anything stupid because she wanted to protect her brother's character before meeting Rizie's parents. She heard Rizie's brother was a very strict man who would soon become the Field Marshal of their country so she wanted Dion to be seen in a good light and wanted them to get married before giving Rizie a bump because Rizie's family were very conservative.

    "Can't you just put more trust in your brother?" Xander commented when they were finally inside and seated. "Of course I trust my brother but you see you cannot trust the desires of a young body as sometimes it has its own consciousness that can overpower the mind," Yera whispered.

    Xander grinned and said, "I see. I guess you're right since it's based on experience," pulling his wife's leg on the spot.

    Yera raised an eyebrow and threatened, "If you don't zip that mouth of yours -- I will really make you sleep in the guestroom instead.

    That instant Xander's lip sealed like it had been applied with glue. Yera silently chuckled and whispered, "It will start soon. Keep your eyes open. A lot can happen in the dark..."

    Xander almost choked on his own saliva while he shook his head and saw his wife keenly watching the couple sitting in the seats two rows ahead of them.

    "Woaaaww!" Xander gushed together with the crowd inside the cinema. The movie was really captivating and he even grabbed his wife's arm or buried his face on her neck whenever any scary scene came up.

    Yera on the other hand rolled her eyes because she was getting distracted while on watch because of her husband..

    Meanwhile, Dion felt Rizie's body lean closer to him while she hugged one of his arms like a pillow. He couldn't concentrate on the movie at all because Riziie's front was brushing on his arm every once in a while and he could feel her round soft melons pressing against his arm. She was not wearing padded bras, he observed.

    Dion gulped because he was tempted to make a bold move. But then he would silently scold himself every once in a while to keep himself composed and controlled.

    As he was trying to calm his raging nerves again, Rizie's face turned towards him and so did he to her. It was like a magnet that pulled them together that his eyes lowered and saw her parted lips... as if waiting for him to give them his attention.

    Dion, unconsciously bent his head down to attend to those full lips. And right there, the two passionately kissed each other, while Dion's hand moved to search for more. Hoping to feel those round melons as he slipped his hand inside Rizie's blouse. He was almost there when he felt something fall on his head like it was raining that made him stop.

    "What's this?" he exclaimed. "Popcorns?" Rizie muttered when she picked some that fell on her dress.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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