236 Get A Room

    Dion and Rizie were startled when it rained popcorns on them inside the cinema. Dion looked at his back and saw two persons, a couple perhaps, hugging each other intimately. 'What's with them?' he mumbled, thinking if those two were responsible for those popcorn thrown at them. He contemplated whether he would confront them seeing the two seemed to be having intimate moments.

    "Shhh, ignore it... Let's just watch the movie." Rizie hushed, her cheeks flushed recalling that the two of them were doing the same thing just a while ago.

    "I think that's them..." Dion grumbled.

    Rizie chuckled and jested, "Maybe they're just jealous or distracted. Let them be... If it happens again, I will pull their hair out." She couldn't help but laugh. This was the first time she did something like this in the dark, though she had heard about intimate things like this was common inside the cinema.

    Dion scratched his head and listened to Rizie but inside he was cursing whoever was responsible for disturbing them. He was almost there...

    He exhaled loudly and continued to watch the movie. As soon as it ended and the lights were on, the first thing Dion did was to look at their back to see the couple but to his dismay they were already gone.

    Meanwhile, outside the cinema...

    "Why did you do that? That was too childish..." Xander could not help but comment regarding Yera who intentionally threw the popcorns on Dion and Rizie.

    Yera's eyes rolled as she answered, "It's been too long... That kiss..."

    Xander's mouth fell open hearing the childish reason from his wife. "It's not like something could happen inside the cinema..." he muttered but Yera heard it.

    "Precisely... That's a possibility like in movies, everything can happen in the dark..." Yera was convinced that made Xander burst into laughter.

    "Darling, those are R rated movies and this cinema is nothing like that besides Dion and Rizie are educated enough not to do it there..." Xander burst out.

    Then he added, "The movie was not finished yet." He was enjoying the movie thoroughly but his wife suddenly pulled him out before he could even grasp the ending of the movie.

    "Let's watch it again some other time and I will demonstrate to you that anything can happen even with educated people in the cinema..." Yera scorned at him that made Xander gulp. His wife was scary but somehow he was anticipating action as per her last words now.

    He was quickly pushed to the side when the crowd finally started going out from the cinema. Both of them wore a couple cap and shaded with a couple shawl to completely hide their face as they vaguely followed Rizie and Dion who went outside of the mall.

    "Where are they going now?" Yera mumbled while they quietly followed.

    Dion and Rizie went outside the mall and upon stalking them Yera and Xander ended up inside the amusement park.

    "Are they kids?" Yera whined. Xander chuckled and grabbed Yera's hand to pull her away from Dion and Rizie.

    "What are you doing?" she asked, confused.

    "Nah, those two can't do anything intimate inside the amusement park so let my men stalk them. While we're here, let's enjoy the place for ourselves darling." Xander said with his flashing eyes.

    Yera, after a thought, did not disagree because her husband had a point. They walked together with hands tightly clasped together.

    Yera saw a big teddy bear and paused. Xander, with an ear to ear smile, boastfully said, "I will get it for you darling.

    The caretaker of the booth explained to Xander the rules of the game and how he could win the biggest stuff toy. All he needed to do was to insert the five rings in the pole at the center. He only had ten rings every round.

    Yera anticipated it and even cheered her husband but the first ring was a miss. Her face crumpled while Xander scratched his head and suggested, "Perhaps I will need some lucky charm before I throw the ring..."

    He was pointing his lips to Yera, asking her for a kiss. Year looked around and felt shy because they were not the only ones around. But her shameless husband seemed not to mind. Thinking no one could recognize them anyway with their disguise, Year gave her husband one smacking kiss on his lips.

    Xander grinned before he threw one ring and it was a slam shot. Year screamed and gave her husband another kiss, three pecks on a row on his lips this time.

    The caretaker of the booth almost cursed his single life watching the couple kiss and hug several times before him.

    Meanwhile, Dion and Rizie passed by the same booth and saw the public display of affection that was gaining attention by many in that booth. "What's with those two? Can't they just get a room?" Dion spluttered.

    Rizie on the other hand creased her forehead and blinked her eyes several times while she murmured, "Didn't those two look familiar?"

    Dion raised his eyebrow as he followed Rizie who walked towards the booth.

    Xander only had two more rings and he only needed one more to get the big teddy bear for Year. He threw one ring but it was a miss. The couple garnered some audience already who were cheering Xander too since no one among them actually managed to complete those five rings in that pole.

    Year pouted her lips and mumbled, "You must not miss this one... Make sure you throw it on the pole!"

    Xander gulped with the pressuring words from his wife. "If you'll be able to shoot that ring on the pole, I'll be on top of you for a week..." Year whispered in his ear. His wife knew how he loved it whenever she was doing the action on top of him probably because he would groan and moan in pleasure louder or more frequently?

    Xander gulped... With narrowed eyes, he focussed hard and threw the last ring.

    "Yes!!!" Yera shouted while she jumped at her husband clinging her arms on his neck while she showered him with kisses.

    "Sis?!" Dion burst out. Yera paused hearing that and she and Xander both looked at Dion with terror in their eyes.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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