237 Payback Time

    Yera and Xander were both silent while Dion and Rizie narrowed their eyes on them. They were inside a private dining area where Dion sat beside Rizie facing the meddling couple sitting at the chairs opposite them.

    "I can't believe this..." Dion echoed, freezing his eyes particularly to her sister. Yera elbowed Xander who cleared his throat by coughing before saying, "What? We are on a date too. The capital city is not that big I guess. Stop accusing us with those eyes like we were stalking

    you in here."]

    Rizie's eyebrows raised while she murmured to Dion, "Isn't those caps familiar? Like the ones with the couple in the cinema, the ones at our back..."

    Dion then realized that and blurted out, "You stalked us in the cinema also. You were the ones who threw those popcorn..."

    The two looked guilty with those downcasted heads... Yera was the one who spoke first and said, "Xander wanted to watch that movie..." but she knew the alibis were too lame so she finally said, "Alright, it's my fault. I'm sorry... I was just worried..."

    Rizie's eyes rounded while she burst, "Worried about what? Geez, I will not take advantage of your precious brother sis you know..."

    Xander almost choked at that and he could not contain himself to laugh. "Anyways, since we're all here. Let's just have a double date. Be more understanding with my darling guys. It's her first time to have a brother whom she can care about, so she is somehow overprotective. Dion is the only one left in her family apart from the Yangs of course..." Xander sought with a wink at Rizie and Dion.

    Yera on the other hand cut her tongue because she knew that she was acting too nosey, her actions were a little too much, but she just could not help doing so...

    "I'm really sorry. I won't do this again..." Yera sincerely apologized.

    Rizie pouted her lips and then with an evil smirk she said, "Alright, I will accept your apology if you agree to just one condition of mine, since the day is still young let's all go together and enjoy the rides... You and bro have to go with me on all rides since Dion can't go yet..."

    Yera and Xander both gulped as they looked at the rides. "You mean all?" Yera said

    "Yes, all of them dear sis! From those family friendly easy going rides to those exhilarating and extreme thrill rides!" Rizie declared with a sly smile on her face.

    Dion watched the scared look at the faces of the couple with an amused grin.

    'It's payback time!' Rizie excitedly breathed.

    Xander and Yera had no choice but to follow Rizie around. They were very grateful that she chose the friendly rides first so Dion could also enjoy the rides with them, including the pond boat rides.

    "Do you want to escape them?" Xander whispered to his wife while Rizie and Dion were busy enjoying pedaling their swan boat in the pond.

    "Can we do that? I hate those extreme rides, they are really scary..." Yera answered.

    Meanwhile, Rizie knew that the meddling couple would definitely try to escape them so she reminded Dion, "make sure those two are always in our line of sight. I will not let them get away that easily for crashing our sweet moments on our first date.

    Dion laughed and asked, "Are you sure you're okay riding on all those scary rides?"

    "Hah! Don't you know that doing extreme things is my forte? That's why I wanted to come here with my boyfriend to test his agility because I can ride any kind of scariest ride, until the park is closed. Lucky for you that you're exempted today since you're wounded but we'll come again here, some other time once you're totally healed..." Rizie boasted. She could still remember how her classmates were already puking while she was still enthusiastic enough to repeat all those extreme rides all over again.

    Dion shook his head. He could feel that his sister and Xander would be in big trouble soon.

    True enough, Dion and Rizie caught the meddling couple trying to sneakily run away in order to escape from their grasp, when they were about to start doing all those freaking rides.

    "You two... Don't you dare escape and face the consequences of getting caught while stalking us.... Why did you even stalk us like this in the first place? Me and Dion will really be disappointed in you both if you try to escape one more time..." Rizie echoed frowning.

    The two were left with no choice but to follow Rizie around with a heavy heart. They were freaking inside and yet had to obey that little brat!

    The first ride they did was the anchors away, during which Yera thought that her heart would drop out of her chest every now and then. She sat beside Xander who had become her pinching body while she had almost blown away his ears too with her loud screams every time they dropped down.

    Dion could not help but laugh at how busted the couple already looked while Rizie pulled them in for another ride.

    Rizie next went for the acrobatic exhibition rides that banked, looped, dived and mimicked weightlessness as each plane rotated anywhere 360 degrees while revolving around a central tower.

    Yera felt that she had almost lost her voice for screaming too much.

    Then what followed was a roller coaster ride that turned upside down, forward and backward that almost made Xander puke afterwards.

    Xander wanted to cry for spoiling his wife in following Rizie and Dion. It was his first time trying all those freaking extreme rides and vowed that same moment that he would never set foot in an amusement park ever again.

    "Darling... Those two are already adults so we better let them be next time." Xander pleaded seeing Rizie running towards a ride that was spinning and rocking from left to right.

    Yera's mouth twisted while she murmured, "I guess you're right... How come she has so much energy. Look at how she's still lively and full of adrenaline to do more rides..."

    Xander chuckled and pervertedly commented, "That's a good sign darling... It's going to be an advantage for your brother. Woman with a good drive is the best... Like my darling..."

    Yera answered him with an icy stare to which Xander responded with a mischievous grin, anticipating the fulfillment of the promise his wife made for winning the big teddy bear for her.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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