238 Total Complete Package

    At Life Hospitals group's head office.

    "Ready?" Yera asked Dion who nodded in agreement and smiled at her before they went inside the main door of the building.

    Dion was dressed in a dark blue, formal three piece suit and a red tie, giving him a very different vibe than usual. His countenance was bright and shining with confidence. Every step he took spoke of his aristocratic upbringing. He was Dion Han now and he looked nothing inferior to his sister Yera Han. The familiarity between the brother and sister pair was striking that they even walked in the same rhythm.

    The employees were not prepared for such a blinding sight so early in the morning. Everyone stood rooted in their places in awe and greeted the pair as they walked past them.

    Almost everyone was already aware of the sequence of incidents that took place in the Han family and were even aware of Dion's relationship with Yera. Most of them held Dion in good light, so they were happy for him plus the fact that they admired their Chairwoman for wholeheartedly accepting her halfbrother in the family was a big wonder for them all.

    "No wonder those two were close and were often seen together," one of the nosy body employees commented.

    The security staff opened the door of the conference room. Yera and Dion entered inside with their heads held high and a small smile on their face. Yera made Dion sit beside her and after everyone was settled she took the mic and addressed all the shareholders present in there. Everyone was waiting for a formal announcement from Yera regarding Dion as many of them were curious but a few did have their ulterior motives behind the announcement.

    "Good morning everyone. As we all know, today we are here for the introduction of a special someone. Everyone, meet my brother Dion Han, the heir of Life Hospitals group. I hope that you all will show him the same respect and support as you all have been showing towards me. Please look after him whenever and as needed." Yera said before giving the microphone to Dion.

    Dion smiled then said in his deep and enigmatic voice, "Good morning everyone. I am Dr. Dion Han and I am very happy to be a part of this famous and very capable group of hospitals. I had worked here for quite some time earlier and I am very happy to be appointed as the COO of this group today. I would try to follow the footsteps of my dear sister Yera Han and bring Life Hospitals to a new height.

    Rizie could see all the women swooning on Dion, especially now when Dion was known as the heir of the Life Hospitals group, he had become very popular among them. She could not help but feel sour and jealous. Now she knew how it felt to have a boyfriend with a total complete package.

    After Dion was finished, the whole conference room echoed with clapping sounds and everyone congratulated Dion and Yera.  Yera then took the microphone again and announced the grand party to formally welcome Dion as a part of the Life Hospitals group and take the post of the COO. Everyone cheered for him and was excited since every employee was invited to the party.

    After the conference was over, Mr. Lua was the first to shake Dion and said, "Hmm, no wonder you looked familiar the first time I saw you. You look so much like your father."

    Dion arched an eyebrow and gave him a faint smile. Based on what his sister briefed him, Mr. Lua would stand with the opposition side when the possible merger with the Yangs might happen, and right now he should be the one to be watched out for thoroughly because he held a large amount of stock like Lyndon.

    "Would you like to grab some drinks with me?" Mr. Lua invited him with a broad smile. Dion nodded and answered, "That would be great. Just have your secretary to call mine and set the date Mr. Lua."

    "Absolutely," Mr. Lua replied with a wide grin. Dion greeted and had a handshake with the rest of the board of directors. He wanted to help his sister to convince everyone for the intended merging. His sister had a stiff personality when it came to convincing others so it would be hard on her part to convince the others unlike him so he would handle the talking part now.

    After he personally met everyone, he turned his head to search for Rizie and found her standing with a group of people. He smiled at her but didn't get any response from her. 'Why is she frowning?' he thought because he could see the colliding of Rizie's eyebrows.

    "Hey, Doc congratulations!" He heard Jane greeting him from behind so he quickly turned around to thank the latter. "I'm glad that you chose to stay here." he commented.

    Jane timidly shied and said, "Yeah... I'm also grateful to you Doc and the Chairwoman for helping me out and forgiving me at the same time..."

    Dion smiled and unconsciously patted Jane's shoulder. He was grateful to Jane also because she stood as a witness in the trial regardless of how it would impact her in her workplace.

    "I was at fault too so a little gossiping behind my back is really nothing to care for. What matters is that you and the Chairwoman forgave me already..." Jane opened with teary eyes.

    "Nah... Don't you dare cry here Jane... Or I will take back all the thanks I just gave you..." Dion jested. "Who's crying?" Yera interrupted with a smile. Dion pointed his lips towards Jane.

    Yera smiled and said, "Let her cry, it would look like you dumped her." Yera joked leaving Jane startled and gasping for air because of embarrassment. Then she added. "Go now to your girlfriend... She's been throwing too many daggers on your back already."

    Dion immediately turned and looked for Rizie whose head tilted down when his eyes and hers met. Dion almost ran towards Rizie's direction.

    Meanwhile, Yera looked at Jane and shared, "Don't worry, gossips will die down soon and what is important is you did what was right in the end... Focus on your work and you'll be fine soon Jane. We are really grateful that you testified today."

    Jane nodded. Yera smiled. Yesterday Jane had testified against Juliet Go and Yera was thoroughly updated with how the trial was doing. So far, so good. Very soon she would finally bring justice to her parents and grandfather's death.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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