239 Matter Of Life And Death

    "What are you doing here now? Go back and continue flirting there and don't come near me..." Rizie sputtered with pursed lips when Dion suddenly appeared in front of her.

    "Stop being jealous Riz. That's Jane... And she's just thankful that sis and I still forgave her and gave her another chance by allowing her to keep working here." Dion whispered. Rizie only answered him with pouted lips. Yes she was jealous of all the women looking at her boyfriend like a big fat prey that they wanted to devour on the first chance they got.

    Dion wanted to be open about their relationship but she was the one who insisted to keep it a secret for now since she did not want any gossip especially now that the Han's had enough of it already.

    She noticed Dion grinning mischievously so with lifted brow she asked, "What's so funny?"

    "Hmm... Nothing, just that.. I like it. Seeing you getting jealous, I feel secured and special in your heart somehow." Dion happily disclosed. If Rizie acted like this it only meant that she liked him a lot right? But would this much of feelings be enough for her not to leave him later? His face suddenly sagged at that thought.

    Rizie noticed the sudden change in Dion's aura so she asked, "What's wrong? Just a while ago you were grinning and now you suddenly look disheartened."

    Dion emitted a deep sigh before saying, "Nothing. I just hate the fact that I will be very busy soon but then as long as you're by my side always, I can tolerate everything."

    "I'm anticipating that you will guard me from all those flies like my sister guarded my bro-in-law. Or else you will leave me no choice but to declare to the whole world that I already have a woman and it's none other than my executive assistant." Dion muttered while he continued to smile to everyone that was greeting him.

    "I'm not a bodyguard to guard you. I might as well bury you alive if you don't keep your distance from any flirtatious women." Rizie casually threatened that made Dion release a short crispy laugh.

    "Don't worry... I will only maintain closeness  with you Miss Rizie Lim because I like it too much whenever you're near me."

    "Stop that! Someone might hear you..." Rizie scolded and sighed upon confirming that no one was near their spot. She bashfully smiled inside while she blushed. She could feel butterflies flying around inside her stomach.

    She looked at Dion who winked at her. Her feelings for him were definitely deeper compared to other relationships she had ever had but she couldn't deny the fact that she was still scared... She was scared of having a deeper connection because she felt that nothing would really last forever if she got too much attached with it.


    Shan was very busy assisting the Chairwoman with all the things during the introduction of Dr. Dion Han as her brother and the new COO for Life Hospitals group when she heard her mobile phone ringing incessantly. It was assistant Ron who was calling her over and over again and because she was too occupied, she intentionally cancelled the call at the thought of returning it soon once everything was settled inside the function hall.

    However, Shan later on forgot to return the call because of the pile of work she had. The Chairwoman asked to get an assistant for her but Shan couldn't find someone she could trust yet which was very crucial due to the confidentiality of the things she was handling in the office.

    She saw unread messages in her phone when she got time to open and check it but her eyes froze open while she read it all.

    [This is important. Return the call.]

    [Go meet me in the parking lot right now.]

    [if it's a matter of life and death, somebody already died. Be more proactive will you?]

    [I'm waiting at the parking lot...]

    Shan's ears reddened in annoyance. 'Be more proactive?! Is he nuts? Didn't he know I have other works at hand?' she silently screamed while she quickly prepared to leave.

    She hurriedly walked towards the parking lot with flaring nostrils, ready to fire the dragon's breath on him. She saw assistant Ron's car parked near the exit door but before she could walk towards there the car moved and stopped in front of her.

    The car window on the passenger seat in the front opened and came a deep ordering voice, "Hop in fast!" assistant Ron instructed. Shan did as told and was about to fire her rant when assistant Ron suddenly handed her a pile of documents.

    "Check these documents and read them out loud to me while I am driving... We are going to meet one of the board of directors who had committed embezzlement. You will be representing the Chairwoman so make sure you do things right."

    Shan gulped hearing more instructions from assistant Ron. How could she fire her rant at this point? It would be definitely out of tune.

    She was about to read the documents when Ron suddenly stopped the car at the side of the road. Shan immediately thought if she had done something wrong and panicked... she found Ron staring at her with indescribable looks. He stared straight into her eyes and shook his head a little, then he unfastened his seat belt and turned towards her...

    "What????" she panicky stuttered when Ron leaned forward towards her. 'Is he going to kiss me?' That was the first thought that crossed her brazen mind so she raised her arms making a cross sign in front of her chest and shrank back in her seat and closed her eyes.

    Then she heard Ron speak, "What's in your head? Straighten up will you?"


    She heard the sound of the seatbelt being locked and felt him going back towards his seat. Shan opened her eyes and looked at the seatbelt Ron put on her. He was back in his position on the driver's seat with his seat belt on. The engine started and the car moved back on the road.

    "I told you to be more proactive. Even wearing a simple seatbelt, you tend to forget..." she heard Ron scold. All Shan could do was twist her face in embarrassment.

    Then she heard a sigh from Ron. "Please read the files now..."

    Shan wanted to cry as she flipped the documents and started to read.

    Today, she knew why CEO Xander Yang was always winning even as of now because one of the important cards he had was his robotic assistant.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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