240 Heart Was Stolen

    "Do we still have a meeting? Did you check my wife's schedule for today with Shan? What time is she coming home? See if I can pick her up." Xander asked in a row.

    Assistant Ron helplessly sighed, releasing tension out of his lungs. This was the second day. He wondered how many more days his Boss would repeat the same question all over again. It started the day when the two of them stalked Dion and Rizie so he wondered what was going on between the couple.

    Meanwhile, Xander was grinning widely, anticipating more intimate moments with his wife. He was so amused watching her with conflicted looks on how to start being on top of him in fulfilling her promises the past nights. Though every night was a blast. He wondered where they would do it this time.

    "Sir, you will have to meet with..." Ron paused seeing an important pop up in the notifications on his tab he was looking at. He gulped and immediately handed it to his Boss.

    Xander started having facial tics. With clenched jaws he instructed, "Bring all those articles down. Check who is responsible for it. Cancel all my appointments and head me straight to my wife. She should not see all these..."

    "Sir, I think madame already saw those. Shan is calling me now and I received several text messages..." assistant Ron murmured.

    Xander took his mobile phone that was also filled with unread messages and missed calls from his wife. Because he was busy dreaming naughty things, he did not notice that his mobile phone had been vibrating in his suit pocket.

    He immediately answered when it rang once again.

    "Where are you?" Yera asked in a worried tone. Xander told her that they were on the road and asked if she was still in the hospital.

    "Stay there and I'll just pick you up in a while." Xander advised before ending the call. He could hear Ron talking on his mobile phone, making sure that any article and news pertaining to Bernard and Yera would be shut down.

    There was nothing wrong if the whole world knew that Yera and his cousin Bernard were previously engaged and the two of them got separated because Bernard unfortunately died in the road accident the couple encountered.

    What was making Xander rage at that point was how maliciously the articles were written. It viciously stated that Yera could not get over her past love and she was clinging with Bernard's cousin after Bernard to secure her life. It also said that Yera only wanted him because he was a carbon copy of his cousin. There were even pictures of him and Yera during the event for Yang Globals reopening where she was actually clinging on his hands while on the other side was a picture of Yera when she was with Bernard.

    Xander was very mad and cursed the person behind that malicious article. "How dare that person poison my mind!" he hissed. That was his dilemma ever since Yera had confessed to him. Though Yera already told him that she loved him but something in his head was still murmuring the possibility that Yera only saw Bernard in him. However, his love for her was greater that he couldn't care less as long as Yera was by his side. It was more than enough for him.

    Yera went inside the car and dismissed everyone as soon as they arrived at the private parking area of Life Hospitals and took the driver's seat. Xander was confused seeing Yera on the driver's seat. "Don't make me a driver and seat here..." Yera calmly signaled Xander to sit on the passenger seat.

    Xander was still confused as he moved out of the car and went back inside to sit at the passenger seat. Yera stepped on the gas and drove the road.

    "What's with the unfocussed gaze? Excessive swallowing? Chewing your lip?" Yera remarked while driving. She was observing the unusual behavior of her husband. Upon reading those articles, she immediately thought of Xander and she already expected this behavior from him though she was of course hoping it was the other way around.

    Xander gave her a smile as he tried to look cheerful and said, "Hmm, nothing, it's just that I'm a bit startled. Where are we going?"

    Yera pursed her lips and mumbled, "You're bad in alibis and lying darling. Did you know that?" Yera grabbed Xander's hand and gently pressed it before she continued, "I should have done this long ago but it slipped my mind because a lot had happened and we were both quite busy.

    Xander actually was lost for words. He just did not know what to say. He  became timid for the first time in his life.

    The road Yera was driving to was familiar to him. That was the  road toward Bernard's graveyard. He looked at Yera with knitted brows, wondering what they were doing there.

    Yera parked inside the exclusive cemetery and looked at him. "Let's go... I have something to confess and report to Bernard and I want you to hear it."

    Xander felt his heart race. His palms became cold because he felt nervous. Yera had to almost pull him out of the car because he was hesitating to go out. He could feel the warmth of Yera's hand wrapped on his as they walked towards Bernard's tombstone.

    "Relax darling. Why is your hand so cold? It's not like you will be sentenced today..." Yera jested and pressed his palm hard that made Xander cringe.

    "Ouch darling! that hurts..." he complained.

    Yera laughed and said, "You seem out of yourself so I'm just waking you up."

    They reached Bernard's tombstone. Xander heard Yera cleared her throat before she started talking.

    "It's been a while... Can you see me from wherever you are? I brought your cousin with me this time because I'm sure he has some insecurities towards you. You should scold him in his dream later will you?" Yera humorly started. Then she turned and faced Xander and held his under hand.

    "Bernard, I'm sorry... Things happened unexpectedly but I'm grateful it happened this way after you left. I don't regret the decisions I took and will repeat the same thing in my life if given a chance to turn back time. Because those events lead me to the person who is giving more meaning to my life. I must confess that my heart was stolen and completely transformed by your cousin Xander. You will always remain in memory Bernard, a very good memory that I will cherish my whole life... But my heart... My heart is now owned by my husband... I voluntarily gave it to him because I love him wholly..."

    Tears filled in Xander's eyes as he pulled his wife into a tight embrace. "Hmm, I only hope that my husband will not have a second thought about my feelings for him because it really saddens me to see how he was hesitating today Bernard, so can you please convince him and visit him to scold him properly..." Yera added just to tease her husband who was now being emotional.

    "Tsk... Stop that darling. Do you want me to have creepy nightmares? I'm already convinced alright so stop asking this dead bastard, who left his brother alone, for all these requests. Let him rest in peace..." Xander answered with a cheerful tone despite the stuttering voice because of sobbing.

    Yera gently pushed her husband and with pursed lips scolded, "I thought Xander Yang never felt insecure..."

    Xander laughed and said, "Well it's different when it comes to Bernard because my cousin was like my own brother and not comparable to anyone except with me of course."

    "Come here..." Xander muttered, pulling his wife in his embrace once more while they both stared at Bernard's tombstone who for sure was happy wherever he was and gave them his full blessing.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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