241 Misbehaviour**

    [Explicit and descriptive mature scene ahead. Skip it if you're not comfortable or under age okay! I warned you!]

    They went back inside the car and this time it was Xander who drove the car. He was feeling very happy and he asked his wife, "how about we go out to watch cinema. I didn't get to watch the climax of the movie last time and I really wanted to see the end... and I also remember that you mentioned that you will show me how anything could be possibly done in the dark. I remember that you promised you would give me a demo later on..."

    "Xander Yang!" Yera burst in squinted eyes.

    Xander laughed and teasingly murmured, "I just heard it from you darling. It's not like I'm the one who mentioned that first..."

    Yera narrowed her eyes at Xander and looked outside and instructed, "stop the car at the side of the road..."

    Xander did so and then asked, "Why what's wrong?" His wife looked left and right then at the front and the back view from the outside. "Message Ralf, tell them to keep their distance from us and we will rest for a few minutes?"

    "Huh?" Xander was a bit puzzled but quickly did as Yera instructed. As soon as he was done, he was startled to see Yera bent forward at him and push his seat backwards. He watched in awe as his wife jumped on his lap after adjusting the car seat.

    "I'm not going to do it in the cinema hall but let me demonstrate it here right now since our car is heavily tinted..." his wife whispered with her naughty smile.

    'My wife is misbehaving!' Xander was alarmed but instead of stopping his wife, he only gawked in anticipation. He gulped when his wife started to unbutton his pants. She paused and with narrowed eyes murmured, "Darling... How come it's already bulging?"

    Xander reddened in embarrassment. His wife has done nothing yet except for removing his pants so he too was wondering why his buddy was standing tall the instant she touched him. He felt her hand tugging his length that made him growl in rhapsody. The warmth of his wife's palm gently rubbing it felt so relaxing and intoxicating.

    His eyes flickered with desire while he pulled her towards himself, holding her from the back of her neck, for a deep kiss. He looked askance when he felt his wife's hand release his length. But then she made him shiver when he felt her honey pot teasingly brushing on his length. He could still feel her underwear brushing on him. Yera loved to wear a dress so it was easy for her to attack him like this though he was not complaining at all.

    Yera on the other hand continued to shower her husband with sensual kisses down on his neck, giving hickeys to his skin she would run through while she continued to make sensual movements on top of her husband.

    Xander was getting anxious to touch his wife too so he removed her blazer while he sucked in her lips for a passionate, deep kiss. He did not bother to unhook her bra but only pulled it down so he could feel her round bosoms and played on her hardened buds with his mouth.

    "Hmm..." both moaned in pleasure as Xander licked and sucked one of her protruded buds. Yera arched her chest and held Xander's length to guide it in her honey pot. She almost forgot that her underwear was still there but then she did not remove it and just moved it sideways to give way to her husband's  hard length ready to slip inside her already slippery opening.

    It went inside of her and the warmth and its fullness filled her whole body. She was gabbing Xander's hair while the latter continued to pay his full attention to her chest. With an arched body, she moved, accommodating all of his length inside her. She moved up and down with her other hand getting support from the car window.

    She was totally lost and consumed by desire while she moved back and forth followed by Xander's deep thrusting, dancing in her rhythm. The car was shaking and  it was a good thing that people rarely went down those paths.

    After a few more minutes, the couple reached total jubilation as Yera and Xander did one final deep thrust together, filling each other with their own release.

    Xander did not think that his wife's misbehaviour could be this thrilling... He smiled wickedly as he hugged her still shivering body tightly because of her climax. Then he whispered, "Mrs. Yang... I'm still not waiving off the cinema experience. You do know that we can use our private theatre in the mansion and have it locked up for ourselves...."

    Yera pinched the side of his belly and croaked, "Are you sure that you previously had that erectile dysfunction disorder? Because the way I see it... You have too much erectile function!"

    Xander burst into laughter and Yera did too, hearing her husband's contagious laughter...


    Meanwhile, Xander's security team assigned to follow the two of them wondered what the couple was doing. The youngest couldn't help but naively asked, "For real? They are resting? I mean why don't they just ask any of us to drive for them so both of them can rest while on the road?"

    The rest of the men inside the car burst out in loud laughter. "What?" the youngest person in the car exclaimed, wondering if there was something funny in what he said.

    "Dude, that's what happens if you hire a single dog, the worst is a virgin on top of that." declared one of his Senior's that made his face turn deep red because of total embarassment. All he could do was ask, "how long do you think we have to wait?"

    "Depends... On how long those two will take to finish? You dummy - get a lovelife!" the team leader smacked...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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