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    Lyndon frowned when he saw the article. "What's this?" he blurted, wrinkles formed along his forehead as he read the article further. He once planned to do the same and publicize Yera's relationship with Bernard, but he contemplated and gave more thought to it then he chose not to do this with Yera, he wondered who it could be now?

    As he read the article, he couldn't help but develop some hope. He called at Yera's office but Shan said that Yera had left in a hurry. He called his connections in the media to find out the person behind the article, but no one seemed to know who was behind it. After about an hour of release about it, the articles were all shut down by someone and Lyndon felt relieved after finding this out. He was sure it was either Xander or Yera who stopped the spread of the malicious news.

    He got ready for a meeting with an investor on the intended building project at Country V.

    The venue of the meeting was a fine dine-in restaurant. Mr. Tanaka, the main investor for the project, was a good friend of his and Yera's and he was supposed to meet him with Yera that day.

    Lyndon did not call Yera but only sent her a message to remind her about the meeting place. He was already inside the restaurant when his mobile phone beeped. It was Yera who said that she would arrive soon for the meeting.

    Lyndon smiled on his own... It felt just like good old days, having Yera with him in a meeting together.

    He was already inside the private room when Mr. Tanaka arrived. "Good to see you again man..." Mr. Tanaka cheerfully greeted Lyndon. He was  an investor from country V and was a family friend of Hans.

    "Where is Yera? Do you know how shocked I was when the news reached me? God, you two must be fated together that she conquered death and came back to life..." Mr. Tanaka commented and it almost made Lyndon choke.

    Right then the door opened and Yera entered the private room. Mr. Tanaka who would often hug Yera immediately wrapped her in his warm embrace. "Oh God, I am so happy to see that you're alive dear! I was so overwhelmed when I heard the good news, that I personally flew here to discuss the terms instead of my general manager," he gasped with amazement seeing Yera was really alive before him.

    Yera gently pushed the old man and smiled. "I'm glad to see you again Mr. Tanaka. Please be seated..." she gestured as she sat beside Lyndon to face Mr. Tanaka.

    "It's really good to see you both again together like this." Mr. Tanaka sincerely mentioned.

    He looked at Yera and added, "Lyndon very well managed the Life Globals group while you were away."

    Yera smiled and nodded. She did agree that Lyndon was managing everything really well that was also the reason that she had let him keep the CEO position. She believed Lyndon had invested too much time and heart in growing their group and she was very grateful for that.

    During lunch, they discussed all their plans and proposals regarding the new project and Mr. Tanaka seemed to be very engrossed and optimistic about it.

    "So, next time I do hope that I receive the invitation for your wedding..." Mr. Tanaka nonchalantly commented. Yera almost choked on her drink hearing his words and she quickly corrected, "Mr. Tanaka, me and Lyndon are no longer engaged. A lot has actually happened lately..."

    "Ohhh..." Mr. Tanaka exclaimed and sighed. Lyndon smiled and said, "Yeah a lot has happened. If you'll excuse me... I'll just go to the restroom."

    Mr. Tanaka nodded and Yera nodded. Lyndon stood up to go out of the room. It would be best that Yera explained the situation to Mr. Tanaka, besides, he did not want to hear it again.

    He went inside the restroom and was shocked as one cubicle opened and Xander Yang came out from it. Two men's eyes met in the mirror at the sink. Xander casually walked towards the sink to wash his hands.

    Lyndon cleared his throat and bitterly commented, "Are you stalking her now?" Xander gave him a sharp glare with a smirk before he looked at his hands and continued to wash them. "Stalk? Don't make it sound so bad like that. There's a big difference in stalking and merely performing a husband's simple obligations. Anyway, I see no need of explaining myself to you..." Xander simply responded before grabbing a hand tissue to dry his hands.

    Lyndon gritted his teeth and commented, "Yeah you're right. I just hope that Yera is truly sincere and not just confused with her obsession for Bernard as having feelings for you, since you just look like a carbon copy of your cousin. You know, like what they said in those articles. It might be hard living in the shadow of someone forever Mr. Yang."

    Xander grinned and shook his head. "Hmm, what's hardest is the pain of the person having unrequited love. Dude... my wife and I are very happy right now and although not everyone around us could appreciate this still I hope that no one dares to try to ruin our mood or else... I will not hesitate in crushing the person who would do so..." Xander voiced with an evil grin, tilted head and eyes staring directly at Lyndon.

    Xander patted Lyndon's shoulder and murmured, "Move on man..." before he left him inside the restroom alone baffled and with conflicted expressions. He would probably punch Lyndon and turn him into pulp had he been the one behind that malicious article, but then Ralf had confirmed a while ago that Lyndon was clean and had nothing to do with it.

    He drove Yera to her important meeting and decided to wait for her at the same place in the other room while he had his lunch, but he did not expect to have an encounter with Lyndon. He sometimes pitied the guy but he was also irritated with the fact that Lyndon should move on and straighten up but he is not doing so, because if the latter messed up with him and Yera, he meant every word he said. He would crush Lyndon...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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