243 Second Date

    "Any updates?" Yera asked Xander when she sat down in the car and they were already on their way home. The lunch meeting went well but Yera could feel Lyndon's grief when Mr. Tanaka talked about their personal lives, particularly about the engagement between her and Lyndon. She could only hope that Lyndon could also have a happy love life like hers and she could also be guilt free from his side...

    "Yeah... Ralf is working on it but something just feels off.. Whoever is behind this article has been following you since you're Deyna Song... I mean it shouldn't be Bernard's enemy right? As far as I know, Bernard had no enemies... I will still contact my uncle and ask him in detail. I think we should reinvestigate the accident you and Bernard had..." Xander suggested.

    Yera was confused too about that incident now. All she remembered was that a truck hit their car, but then the investigations said that the driver was drunk and he also died in that accident. "Alright... Let's get it done then. Right now, we can't afford to have any loose ends..." Yera responded.

    Yera's mobile phone rang and it was one of the security teams that she had assigned to Dion for his safety as a precaution. "Is there a problem?" Xander asked as soon as Yera ended the call.

    "Hmm, Dion went out with Rizie... These two, how dare they slack off from work so early. Do you have plans later?" Yera murmured. She was sure that Dion would be monitored closely for his sincerity and conduct by the board of directors since the COO position had been eyed by other directors also, for their kins.

    Xander's eyes widened and asked, "Don't tell me you are going to ask me to stalk them again!!"

    Yera laughed seeing the horror on her husband's face. "Of course not. But I will have them still guarded from a far. Just to make sure Dion is safe, especially now that he is in an important post and is projected as the next heir of Life Globals officially. You never know who is the enemy until we catch the one responsible for my abduction."

    Then she added, "I asked about your plans later because you mentioned the movie a while ago... So, if you want, let's watch it again... But maybe we should watch it in our private theatre."

    Xander gave his wife a quick glance and gladly nodded with sparkling eyes before looking back at the road.

    Yera  knew those mischievous grins and mumbled, "I really doubt the doctor who assessed you having erectile dysfunction.... He is a total quack."

    Xander laughed and wondered if his dear friend Rui was sneezing a lot by now since Rui was the first doctor who assessed his psychological disorder.


    Meanwhile, Rizie was a bit confused when Dion asked her to prepare early to leave from the office since it was too early then. She rechecked Dion's schedule because she did not remember any meeting to be held outside the office at all.

    "Ready?" Dion asked and she nodded. "What's going on?" she asked, seeing Dion pressed the top floor of the building instead of going down. Dion smiled at her and pressed her hand that he was holding while walking inside the elevator, since they were the only ones around.

    He had always felt that there was nothing more romantic than watching the sun set in the sky, reflecting off the city and the mountains. He was not a very outspoken person and had never had too many friends but whenever he saw the sunset he always felt the need of a partner.

    He wanted Rizie to feel his sincerity towards her and he also wanted to show her his true self, so he prepared a private helicopter to take them both around the city and watch a magnificent sunset together.

    For Rizie he wanted to play all out... He wanted to make a lot of good memories with her, memories to last a lifetime.

    Rizie looked at  Dion totally baffled with excitement in her eyes as she looked at the helicopter. "Will we use that? Where are we going?" she shouted in Dion's ear as they continued to walk.

    Dion simply answered, "Slacking off!!! Haha... I know your adventurous soul will love this... So I thought it should be good for a second date."

    "Wait? Is this one of the Life Hospitals helicopters?" Rizie asked with a worried tone because Dion was just new and using the Life Hospitals properties for pleasure was not allowed.

    She saw Dion laugh and bent down to her ear, "Hey don't you know how loaded is your boyfriend? Don't worry... This is one of my private helicopters..."

    It was complete with in-flight champagne service that would take them over the city to experience the colours of the sunset over the water, city towers and the mountains... Rizie was truly in awe with this new thrilling experience. Dion had an ear to ear smile as he watched Rizie's expression.

    "Oh I really love it!" Rizie beamed, in great bliss with the breathtaking scenery from above not to mention the beautiful sunset. Everything was too beautiful and magical, Dion's every action was too romantic, and she was touched and so filled with emotions that she wanted to pounce on her romantic boyfriend on the spot. But then, her conscience woke up and told her that she would probably do it later!!

    She giggled, realizing what all things her active and playful mind was imagining... She blushed and bashfully looked at Dion who she just noticed was staring closely at her.

    "What is it?" Dion asked with a smile with the sudden pause on Rizie. She wrinkled her nose and replied, "Nothing just that this is really fun..."

    After a while, the helicopter landed back on the helipad. Rizie, caught with the happiness she was feeling, immediately pulled out the safety gears in her seat and sat on Dion's lap. She had a very bright smile as she stared at her boyfriend.

    She removed the earpiece on him and cupped his face. "I really... really... enjoyed this date!" She burst before showering Dion with a trail of small kisses on his face, from forehead going down and it lasted on Dion's lips.

    The pilot and the co-pilot looked at each other and did not bother to bid the lovebirds farewell before they almost jumped out from the helicopter to give the couple some privacy.

    Dion was caught off guard but instinctively wrapped his arms on Rizie's waist. He was drowning with pleasure of Rizie's lips on his, giving him her deepest kiss. He wanted to freeze the time at that moment. Slacking off from their office was worth it...

    He should prepare a few more exciting dates like this one from now on, since he loved to see how pleased his girlfriend was. He was going crazy already, at that moment all he wanted was to scoop her in his arms and lock Rizie up into his room. But then he should follow how everything should be properly done in a traditional way.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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