244 You’re Not Alone

    The couple had a gala date in Han's personal mini theatre where they enjoyed the movie together but spent more time in flirting and shamelessly indulging in other adult acts, and of course, Yera gave Xander first hand experience of the adventurous things that could happen in the dark movie theatre between couples, except  the adventure of being in a crowded cinema hall due to the fact that the two of them were alone in the whole room.

    The couple was cuddling each other when Yera spoke, "I really envy Rizie's adrenaline. I mean she loves thrilling things so Dion had actually prepared a lot of thrilling dates for her..."

    Xander grinned and said, "Do you want to go on thrilling dates too darling? We too can have such adventurous dates every once in a while or once a week if you want? I also want to date you... Hmm how about we make a bucket list of all the things that you had missed before and wanted to try out. Let's do it all together."

    Yera pursed her lips and complained, "But we can't do it yet or do things freely yet. I hate it whenever we have to go out in disguise. I want to enjoy it without any inhibitions."

    "Alright then let's just prepare our bucket list and we'll start at it when our relationship is already announced to all..." Xander declared.

    "By the  way, Dion's mother... Is an heiress of a huge empire in country V. Is Rizie aware of this fact? Anyway, I think there's nothing to worry about, right? I believe Dion has a great and kind mom and not the type who will look down on anyone with a simple status in life..." Xander voiced his opinion.

    Yera nodded and added, "Yeah. Dion said that she is always supportive of him so it won't matter. She will for sure like Rizie. The true problem to be honest is Rizie..."

    Her husband was actually not aware of Rizie's problem so she told Xander about it.

    "Why are you telling it to me only now?? Oh gosh... I should teach my brother-in-law a few techniques so he won't get dumped soon..." Xander burst out those words that made Yera raised her eyebrows.

    "Dion is  doing good. It  might get worse if he listens to you because I'm sure he will only learn  perverted moves from you," Yera stated, trying hard not to laugh.

    Xander pouted his lips and defended, "What? Don't you agree that these perverted moves of your husband are the best? Look at me? I bet just the thought of leaving me causes you to suffocate like you're getting out of air because that's what I feel too... Just the thought of you leaving me makes me feel a lack of air that very instant... It feels so hard to breathe without you in my life, cause you're the oxygen of my happiness - you keep me breathing darling..."

    Yera's face cringed. "Geeez, you're giving me goosebumps darling," Yera muttered and even showed her arms to her husband who was laughing hard, filling the mini theatre with his laughter. Yera laughed too and suddenly had the urge to kiss her husband. Her husband was right. She felt exactly the same as him, he was like oxygen supply in the ocean of life for her too - he kept sustaining the air so she could breathe..."


    At Shan and Ron's Secret Place....

    Everything went smoothly whereas Yera's had secretly convinced some of the directors to approve the intended merger but of course there were still others who were unbending. They secured almost half of the board of directors, two more and they would be good.

    "We  can't find any faults or mistakes made by the remaining board of directors..." commented Shan. They were once again in their secret meeting place. She looked at assistant Ron who was so focussed in his laptop that he barely even touched his food.

    Shan's lips partially opened as she unconsciously stared at assistant Ron's facial feature. Nothing had changed.

    His face was still the same just as she remembered him except a few inconspicuous wrinkles probably due to stress, that only added to his charm and handsomeness.

    He was really a remarkable and a very dependable man based on her observation during those times that they were together.

    'I don't think he has a lovelife at  all," she mused with a grin, hoping she was correct. Assistant Ron seemed to be a very busy person to be able to manage a lovelife because he could not even manage to eat his food in time.

    "Close your mouth or a fly might enter that soon," Shan heard him say all of a sudden.

    Shan instantly closed her mouth, not aware that it was even opened. She composed herself and hid her blushing before saying, "You should eat first. How can you work productively with an empty stomach."

    Assistant Ron let out a long sigh and looked at his plate. He was too occupied to even remember about his food. He looked at Shan's plate and was shocked to see it already empty.

    Shan smiled and said, "I was eating while reading the documents. It's called multitasking..." She was proud for the first time thinking she managed to at least do something better than him. 'Eating while working? Is that something to be proud of?' she silently asked herself.

    Assistant Ron started to eat his food. "How were things all along?" he suddenly asked before he ate a spoonful of rice. Shan looked at him a little confused. Ron chewed and swallowed his food first. "I mean how were you these past years. How's life?"

    Shan gulped and wondered if Ron somehow remembered her. "Life was good. I have a great job..." she simply answered with a suspicious look at him.

    "That's good. Hmm h-ow about your uhm ... love l-ife?" Shan heard him with a hesitating tone in his voice but she was startled with that question from him.

    She deliberately laughed and responded, "Oh my love life is not at all great, unlike my job."

    "Don't worry you're not alone..." she heard assistant Ron answer with a serious face.

    Shan: "......?"

    Shan wondered how she should react to that statement...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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