245 Unexpected Visitor

    Dion gave his time both in managing work as well as his lovelife. He meticulously calculated his work and love life balance. Even when he was at work he would take time and efforts to do simple things for Rizie, like ordering her favourite snacks for a bite during the office hours, ordering takeout from her favourite restaurant, or buying coffee from her favourite coffee shop like he did this afternoon when she was really busy in managing his documents.

    "Enjoy..." he mumbled as he dropped Rizie's coffee on her desk followed by a wink.

    Rizie smiled and looked at his back while Dion walked back to his office with his own cup of coffee. "Having your Boss as your boyfriend has a benefit indeed..." she mumbled while she grabbed the coffee to drink, but stopped seeing a slip pasted on it and she giggled reading it.

    [Think of me every once in a while even if you're busy, this will make you smile...]

    "Geeez... He's making my heart flutter," Rizie squeaked before excitedly drinking the coffee.

    "Ouch, it's hot!" she burst and hit her head for being overly excited.  Her attention was diverted to the calendar instead and she sighed seeing the marked date on it. Dion's mom would arrive next week and she did not have any present in mind yet for her. Time flew really fast that a month was almost about to finish and she would soon return back to her condo unit.

    But that time that she stayed with Dion was more than enough for them to know each other so much better. Every day with him had been spent like a dream. While Rizie was lost in her dreams her mobile phone beeped and Rizie saw the message was from Dion.

    [Stop daydreaming about me... That's rude...]

    Rizie laughed and turned her head to Dion's office where the blinds were open. She twisted her mouth seeing another wink from him. "That big bro Xander of his is surely teaching him tricks on how to make someone's heart flutter," she whispered before focusing back on her work.

    Dion was a timid type of person and lately she noticed, he was becoming more shameless every passing day. Well she was not surprised at all seeing Dion's brother-in-law would often pull him aside for a talk and she was just sure that he was coaching Dion with various styles of courting.

    Well, she was not complaining of course rather she was enjoying Dion's openness though sometimes it looked awkward but was cute at the same time, since she could feel his sincerity and he was really trying his best to make a permanent place in her heart.

    She just hoped this time she could make everything last.

    After sometime it was almost time to get home. Rizie was winding up and preparing to leave, when she suddenly had an unexpected visitor.

    "Hmm, looks like you're now enjoying your new line of work Miss Secretary?" Rizie heard a familiar voice that made her tilt her head to confirm if she was right.

    Her eyes widened seeing her brother-in-law with a grin with her sister Lyra. "Sis?!" she gasped.

    "Are you ready Riz? Let's go..." Dion, who just came out of his office said. But paused seeing the conflicted look on Rizie's face and then his attention was diverted  at the couple looking at him and then back at Rizie with questioning eyes.

    Lyra raised a brow and looked at her sister. Rizie smiled and proudly introduced Dion as her boyfriend.

    "Your boyfriend is your Boss? Wait, we did not see anyone courting you at all!" bust out her brother-in-law. Dion on the other hand gulped at the reaction of Rizie's sister and brother-in-law. They did not look pleased hearing the news suddenly like that.

    "Your brother would definitely not like it Rizie. It's such a sudden step," Rizie's brother-in-law added while he looked at Dion from head to toe and so did Rizie's sister making Dion suddenly get conscious and uncomfortable. He felt like he was being peeled out alive.

    "Uhm, I will formally introduce him soon to the family. Please keep it up to yourself for now? It's my fault... Dion always asks me about it... It's just that ... It's me..." Rizie pleaded and held her sister's hand.

    Lyra sighed seeing the worried expression of her little sister. She looked at her husband and said, "Let's keep it only up to us for now. Moreover, Rizie is a grown up woman now, she can make her own decisions."

    Dion cleared his throat and invited the guest couple for dinner which the two gladly accepted.

    Dion made a special reservation in a fine dine-in restaurant. He was too nervous. Why? Because he could feel the scrutinizing gaze from the couple probing each and every action he took.

    "When did the two of you meet?" Rizie's sister asked. Dion narrated the whole incident how he met Rizie.

    "Ohhh so you're Mr. Handkerchief! Rizie told me about this before." Rizie's sister burst out.

    Rizie on the other hand remained quiet while Dion was on the hot seat.

    Surprisingly, Dion was doing a great job and leaving a good impression on her sister and her meticulous brother-in-law who, among the two, asked a lot of questions including how many girlfriends Dion had!

    The dinner went well and the couple finally left, Dion released a long deep sigh of relief and looked at Rizie with squinted eyes. "See that? I told you that it would be best to formally meet your family first..."

    Rizie gulped and said, "Alright let's do that soon then..."

    "Really?" Dion asked with blinking eyes.

    Rizie nodded with a half smile and Dion hugged her tightly. He could finally meet Rizie's whole family. He was overwhelmed and too excited.


    At Yang Hospital Facility In Country U

    "How are his vitals?" Dr. Black asked the nurse monitoring the condition of patient X.

    "His vitals are stable Doc. His body is responding well to the new treatments we have provided him though there are still no signs of any bodily movements." the nurse answered.

    Dr. Black sighed. If there would still be no movements for the next few days then they would have to try out some more extreme means and high doses of certain medicines.

    He was sending the patient's condition to CEO Yang everyday as instructed, "Maintain the dose of medicine. Let's continue the medicine for three more days."

    After patient X was checked thoroughly, Dr. Black and all the others left his room. After a few more minutes of being alone, patient X's fingers suddenly moved...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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