246 Refreshing But Terrorizing

    Xander and Yera had a business meeting with some important people who had expertise in joint ventures where they had to discuss terms and conditions acceptable to both sides. Xander and Yera came with their whole group in the private room of one of the finest restaurants in the city. The meeting was very confidential and the two groups, Life Hospitals and Yang Globals, were discussing the pros and cons of the possible merger.

    Yera on the other hand kept a poker face since the start of the meeting seeing Dr. Yao was one of the members in Xander's team. Her husband had already explained it to her beforehand that Dr. Yao held a vital role since she was the one responsible for the successful building  project at Country V so most of the board of directors trusted the woman. Yera understood the technicalities, but what irritated her was the obvious acts of flirting with Xander the other woman was busy with.

    Yera did not know whether to laugh at the scene in front of her or get angry, because whenever Dr. Yao moved close to Xander, to give and explain some documents Xander's face would pale and he would try his best to keep his distance from her while sneaking a glance at Yera, checking if she noticed that closeless.

    Well...!! ...Of course she did!!!

    Xander was perspiring profusely, though it was cold inside the room. He kept cursing Rui hard because the latter was late and had not arrived at the venue until then.

    "With this merger we have to invest a lot more... That there are advantages to it... This is not profitable to us at all," mumbled Dr. Yao as she studied the documents presented by Yera's side.

    Yera sighed because Dr. Yao had a valid point. She herself thought the same. They would need a real solid presentation with conditions good enough for both sides .

    "Are you sure you are going to agree to this merger with such biased conditions? Because the way these conditions are put I can see -- it will definitely cause an environment of war between both groups. None of the board of directors and officers in both these chains of hospitals can be easily manipulated. We both have a few monsters who are greedy for money and power, especially power to be precise and we all are very well aware of who those members are." Dr. Yao added, staring at Xander intently, with a smirk on her face.

    That vixen seemed to be enjoying the conflicted look on her husband's face. Yera was too irritated with her presence. It was so out of her character to flare up like that in public, but for some reason, Dr. Yao was getting on her nerves.

    She suddenly hit the table with the folder in her hand when she saw Dr. Yao touch Xander's face as if removing something from it. Everyone in the room was shocked with that action of hers, including Xander, who suddenly stood up from his chair with an awkward expression on his face.

    "Why is the food not arriving yet?" Xander stuttered and was about to walk out of the room when assistant Ron murmured, "Sir, the food is about to arrive. Please take your seat and allow me to go and double check."

    Assistant Ron stood up from his chair that was far away from Dr. Yao so Xander deliberately took it and sat on it while he replied, "Uh yeah check it..." Then he timidly looked at Yera and started to talk to one of the directors at the side while grabbing the documents from the man. "What about you. Tell me your opinion..." Xander mumbled, trying to ease the tension.

    Meanwhile everyone inside the room shot meaningful glances at each other because everyone could feel that something was really fishy but because no one had actually confirmed anything about their relationship, so they could only silently speculate.

    Dr. Yao raised her eyebrows and shifted her gaze to Yera. "Yang Globals group is still number one when it comes to hospitals. We have a higher profit margin, better facilities and more number of rooms of all types including ICUs and ICCUs. Our doctors are the best in town and also brought from abroad, and above all we have a very good and clean reputation in the market compared to yours! So now tell me, what should make us collaborate or merge with you? With such average terms why would Yang Globals accept your proposal? Why are you that desperate to latch on Yang Globals...?"

    "Dr. Yao!" Xander scolded.

    Yera looked at Xander and signaled him that it was fine. She smiled confidently while looking straight into Dr. Yao's eyes and replied, "It's natural to have this merger done since I want my husband's company and mine to be united like our personal relationship."

    Everyone's jaws in the room dropped and they started looking at Yera with their mouth agape, except for Dr. Yao who just laughed at it. She seemed not to be surprised at all. "Well now it's more firm then. The merger is for personal reasons, but I think it will be more difficult because of that reason. You see, we can convince our board of directors since at Yang Globals they all behave like baby alligators unlike the directors of the Life Hospitals group... who seems to be more like  untamed and aggressive alligators. So goodluck to you if you succeed..." Dr. Yao mocked with a laugh.

    The meals finally arrived and Dr. Yao's demeanor suddenly became gloomy as soon as she saw the waitress who came inside to serve the food. Yera creased her brows when she noticed the quick change in Dr. Yao's expression, from gloomy into a bright smile as she stood up and walked in Xander's direction.

    "What's wrong with her?" Shan, who was sitting  beside Yera, grumbled as she noticed Dr. Yao suddenly tipped on Xander's table causing Xander's drink to spill all over herself, that was just served by the waitress.

    "What did I just do? I am so sorry Dr. CEO I spilled your drink by mistake. And I even messed up my dress?" They heard Dr. Yao mumbled before she smiled at the waitress and asked, "Can you please show me the restroom outside and help me to fix my dress?"

    But what shocked Yera was that Dr. Yao was sitting on her husband's lap after she tripped! She shot daggers through her eyes towards the two of them and was so flared up that she rose up from her chair and hissed at the waitress, "What are you waiting for? Go and pull that woman up and help her fix her freaking dress!"

    The waitress quickly nodded and helped Dr. Yao who even winked at her and murmured, "Thanks..."

    "Is she crazy?" Shan couldn't help but burst out seeing how Dr. Yao winked at her Chairwoman who was now burning red with irritation. It was the  first time she had seen the Chairwoman, who was sarcastic at most of the time, annoyed and angry.

    Meanwhile, Xander bit his lip. 'Am I in trouble now?' he asked himself, seeing how deep red his wife looked at that moment. Seeing his wife jealous was somewhat refreshing but terrorizing at the same time.

    He looked at the door from where Dr. Yao went out and then looked at the spilled drink the other waitress was now cleaning. He couldn't point out exactly what but he had noticed something unusual with Dr. Yao's movement, the spilling of the drink... It  looked like she intentionally did this but why?

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