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    It would be Rzie's last night in the mansion so Dion was a bit restless. Though they would spend most of their time together even when Rizie shifts in her own condo,  he was already used to having Rizie with him almost twenty four seven. He looked at the time and sighed. It was late and she must have slept by now.

    He got startled when his door suddenly opened and he saw Rizie like a flash entering in his room with a paper bag in her hands.

    Rizie's hand was on her chest as if she was calming the rigid palpitations.

    "Woaw! I thought sis would catch me! Oh gosh I feel like my heart would burst!" Rizie blurted as she slumped herself on the carpeted floor and comfortably rested her back on Dion's bedside.

    "Come here. Let's have a drink together..  Come and sit beside me, let's have a drink on my last day in this mansion, consider it my farewell party." Rizie casually instructed as she opened a canned beer and some snacks she brought.

    "What do you mean farewell party? We will still see each other everyday... Who knows I might stay at your place whenever it would be too late to come home?" Dion mumbled as he sat down on the floor and grabbed the beer from Rizie.

    "Hmm farewell from your mansion?" Rizie said, smiling.

    Dion pursed his lips and mused, 'Farewell? No way woman... You will absolutely come back here soon and might as well stay here forever, as my wife.' Because that was what Dion intended to do. He was now starting to build things with Rizie by his side like building a family of his own and seeing Rizie to be his better half.

    "Are you packed already?" Dion asked. "Yup... By the way, your mom will arrive soon. I wanted to give her something but I can't think of anything that she would particularly like." Rizie asked.

    Dion turned his head and looked at Rizie. He rested his head on the bed and uttered, "My mom is not picky at all with things. Just give her anything you like and it will do. You actually don't need to bother yourself with this, because seeing me smile whenever I'm with you is more worthy than any gift she will get from you. Trust me..."

    Rizie laughed and shook her head while she drank her beer.

    "What? You don't believe me?" Dion lifted his head with a creased forehead as he watched Rizie laugh.

    "Of course I believe you... It's just that lately you have started talking too much, even more than me sometimes..." she remarked.

    "Why? You don't like it? Do you prefer the silent me?" Dion asked with an awkward smile. He was actually liking it and was happy about this,to be more expressive and able to say his own thoughts to her, rather than being quiet. But his changed self  was active whenever he was with Rizie only because he was still the silent type of person with others.

    Dion felt Rizie's warm palm touching his face while she said, "Nah I like it... it doesn't matter whatever it is... I like everything you do..."

    Dion, hearing that, felt the urge to pull Rizie close to him by grabbing her nape and then slowly reaching out the gap in between to seal her lips with his.

    All he wanted was to give a gentle peck only on his girlfriend's lips but seeing Rizie with her closed eyes and parted lips, Dion couldn't help but bend down for another kiss but this time it was deeper and his tongue slid inside of her mouth savoring the taste of alcohol and her sweetness.

    He should stop or else he knew it would be hard to do so or he would be in pain later but his body was once again refusing to listen to his head. It was hard to pull off from her, especially when Rizie was reciprocating the kiss with the same intensity as his.

    It felt so good that he did not want it to end, her body pressed against his, the warmth oozing out of their union, her mesmerizing scent... everything was asking for more. Dion had never felt something like this before, only with Rizie's presence he ought to lose his mind!.

    His hands moved, caressing Rizie's body and touching her chest with her sleepwear on. He could feel it in his palm while he cupped one mound of hers in his hand as if he was measuring how it would fit his palm.

    He heard Rizie's soft little moans just as he cupped his breast and that voice almost drove him mad.

    She was not wearing her bra beneath her sleepwear shirt so he could also feel how hard Rizie's peaks were. Dion grabbed the loose shirt and unconsciously pulled it up removing it from her body. Rizie's eyes widened as she realized that her upper body was now naked before Dion and she immediately covered herself with her arms.

    Dion was filled with desire and he instantly covered her mouth once more with his, making Rizie drown in his warmth, taking her uneasiness away. While he kissed her passionately, his hands once again moved to where it wanted to land. He gently pulled Rizie's arms protecting her bare chests. Then gently pushed her to lie down on the carpet without leaving her lips unattended. His other hand was on Rizie's head making sure she laid comfortably on the carpeted floor.

    His kiss trailed down on Rizie's jawline, down on her neck where he made sure to mark her with hickeys before going further to her collarbones and then going down to her chest.

    Rizie suddenly grabbed his hair as her body arched when he started to playfully lick on one of her hard nipples. Dion took the opportunity to have it inside his mouth. He was as hard as rock while the sensation heightened because of Rizie's moaning while he continuously sucked and fed on her nipples alternately.

    Dion cursed because he knew he should stop already or else he would not be able to stop anymore.

    'Stop now! Stop!' His head was screaming already, scolding himself that he should control himself because they were not married yet. He wanted to get married with her before owning Rizie fully.

    Meanwhile, Rizie pulled her brows together when Dion suddenly stopped. 'Wait... What's going on? Why did he stop?' she complained inside feeling Dion's head resting in her chest while embracing her body.

    Rizie wanted to ask what happened but she was too shy to do so. She felt Dion inhaled and exhaled several times as if calming himself down. Then she heard him whisper, "I'm sorry I almost lost it.  I should control myself more next time..."

    'I really don't mind...' Rizie silently answered with her face burning in embarrassment for thinking such a thought.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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