248 Old Enough

    Xander crashed in Rui's clinic early in the morning. "Where have you been!" He roared as he sat on the couch with crossed arms and legs.

    Rui laughed seeing the dark circles under Xander's eyes. "Looks like our Dr. CEO slept on the floor? Couch? Or perhaps in the guest room?" Rui teased as he walked to sit on the opposite couch to face Xander.

    Xander twisted his mouth and threw the seat pillow on his friend's face which the latter caught in time. "What?" Rui exclaimed laughing.

    "It's all your fault! I told you to make sure that you're there to control Candice or make an excuse so she won't be present... What is wrong with you?" Xander bubbled with flaring nostrils. He could not believe that his friend could not handle a single woman.

    Rui blew air on his forehead. Actually he was with Candice yesterday and was planning to lock her in a room and reach for the meeting, but something happened and he ended up to be the one who got locked up instead of that vixen. She was too quick witted and fast. He would not dare to tell his dear friend what had  happened or else he would become the laughing stock.

    Rui coughed a bit to clear his throat before he said, "Ahm my stomach... I suddenly got an upset stomach..."

    Xander raised an eyebrow as if analyzing if he would even believe that alibi.

    "Anyway... How long is your punishment this time? About a month?" Rui changed the topic and bantered.

    Xander almost erased his face by washing it by his palm several times. "It's so unfair when it's not even my fault? Did she not see how much I tried to avoid her? I mean I kept my distance! Why am I being punished when I'm not even guilty of anything!" Xander cried.

    Rui laughed and said, "Why are you complaining to me and not filing your complaints to your wife?" He knew very well Xander was a completely henpecked husband so his friend would not dare complain but would try to woo and coax his wife.

    "By the way, have you seen the reports about the triad?" Xander suddenly asked because it had a connection with that cyclone tattoo roaming around after the accident they encountered at the yacht.

    Rui sighed and explained, "Country V is in riots right now and those three groups are at war. I have some information as of now, but I need a firm confirmation to make sure that it was reliable. Just make sure to tighten the security around you, Yera and even Dion. So far it's Yera who seems to be the target but then we'll never know..."

    Xander sighed... There was nothing at all that could point a finger towards the belief that he was a target except for the fact that the targets were now widened to people close to Yera.

    The trial of the Go's would soon be completed and the verdict would be out for the Go's. Nothing proved their involvement in Yera's abduction which meant there was another party involved in it.

    Meanwhile, they heard knocking on Rui's door and Xander suddenly panicked trying to hide himself at the thought that it could be Dr. Yao.

    Rui was laughing hard seeing that over reaction of his friend. So he said, "Come in!" knowing the person who was knocking was.

    "What?" Xander screamed looking at each corner and ran inside the restroom of Rui.

    Rui on the other hand was enjoying the funny outbursts of his friend. "Oh good morning Dr. Yao how can I help you?" Rui loudly asked while he gestured to Dion, who had an appointment with him, that moment to remain quiet and sat on the couch.

    Dion though a bit confused on what was going on followed Dr. Dee's signal with a creased forehead as he looked around the room.

    "Dr. Yao would you like some tea?" Rui asked, trying to hide his laughter. "Me?" Dion gestured, pointing his finger on himself. Rui nodded and signaled Dion to stay quiet.

    Rui wondered how long Xander would stay hidden.

    "What's going on?" Dion whispered as Dr. Dee sat in front of him. He had not told Dr. Rui yet about the truth of the handkerchief thing that it was Rizie. Today, he had a session with him and he planned to tell him that fact too.

    Rui pointed his finger towards the restroom and murmured, "Your brother in law is hiding in there. He's paranoid with the thought that it's Dr. Yao who knocked... Let's prank him for a while..."

    Dion twitched his mouth and commented, "Why is he hiding like that and don't just walk out of your room in case it was Dr. Yao who entered and not me?"

    "Precisely... That's how traumatic he could have been whenever seeing Dr. Yao. You know your sister makes him a celebate whenever Dr. Yao is involved..." Rui whispered at Dion's ear.

    Meanwhile Xander cursed because he forgot his mobile phone on Rui's table. "What's keeping them so long? Why can't he just shoo that woman away?" Xander complained as he felt tired from standing so he covered the toilet bowl and sat on it. 'How come he could not hear any sound or chatting now?' he mused as he stood up and pinned his ear on the door.

    He almost fell on the ground when the door was suddenly pulled open from outside.

    Rui was laughing while Dion who held the door knob shook his head with a pitied look at Xander.

    "What the heck? Where is she? Is she gone now?" Xander asked in a row looking at every corner. He then noticed that smirk on Rui's face.

    "You!!!" Xander burst out, realizing Rui played a prank at him.

    "You two... How old are you?" Dion mumbled seeing the two men who were chasing each other raised their eyebrows.

    "We are both old enough to coach you things about life and lovelife..." Xander proudly answered leaving Dion scratching his head because it was true that all he did for Rizie to make her smile and fall for him deep was a per advise by his brother-in-law.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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