249 Ringless Sho

    Yera was very impressed that nothing got leaked into the media after her announcement in the meeting about her and Xander's relationship which further proved that everyone present inside the meeting room for discussing the said merger were trusted personnels by each group. Dr. Yao would not definitely spread any rumors since it would cause a backlash to her name given that she was in scandal with her and Xander.

    She already set out a schedule for the board meeting in three days time, having that fifty fifty votes in their favor. Somehow, she was hopeful that Lyndon would cast his vote in the favour of the intended merger and they would definitely win. Lyndon would be the final key for it...

    The verdict in the case of her family's murder would be announced by next week. Yera was somehow at ease that she could finally go out in the open with Xander but then her face soured when she recalled that scene of Dr. Yao who sat comfortably on her husband's lap. If no one else was present, she might as well have pulled the hair of that woman.

    She was in deep thoughts when her mobile phone rang and it was Rui who invited her to have lunch out together with the rest of the group. Yera accepted the invitation. Dion and  Rizie were already there and of course her husband who was with Rui in the hospital.

    After lunch, they started chatting and suddenly Rui apologized to her. "Why?" she asked. "About Dr. Yao. I heard Xander was being punished because of her." Rui explained.

    Yera's eyebrows lifted up while she looked at her husband with squinted eyes. Her husband even had a comrade. 'Did you think I will still not kick you out of bed even though you have asked Rui to convince me?' Yera silently delivered her message with her gaze to her husband.

    "To be honest it was me who wanted Dr. Yao to stay at Yang Globals group. Xander wanted to kick her out in the very beginning, but I am investigating something about her so I convinced Xander to keep her around. Keeping your enemy closer is better..." Rui explained.

    "Enemy? Enemy of bro Xander?" Rizie could not help but interrupt.

    "No! No!" Xander quickly defended and elbowed Rui. "Complete your explanation will you or they will misinterpret!" Xander exclaimed.

    Rui twisted his mouth as he looked at Xander then quickly smiled as he turned his gaze back at Yera. "I'm investigating her..." Rui started then he elaborated everything to Yera regarding the cases he encountered with Dr. Yao.

    "Why does it sound off to me... I mean... It's more like you're stalking her and doesn't it sound like you're enjoying it?" Dion commented with collided eyebrows, directly looking at Rui.

    "What are you saying? Am I nuts? That woman is crazy. Do you know how scary she is? I saw her snapping a person's neck at country V!" Rui burst in horror as the mere mention of that woman replayed that entire scene before him.

    "You said it yourself... You were drunk at that time besides there's no body found. Who knows if you're just imagining things..." Dion added.

    "Anyway what matters is that my wife will be clear about why Dr. Yao is still at our facilities and is given importance as well. It's because of Rui..." Xander interrupted with pouted lips, hoping his wife would let everything slide this time.

    He missed the ovulation day again because of that incident! His father would surely kill him because there was still no good news for him. No wonder he could not bake his little Xander and little Yera yet, because he often missed the fertility days of his wife.

    Like how he missed it this time also! But today he could try a follow up... Who knows, it could be a ringless shot!

    Xander looked at his wife with begging eyes, hoping she would be convinced with Rui's explanation and would no longer get irritated whenever Dr. Yao got involved in the picture with him!

    Yera on the other hand had her trademark expressionless face for her husband.

    After lunch, everyone headed back to their designated work while Xander asked his wife to accompany him to a tennis game because he recalled that tennis was one of the sports his wife wanted to try and learn.

    "I will teach you how to play tennis... I have some free time for next few days..." Xander murmured inside the car. He knew Yera's schedule and she could take free time for a few days to learn tennis too.

    "Alright," Yera simply answered. Then she added,  "I have to get clothes..."

    "That's okay I already bought clothes of your size appropriate for playing tennis..." Xander commented. They went directly to Yang mansion since Xander had a private indoor tennis court there.

    He was grinning as he waited for his wife to get changed. "Come here... I will  teach you how to hit the ball... It's a warm-up..." he started as he played an automated machine that would keep throwing balls for Yera to hit.

    Xander was very hands on, never left his wife at all, making sure their bodies brushed seductively together every now and then as he taught her.

    Yera on the other hand was getting destructive with those touches that she complained, "Stop that! How can I focus if you keep giving me goosebumps..."

    Xander laughed at it and whispered, "This sport is exhausting don't you agree?"

    Yera ignored him and deliberately took a step away from her husband. "Don't disturb me..." Yera grunted.

    'I'm gonna hit these balls having your face and that Dr. Yao plastered on it!' Yera mused as she started hitting the balls coming out of the machine.

    One of the maids entered the room and said to Xander, "Sir, the warm water has been prepared in the bathtub in your room..."

    Xander nodded and dismissed the maid with a playful grin on his face. "Go darling!!! Sweating is good for the body. Tennis is a challenging sport and it takes time to practice. You're doing great! HIt hard and run for the balls!" Xander cheered with an evil grin.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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