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    Xander ceremoniously watched his wife exhaust herself by hitting the balls fired towards her. She seemed to be enjoying hitting the balls while Xander kept looking at his wrist watch every now and then.

    He had successfully coaxed his wife to get exhausted so that he could perform his magical relaxing massage later to her because it was always effective in melting the ice between them, whenever his wife was in a bad mood.

    "Darling... That's enough for now... You're sweating too much already... Rest for now..." Xander commented while he walked to turn off the machine.

    Yera was panting hard. It was really exhausting but she had enjoyed it thoroughly. She slumped her tired body on the ground while looking at the ceiling... There she could visualise  the faces of Juliet and Roy Go... She wondered when she would be able to smack the face of the one responsible for her abduction and killing...

    The view of the ceiling was replaced by the smiling face of her husband who bent down and said, "I had the relaxing bath prepared once you're ready."

    Yera pursed her lips seeing that naughty grin on her husband's face. "Do I smell so bad already? I don't want to take a bath..." she panted. Followed by a smirk as she mused, 'Endure my smelly sweat!'

    She closed her eyes to try to avoid his beauty trap but was suddenly startled when she felt her body being lifted up. She opened her eyes and unconsciously reached her arms to her husband's neck who was carrying her into a bridal style.

    "I can walk, you know. But if you insist then show me your sincerity and carry me all the way up to our room. Agree? Sogo ahead if you agree." she challengingly mumbled. The tennis area was meters away from the mansion plus he would need to go climb up the stairs to reach their room in the Yang mansion.

    Xander gave her his trademark handsome and roguish smile before he said, "I know you feel lazy to even walk yourself to the room right now. You're so weightless anyway and it's only a piece of cake.."

    Yera smirked and added, "Alright, I will let you have your way with me if we reach the room before my count of 100..."

    She was screaming and laughing at the same time when Xander rushed their way to the mansion, not minding the helpers of Yang Mansion who were looking at them as they passed by them. She hurried the counting..."One, two, three..."

    "Can't you slow down a bit darling?" Xander was stammering as he almost ran but paused suddenly and moved Yera in his lap, his gestures made Yera scream loudly as he had moved her and carried her like a sack of grain on his shoulder.

    Meanwhile,  Senior Yang also saw the couple having fun, from where he was sitting in the veranda, and he immediately instructed all his staff, "Make sure to keep out of the way of these two..."

    Senior Yang was grinning as he watched his children  having a good time. "By the way, tell the chef to cook my daughter's  favorite dish for dinner tonight. Ask him to also make something healthy that can boost fertility." He was very happy today because his son and daughter-in-law had visited him.

    "Eighty, eighty one, eighty two..." Yera slowly counted seeing how her husband was sweating and panting heavily. Then after some time she would again count faster. They looked like kids but it was refreshing and funny for everyone who watched them. Both of them were almost out of breath, Yera from laughing and counting while Xander from running.

    As soon as they entered the room and Xander put her down, Yera clung onto her husband's neck and tiptoed to shower him with kisses. Xander's hand moved in undressing her real quick. The two of them did not mind how sticky they were and even how stinky they were. Yera's hands also moved along with Xander's, as she grabbed the hem of her husband's shirt and pulled it up.

    They were moving towards the couch while they did not release each other's lips. Xander gently pushed Yera on the couch and removed all the remaining undergarments she had and then removed his afterwards.

    Yera moved and pushed him so he would end up beneath her. "The week is not over yet right?" She whispered in between the kissing. What she meant was supposed to be the week where she would be on top.

    Xander deliberately nodded with his misty eyes. He stopped moving and gladly let his wife lead the way.

    After some time, the couple ended up laying down with bodies still entangled with each other on the big sofa. Both were breathless.

    "We stink..." Yera commented with a grin. She felt so sticky. "A warm bath would be relaxing and perfect. It's already been prepared." Xander commented while he gently moved.

    During the bath, her husband was so thoughtful to give her his relaxing special massage that felt really good to Yera and her body reacted just as Xander had thought it would and of course, as expected, it didn't end up as a massage only.

    Senior Yang's smiles were ear to ear as the couple joined him for dinner. He was always grateful seeing the two looking very happy and so much in love with each other. 'Hon, you are seeing how happy your son is right?' He mused, hoping his wife could witness it wherever she was.

    "Have you two decided on the date for the wedding ceremony?" Senior Yang asked.

    Yera smiled and answered, "Yes father, I will announce it at the company's party for Dion..."

    Senior Yang nodded. Then he couldn't help but mused, 'I hope I hear another announcement about my grandchild coming.' He did not dare voice it out because he did not want to pressure the two especially now they had a lot of plans going on in the succeeding days.

    "By the way dad, Dion's mother is coming over... Yera is thinking if you can help in making her stay worthwhile since you're good at handling foreign visitors. You see the timing of her arrival is a bit off and everyone would be busy during those days, even Dion and Rizie, so I'm sure she will get bored by just staying inside Han's mansion by herself most of her days..." Xander suggested although Dion and Yera would of course find time to spend with her but still it could get boring with her wee hours.

    "No problem..." Senior Yang winked at Yera.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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