251 Proposal

    Shan looked at the paperbag she was holding before she entered the private meeting place. She decided to return the shoes this time since meeting assistant Ron like this would soon end with all problems of merger being solved. Too bad what they did together was all purely related to work. It would have been better if they could meet and go out like good friends to know each other more.

    She had high regards for assistant Ron and to be honest she wanted to know him better or to put it simply she was interested in him but to her dismay assistant Ron's world seemed to revolve only around work.

    She entered the private room and as usual, assistant Ron was already present there, he had arrived earlier than her. In fact he was always the first one to arrive.

    \"You're here... Sit...\" assistant Ron murmured without looking at her. Shan shook her head and wondered if a person like him had ever had a girlfriend in his life.

    Shan sat down and handed the paper bag to assistant Ron over the  table. \"Here. I want to return this to you...\"

    Assistant Ron put down the documents in his hand and checked the paper bag. \"I see you kept my shoes for so long... I thought you would have put them in a trash can by now...\" he murmured as he inspected the shoes then he grinned and commented, \"It's still the same as I last remember. I never knew that these types of shoes would last that long.\"

    Shan's eyes were rounded with her dropped jaw as she stared at assistant Ron in disbelief.

    'He knew and remembered everything all along and did not even mention anything once?' she mused. She suddenly felt embarrassed because she hadn't even thanked him yet after all these years. Shan quickly stood up and slightly bowed her head and said, \"Thank you so much for lending me these shoes at that time. I'm really sorry if my appreciation is a bit late... I'm...\"

    Shan did not know what to say. She heard assistant Ron laugh and said, \"Please sit now Shan. That's okay. You have returned them to me now, though I really wonder what you did with my shoes for so many years.\"

    Shan sat and with a reddened cheek smiled bashfully at assistant Ron. \"I kept them and I'm indebted to you assistant Ron.\"

    Assistant Ron's face crumpled as he mumbled, \"I'm calling you Shan. How come you still call me assistant Ron. It's the first time you have addressed me with no one around, but why do you add the word assistant before my name? Just call me Ron without our big boss around.\"

    Shan gave him a half smile and nodded in understanding. Then she timidly asked, \"Since when did you recognize me? I mean it's been years so I thought you won't remember me at all...\"

    \"Who could not remember you? That day you cried so hard and was almost hysterical like it was the end of the world for you!\" Ron commented with a grin and it was the first time Shan had seen him grinning. 'He looks cute when he smiles,' she thought inwardly.

    Ron could not take Shan's face and her crying out of his mind since then. He even took time to check on her every once in a while but then he became so busy and was consumed with a heavy pile of work that he did not find time to be able to go and see her again.

    Shan felt at ease by then and said, \"Yes, that day I really felt like everything was finished, I thought I would never be able to reach for the interview,  but then your shoes came at the right time and I'm really grateful about it. I thought there's no more hope but then you showed me there's always hope and I must not give up easily on things...\"

    \"If you're really grateful then I believe you must show a little bit more sincerity in thanking me...\" Ron suddenly mumbled as he picked the documents he was holding a while ago and fixed his eyes on it.

    'He's on workaholic mode again.' Shan silently thought with a twitched mouth before saying, \"Of course I will. Tell me what you would like to have in return or perhaps I can treat you to lunch or dinner.\"

    Of course she had thought about giving back his kindness, it was just that she did not know what his preference would be. She already searched for his hobby but she did not find a single thing about the man except for the fact that he was a workaholic man.

    \"I want to have a girlfriend...\" Ron muttered as he flipped a page of the documents he was reading.

    Shan's ears enlarged trying to absorb the words she heard and murmured, \"Huh? What is it again?\" She wanted to reconfirm if she heard it right.

    Ron directly looked at her and said in his serious face, \"I need a girlfriend...\"

    Shan creased her forehead, eyebrows collided and asked, \"Me?\"

    Ron narrowed his eyes and with still an intent look as he replied, \"If you are available then it will be good. Let's date for some time and decide later if it clicks between us or not...\"

    Shan could not believe what she was hearing. It was like an indecent proposal and she was really caught off guard. Her initial answer was to agree but then she silently thought, 'Wouldn't I look like an easy person if I agreed at this instant?'

    Ron seemed to read her thoughts and she heard him speak. \"Don't worry. I will not think less of you as an easy person if you agreed. To be honest, I find you attractive but then I'm not the conservative type of person and as you can see I can't afford to give time on courtship so I would like to skip those stages of relationship. I would instead prefer to go on a date directly like let's say for a month or two to get to know each other better and then if we click we can then get married afterwards.\" He straightforwardly denoted that made  Shan cough, almost choking on her own saliva.

    Shan was staring at him with her mouth agape... Wondering how she should answer the man before her.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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