252 Shotgun

    Han Ancestral Manson

    During breakfast, Xander and Yera exchanged meaningful glances seeing Dion staring at Rizie's seat beside him that was now empty. Rizie had already left the mansion to stay back in her condo unit since Dion was completely healed now and not to mention that Dion's mother would also arrive soon and stay at Han Ancestral Mansion.

    Yera could not help but comment, \"She can fill that seat forever, you know... All you have to do to make that happen is to marry her, but then that's possible only if she doesn't dump you after a month...\"

    Xander pursed his lips and leaned to his wife then whispered, \"Don't be too harsh on your brother...\"

    Yera ignored her husband's words and instead said with an arched brow, \"What? I'm just reminding him, besides because you are coaching him and even then if he does not succeed, you will be at fault too... It  would mean that you're not effective nor efficient enough as a love guru...\"

    Xander's mouth twisted. Meanwhile Dion only grinned and said, \"Don't worry sis... She won't get away from me...\"

    \"Try the shotgun wedding...\" Yera nonchalantly suggested.

    \"Maybe it's a good thing that you are caught by Rizie's family doing something naughty, since they are a little conservative things can work out well in your favour! I mean it suddenly came to mind. If you two are seen together in one room by her family members, then Rizie's family will surely ask you to take responsibility for their girl and get married to her earliest possible.\"

    \"Well, as well as she is concerned, I think Rizie has deep feelings for you. She loves you dearly and cares a lot about you. It's just that she has this psychological barrier of accepting anyone as a permanent part of her life, so maybe that's one solution before she gets a panic attack and suddenly breaks up with you.\"

    Yera stirred her cold coffee and added, \"But yes! another possibility in that scenario can be that before her family asks you to take responsibility for her, her general brother will  just shoot you on the spot, seeing you took advantage of his innocent sister...\"

    Xander's face crumpled with these explosive morning ideas of his wife, though he thought it was somehow a brilliant idea if worst comes to worst -- a shotgun wedding sounded good.

    Meanwhile Dion was in awe... He could not imagine himself to be that desperate while he unconsciously mumbled, \"Shouldn't  it be the other way around... Man who is often the victim for a shotgun wedding...\"

    \"Nah... That's definitely fake speculation, because your brother-in-law also did that to me. I've been in a shotgun wedding from the start.\" Yera confidently answered.

    Xander's mouth fell open while he defended, \"Darling, nothing happened between us before the wedding so how can you call it a shotgun wedding?\"

    \"It's the same thing darling, since it was a forced marriage for me...\" Yera stated and looked at Xander without blinking. Xander pouted his lips and snorted, \"But I gave you options to choose from...\"

    Yera was grinning inside looking at the sulky face of her husband. \"Options that all lead me to one choice only and nothing else but to marry you...\" she continued.

    She wrinkled her nose and without a word squeezed her husband's cheeks. \"So cute... Anyway I may not have fallen for you at first sight but then later I ended up falling for you endlessly.\"

    Dion's face cringed while he had goosebumps watching them both continuing their PDA, he then hurriedly finished his breakfast to escape from there. He could tolerate his brother-in-law's cheesy lines since he was already immune to it knowing his character but hearing such words from his sister who rarely talked...

    Urgghh... Pft...

    Dion did not bother to look at the couple's public display of affection and immediately stood up as soon as he was done eating. \"I'll be going first...\" he bid them goodbye before running out from the dining area. He should get Rizie here really soon so he could compete with the two of them in showing public display of affection. He laughed on his own at those silly thoughts and grabbed his mobile phone to call Rizie and check if she had safely arrived at the office.

    He was about to dial her number when his mobile phone rang. Dion arched his eyebrows seeing the caller ID before answering it.

    Dion arrived at the meeting place informed by Mr. Lua. It was all fixed suddenly, but he accepted his offer for a coffee to try his luck in convincing this shrewd man into selling some of his shares for the votes to him.

    Dion arrived at the meeting place and saw Mr. Lua already sitting on a chair in the cafe. He waved at him and Dion nodded then walked towards him.

    \"Mr. Lua good morning...\" Dion greeted him. Mr. Lua smiled back and said, \"Please sit. I have already ordered your coffee...\"

    Dion did and asked Mr. Lua how he was doing. The old man seemed to be friendly towards him asking him how he was adjusting at work. After some talking Dion got the opportunity to slide in his intention to buy some shares from Mr. Lua.

    \"Hmm... Let me think more about your offer... Oh my granddaughter is here...\" Mr. Lua with a bright smile looking at the door murmured as he waved his hand.

    Then he looked at Dion and said, \"Is it okay if she joins us? She's around the area and I told her to drop by here. I guess she finished earlier with her meeting than I thought.\"

    Dion smiled and said, \"It's okay. I don't mind.\"

    Dion saw the woman's back who directly approached Mr. Lua and gave him a cheek to cheek kiss. \"Grandpa... See I finished my meeting early not to keep you waiting that long.\"

    Mr. Lua laughed and responded, \"I told you I will meet our COO so you don't need to rush that meeting...\"

    Mr. Lua then turned to Dion and introduced his granddaughter. \"By the way, this is my granddaughter Cali.\"

    The woman finally turned around  and gave Dion a warm smile as she extended her hand, \"Hi... Cali here. NIce to meet you...\"

    Dion smiled back, and was somehow starstruck because the woman looked like a celebrity... He extended his hand and said, \"Dion... Nice to meet you.\"

    \"Dear, have coffee with us... I'm sure you two will get along very well because Mr. Han here is originally from country V too.\" declared Mr. Lua.

    \"Really?\" Cali excitedly burst out with an enthusiastic smile on her face.

    Mr. Lua was grinning inside and was pleased with how charming his granddaughter had grown. Dion Han was not a bad prey to catch because he happened to be the only son of Liz Chen, whose family owned a fashion house and a luxury retail company.

    \"Oh... Maybe you can tour me around here while I'm on vacation.\" Cali requested but then she stood and excused herself because of an important call she received on her mobile phone.

    Mr. Lua smirked as soon as his granddaughter was away. He looked at Dion and initiated, \"My granddaughter is very precious to me... Seeing her enjoying the stay here in our country with your help might convince me to accept your offer...\"

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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