253 Hard To Ge

    \"Shan, where's the file I'm asking you for?\" Yera recalled with raised brow as Shan gave her the cheques for signature.

    \"Oh right, I'm sorry Ma'am. I will get it now...\" Shan who seemed to realize she forgot it quickly answered.

    \"Shan are you alright? I can notice you do not seem to be yourself since you arrived today...\" Yera commented and stood up to check Shan's temperature.

    \"I'm fine ma'am.... Just caught up with some personal issues and so I did not manage to sleep properly last night.\" Shan honestly answered. 'It is all that Ron's fault!' She wanted to add. She still did not feel sleepy because of last night's incident.

    Because she was caught off guard and looked completely bewildered by his words, Ron had said that she did not have to give him an answer that soon and she could think about it a little more before deciding. 'How considerate of him!' Shan scorned.

    \"Hmm, you shouldn't come to work and get enough sleep if that's the case. Leave all your pending tasks with Rizie and go back home for now. And about your assistant, I think Ron has already found someone whom we can trust. Coordinate with him and get the details of the person...\" Yera instructed.

    Seeing Shan was still out of herself, Yera added in jest, \"You do know I hate it when someone is not focussed so go now before I change my mind and ask you to stay instead for double work...\"

    Shan slightly bowed and apologized once again before leaving the room. Outside she gently slapped her cheeks to wake herself up. She sighed at the thought that she would have to meet assistant Ron later.

    She wondered if she should answer him already or should she wait a few more days before showing her interest, so it would look like she had thought very well about this. Her face blushed... Ron's offer was not that bad and was in fact very practical for both of them, it was just that she still could not believe it truly happened.

    She prepared her things to go home and sleep some more before meeting him because the dark circles under her eyes were too obvious and she didn't want to look ugly in front of him. \"Maybe it's better that I play hard to get...\" she unconsciously mumbled while grabbing the files to send to Rizie for reviewing.

    \"Hmm... playing hard to get is only effective if the man is deeply into you...\" Shan heard the COOs voice so she immediately tilted her head.

    Dion smiled at her sister's assistant and asked, \"Is she inside?\"

    Shan bashfully nodded with deep red cheeks because of embarrassment.

    \"I'll go in then... Haha don't mind me... If the man has no history with women then playing hard to get is eventually effective just make sure not to make it long and tiring...\" Dion advised with a wink before going inside his sister's office.

    Yera on the other hand was startled with the sudden visit of her brother. \"What's the matter?\" She asked in a worried tone because Dion had a conflicted expression. Just this morning they were together at home having breakfast and nothing seemed wrong.

    Dion heaved a long sigh before saying, \"I think Mr. Lua wants me in his family... For his granddaughter in particular...\"

    \"Hmm, that's given. My brother is indeed a very good catch. Everyone wants you. To be honest I've been receiving a lot of requests about you from other families to meet their daughters or granddaughters. I'm a bit vague in answering because your relationship with Rizie is still a secret and you two are not engaged yet so technically you're still single in their eyes even if they find out about Rizie...\" Yera commented as she walked to sit on the adjacent couch to face Dion.

    \"Mr. Lua would sell a part of his shares to me if I make his granddaughter happy! That's very vague... I mean maybe I can make his granddaughter happy by just merely being friends with her, right? If we have those shares then it would be a sure win for the merger. He is the last shareholder who has not rejected my offer yet.\" Dion explained.

    Yera shook her head and said, \"Don't be naive. He wants you to make her happy as a partner and not just a friend. You know that I will always support you and your happiness. Those shares are nothing. What matters is that you follow what you truly desire...\"

    \"Yes sis I know. I want this merger too.so.I'll think of another way out. I heard that in the next board meeting the board of directors want to change the current organization structure by voting. I'm sure they want you out and put Lyndon as Chairman. Did you already talk to him? He was ... oh wait Mr. Lua has the same amount of share... could it be...?\"

    Yera shrugged her shoulders and calmly said, \"Yes, there's a possibility for Mr. Lua to be projected as a candidate...\"

    Dion sighed. If the Chairperson's position would be replaced by some else, the merger would be too impossible then. Worst case scenario was their company falls into the hands of a greedy man and all the advancements his father and sister wanted for the hospital could crumble. Dion knew how important the Life Hospitals group was to his sister. It was the only thing left from the sweat of their ancestors.

    So leaving it on the mercy of other people would be the last thing Dion wanted to witness. After reading the journal of his father and knowing his passionate dreams through it, Dion had this burning will to continue it with his sister, who was working hard to make it happen too.

    \"Hey... Don't think too much about it and just relax alright... Your sister will take care of it and about Mr. Lua, you can be firm with regards to your lovelife and tell it to him directly... Or maybe you can mention it to Rizie, who knows, she might be alarmed with that fact and suddenly chain you and lock you up?\" Yera added.

    Dion only scratched his head...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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