254 Not Clingy

    As soon as Dion left, Yera had another visitor. It was Lyndon who wanted to discuss the upcoming board meeting. Yera told him about her plan and Lyndon was not surprised on hearing this but rather tried to convince her not to proceed with it.

    \"Yera that merger will not happen...\" Dion firmly declared because he knew that Yera would lose in the votes. Mr. Lua's followers plus his shares were still at advantage than Yera and her supporters' shares.

    \"Please I'm begging you not to open that suggestion at this board meeting.\" Lyndon pleaded because it would be the  hitting ground for Mr. Lua's group, for tabling the suggestion of voting for a more capable Chairperson, once the voting for the merger failed. They would debate that she was no longer capable of leading Life Hospitals Group because of the suggestion of the merger, to which most of the directors would disagree.

    Yera sighed and said, \"I think that merger can happen Lyndon, if you would cast your vote in favour of it. I know that it is selfish and insensitive of me to ask you this but I am hoping that you will vote for it.\"

    Yera knew that it was inappropriate to ask Lyndon because the latter was still hurt with the fact that she was already married to Xander. She could always see it in his eyes whenever he would look at her. Yera could tell that he was still hurting...

    But it was her only hope, Lyndon's vote...

    The silence was disturbed by the sudden beeping of Yera's mobile phone. It was an anonymous message that made her gasp.

    She tried to call the number but it was not reachable.

    \"What's wrong?\" Lyndon asked seeing the conflicted expression  on Yera's face.

    \"I received a message that someone knows who was responsible for what happened to me... The abduction and everything...\" Yera muttered as she dialed her husband's number.

    Lyndon's face darkened as he said, \"Do you have the number? Let me see... Maybe I can help...\"

    \"I'm sorry about this Lyndon but I want to be alone for now... I will handle the matter. I will talk to you later.\" Yera answered with an apologetic look. Lyndon nodded and stood up to leave. He clenched his fist as he walked away from Yera's office.

    He would definitely have given Yera his vote knowing that it would make her happy, but his everything depended on this... and as much as he wanted to please Yera, he could not give his vote to her because if he did... it would be the end for him...


    At the COO's office, Dion scratched his head as he contemplated whether he should follow his sister's suggestion of telling Rizie about Cali or not. He was unsure how Rizie would react if he told her that he would be meeting Cali later that day, since he could not say no to Mr. Lua that morning.

    He got startled when Rizie entered with a paper bag of food packs.

    \"What's that? Did you cook that?\" Dion asked in disbelief as he stood from his chair and walked at the receiving table. He sat on the couch and blinked several times at the meal Rizie was arranging.

    Rizie was grinning and said, \"What's with that look? You have to eat all of that. I sweat a lot in making sure they taste perfectly...\"

    'Like how almost perfect my boyfriend is...' Rizie squealed inside.

    Dion gulped and looked at Rizie. \"I will be out after an hour... I have to assist Mr. Lua's granddaughter ...\" Dion gave the details of the place.

    Rizie picked up her tablet and logged it in Dion's schedule with a poker face. \"What's her name? In case someone who comes looking for you asks me...\"

    Dion cleared his throat and replied, \"Cali Lua.\"

    He did not like the sudden silence. \"Eat...\" he heard Rizie mumble after putting the tablet down.

    \"Maybe I should just make an alibi like suddenly having diarrhea...\" Dion uttered, looking intently at Rizie who obviously was not in a good mood.

    \"Why would you do that? It's not like you two are going out on a date. You are just helping her out since it will also involve the marketing of the company... Besides... We have to be on the good side of Mr. Lua so why sabotage that meeting you are gonna have later? Go and work...\" Rizie casually stated as she began to eat.

    \"How about you accompany me?\" Dion suggested. He could actually bring Rizie as his personal assistant.

    \"No!\" Rizie firmly said. 'I'm not clingy!' She wanted to add but then it was not true because she of course would like to go with him.

    \"I have a lot on my plate right now since Shan had suddenly left. Some of the important documents for sis are with me for review.\" Rizie added because it was also true that she was loaded that time with pending works.

    Dion nodded as he began to eat. It was still early to tell Rizie about their speculation on Mr. Lua's intention. Until he would not hear the word marriage from Mr. Lua himself then he would consider it invalid.

    After an hour, Dion already left and Rizie became restless. She looked at Cali's profile and her face crumpled seeing how popular the woman was in social media with a lot of followers. \"What the heck?!\" She grunted. She did not expect that the woman was that gorgeous. She looked at the clock and cursed.

    She moved faster and halved her time in finishing the pending and important matters so she could follow Dion very soon at the charity event where the two of them would go.

    If she only saw those photos earlier, she might have said yes to Dion for that diarrhea alibi!

    Rizie arrived at the event and looked for Dion. She intentionally did not let Dion know that she had followed him at the meeting place. She did not know why but she actually did not want Dion to see her because it would be too embarrassing...

    After minutes of searching, she saw Dion with Cali, both talking with other VIP guests, from afar. Rizie wanted to cry seeing how the two seemed to click as they both laughed together. She trusted Dion and she knew it was just pure business but somehow she was alarmed with the scene before her eyes that she silently mumbled, 'Maybe I should introduce him already to my family?'

    Although she promised Dion that she would do so, the truth was she was still hesitating and was waiting  for a month to pass, to see what would happen before she plans to introduce Dion to her family. However, the sight in front of her right now seemed to be alarming... So she decided to introduce Dion to her family as soon as the board meeting completed because right now  Dion was quite busy.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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