255 As One Of Theirs

    Rizie was a bit nervous that could be easily seen on her face which showed many expressions come and go as she was inside a car with Dion waiting for his mother. They had come to pick up Dion's mother at the airport who was arriving in the afternoon.

    \"Relax. You will like my mom for sure...\" Dion whispered because he could feel Rizie's uneasiness and not to mention her cold hand because of tension, he was holding.

    Rizie twitched her mouth and said, \"It's not about me liking her... The question is if she will like me...\"

    Dion laughed and said, \"I already told you she will.\"

    \"How about the present I bought for her?\" Rizie mumbled.

    Dion pinched her nose and said, \"You had asked me that several times already and my answer is still the same. It's good. She will like it and she really wouldn't mind if you bring nothing...\"

    Rizie exhaled loudly, trying to release the tension out of her body. She had bought some customized accessories that she designed herself, because Dion's mother had once mentioned in one article that she loved wearing accessories. It was so hard to think of what to give to rich people since they already have most things in the world.

    She was actually surprised to know how well off Dion's mother was at country V. She found out just recently, when she tried to dig a little more about her, during her research on her in her frustration to think of a suitable present so she tracked her social media account to see what were the things she loved and liked.

    Rizie looked at Dion and silently uttered, 'I'm such a lucky woman right?' And yet she still had an unexplained scary feeling deep inside her. She didn't want to attach herself too much with things or even to a person apart from her family. She was such a coward. She had witnessed how her mom, her brother, the whole family suffered when her father passed away. She had witnessed how her big brother suffered when his first loved left him...

    Gradually as she grew up, she started developing a mentality to leave everything in between or after a few days to avoid any attachment with them, in the end she would not be the one to get hurt and look pathetic, whether it's a person, thing or circumstances.

    \"What's going on inside your head,\" Dion bent close to her and whispered in her ear. Rizie felt an electric wave run down her body with that simple gesture. She felt that she was becoming a pervert as time went by. That intimate moment when Dion claimed her upper body, kept replaying in her mind every now and then.

    \"Are you alright?\" Dion asked with a concerned tone seeing Rizie's face reddened. He touched her forehead to check her temperature. \"Your temperature is normal... How come your face is blushing...\"

    Rizie bit her lip and patted her face with her palms. \"Oh it's because I'm quite nervous...\" she said as an excuse, trying hard to brush off those perverted scenes out of her head.

    The two soon came out of the car and arrived at the greeting area earlier than the arrival time of Dion's mother. Rizie held a bouquet in her hands and she was even practicing how to greet Dion's mother in her head. This was all new to her and it really made her nervous. She had had a few flings in the past  but all her boyfriends were soon dumped by her and she had never bothered to meet any of their family, she strongly discouraged that.

    After a while, she noticed Dion wave with a big and bright smile on his face. She followed the direction where Dion was looking and she saw an elegant woman wearing big beautiful shades walking towards them. Her jaw dropped because no one would think that they were a mother and son pair but they looked more like siblings only. She had seen Dion's mother in photos only and did not expect that his mother would look more younger and so much better in person.

    Dion's mother ran to his son and immediately hugged him. \"Oh my baby!!! Mom missed you so much...\" Dion's mother burst before gently pushing her son and removed her shades to have a better look at him from head to toe. \"I see that you have gained more weight...\" she mumbled while pinching Dion's cheeks like a baby.

    Rizie bit her lips and what a bit startled when Dion's mother suddenly turned her gaze at her and smiled warmly. She moved towards her and gave her a warm hug. \"Hello Rizie... Thank you for taking care of my son.\" Dion's mother gasped.

    Then she slightly pushed her and looked back at her son to say, \"She looks better in person as you said... It's a good thing you have her by your side. With this Dion's mother looked back at her and said, \"Thank you so much for staying beside my son. I had heard a lot about you and I'm really glad I personally met you finally...\"

    \"Thank you Madame Chen...\"

    \"Stop!\" burst out Dion's mother in horror. \"Call me Mom Liz please....\"

    Rizie gave her the sweetest smile her lips could and nodded while she shyly whispered, \"Thank you Mom Liz.\"

    Rizie timidly handed the bouquet of flowers to Dion's mother. \"Oh that's so sweet of you. Thank you...\"

    Dion was grinning seeing how bashful and  prim and proper his vulgar girlfriend turned into with his mom in front of her. 'She's so cute!' Dion mused before he led the two ladies to their car while he pulled her mother's cart.

    Rizie immediately felt at ease with Dion's mother who was very outspoken and easy to get along with. She was too cool for a mother that no wonder Dion grew up so well even without a father.

    \"Hmm, you two don't worry too much about me and do your usual things. I understand you will be all busy at this time... I can manage on my own and besides it's not my first time in your country...\" Dion's mother assured them when they were already inside the car.

    \"Don't worry mom, you will enjoy your stay in here. Brother-in-law already has your itinerary arranged with his father. He will tour you around the city whenever you're free.\" Dion answered.

    \"Oh, isn't that a hassle for him? I really can manage my son. But it was really nice and thoughtful of your brother-in-law. I can't wait to meet the rest of the family who had accepted you as one of theirs.\" Dion's mom gladly stated. She was glad they had accepted Dion with arms wide open and her son definitely looked so happy and blissful.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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