256 The Walk-In Closet**

    Yera was so excited to meet Dion's mother that she prepared a lot of dishes and made sure that even the room she would be staying was according to the sense of style of Dion's mother. She also invited her father-in-law to join them for an outdoor dinner at Han's Ancestral Mansion.

    \"Did you ask Dion if his mother had already arrived?\" Yera asked while picking up a dress to wear inside her walk-in closet. She was in her robe and just got a quick shower after arriving from the hospital when Xander entered to help her choose, according to him.

    Xander, who was sitting on a chair while watching his wife choosing various dresses, looked at his wrist watch. \"Hmm, darling it's still early. I doubt her plane had landed yet. You're too excited. How about you change now into those dresses and let me help you decide which is better?\"

    \"Okay,\" Yera responded. She removed her bathrobe and quickly slipped in one of the dresses. Then she looked at Xander and asked, \"How about this?\"

    Xander narrowed his eyes and mumbled in his hoarse voice, \"Too pale... The color...\" He gulped when Yera turned around and removed it. His wife was naked before his eyes. 'How come she was so bold in front of him!' he mused as his body was getting aroused. His darling wife did not even wear her underwear first before trying the outfit. 'Really... Too bold.' Xander silently thought while grinning as he controlled himself from attacking her.

    \"How about this?\" Yera asked with a smile. She too was grinning inside seeing the rising and non-controllable desire on her husband's face. She intentionally tried the dresses with nothing at all to see how long it would take for her husband to peel off his mask of self control...

    \"Come here,\" she heard her husband huskily instructed, \"Yera turned around and walked towards her husband who suddenly pulled her to sit on his lap.

    \"How come you're so vulgar in teasing your husband?\" Xander whispered in her ear followed by a lick on her earlobe. \"That tickles...\" she said giggling. She felt her husband licked on her neck next using his playful tongue as he unzipped her dress, letting it fall on her waist so he could gain more access to her bare chest.

    \"Yera gasped and murmured, \"Teasing you? I'm just trying to fit  my clothes and it's you who wanted to watch.\"

    She moaned as Xander sucked on one of her nipples making her body whimper and ached for more as she felt his hand on her hips slowly pushing  the lower hem of her dress up.

    Yera could feel his hard member underneath and she unconsciously rubbed her flower on him, making her husband groan in enjoyment.

    Yera slightly moved her buttocks up as her husband removed his boxers short. She kissed his lips, sucking his upper and lower lips alternately while she positioned her opening onto his member. She gently covered it with hers and began to move while her husband slowly pulled himself from her kiss  to lick and suck her hard niples aternately while his other hand would gently massag, squeeze the other or played on her hard peak with his fingers, gently pinching it, making Yera cried with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

    She was riding on top of him, not minding the sound of the chair as she moved up and down or back and forth at a faster pace. She could feel her husband's member inside of her filling her as he met her with the same pace, thrusting as deep as he could. The walk-in closet was filled with pleasurable cries as the couple reached their climax.


    Dion's mother finally arrived at the mansion and after some introduction and small talks, Yera let her rest for a while before dinner.

    Senior Yang arrived early and was glad he was invited for the said dinner. \"I heard about your mother and Xander already told me to help you guys in making her stay here worthwhile so don't worry. This old man will be at your service and won't let you down....\" Senior Yang boasted as soon as he sat on his chair.

    Dion smiled and stood up as soon as his mom who was fetched by Rizie arrived at the dining place in the garden. He introduced his mother to Senior Yang who got startled when Dion's mother hugged him and gave him a cheek to cheek kiss.

    \"It's nice to meet you... Please call me Liz. I will call you James since you look too young and handsome to be called Senior...\" Dion's mother nonchalantly commented.

    Xander wanted to laugh out loud, seeing how his father was caught off guard. Dion's mother happened to be gifted with naturally flowery tongue like his father and if he would rate the two based on his experience just a while ago in meeting her, he would say, Dion's mother would win with a slam against his father.

    Senior Yang who managed to get back to his track smiled back and sat on his chair. As the evening went by, Dion's mother ruled most of the talking that made Senior Yang whisper into his son's ear, \"Are you sure she will still need any assistance during her stay here? Because the way I see it, she could blend well on her own.\"

    Xander grinned and teased, \"You just met a match dad... how come you seem to cut off your tongue...\"

    Meanwhile, Dion's mother, with a glass of wine raised, looked at Senior Yang with a playful smile. Then she elbowed her son sitting beside her and whispered, \"Son, is it too late already to give you a father?\"

    Dion's eyes followed the direction where his mother was eyeing and he almost choked on his wine. \"Mom!\" he exclaimed.

    Liz laughed and murmured, \"What? Am I too old for it already?\"

    Dion shook his head and replied, \"Nah... It's just so sudden. I mean you two have just met... And I heard Senior Yang had swore not to have another wife again...\"

    \"Hmm. I think it's love at first sight for me. Funny... How come I experienced it too late? Anyway we will see what will happen in the next few days...\"

    Dion drank his remaining wine in one gulp. His mother, when she fixed herself on a goal, she would not stop until she succeeded. 'Poor Senior Yang,' he mused because he was sure that his mother would soon bug the old man upto her heart's content.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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