257 Without Inhibitions

    At Life Hospitals group...

    Yera was with her team in one of the meeting rooms in her floor office to wrap up everything for next day's board meeting.

    She tried to talk to Lyndon one last time yesterday but his answer was firm about not supporting her with her plan, instead he kept on pursuing her not to table the intended merger proposal in the board meeting the next day.

    \"Thank you everyone for this help. I think I owe you all a treat for helping me out with such a perfect presentation. But of course everyone will also receive an incentive this month for this extra effort regardless of the result of the board meeting tomorrow. We really appreciate everyone's effort and for keeping it confidential.\" Yera stated that made the group cheer because later they could party to their heart's content.

    Rizie on the other hand pursed her lips because she could not have a solo time with Dion later. She had yet not mentioned to Dion her intention of finally introducing him to her family, not to add that she stalked him at the charity event. Well, she better erase the charity event memory completely because it was too embarrassing to mention in front of him. So far, for her satisfaction, Dion's schedules were cleared without any more meetings with Cali Lua.

    She looked at Dion and inwardly thought, 'Will he tell me in case he happens to meet her out of office hours?' She sighed because she was itching to ask Dion more about the woman but she was suppressing herself so as to not look too clingy.

    \"Also, would you mind if we have a dinner treat together with the Yang Global's team you worked on with?\" Yera suddenly asked. Xander suggested a joint treat for both their employees involved in this confidential project since they had noticed that everyone did get along well.

    \"Chairwoman, that would be great. We don't mind at all. To be honest, I believe most of us here would like to agree to the same. Right guys?\" Shan excitedly answered because it would give her more time to be with Ron, her now official boyfriend. She squealed inwardly as she recalled how she timidly agreed to his proposal. They had not had their first date yet but meeting in a gathering like this where she would have a chance to be close to him would be exciting and fun enough for her.

    \"Yes we agree...\" all in the room responded.

    Yera messaged her husband and informed him that her team loved his suggestion. Then she again sent another text message saying, 'Don't worry about Dr. Yao joining... I really don't mind and I will handle her myself.'

    After office hours, everyone hurried to the meeting place. It was a private dining restaurant and bar with karaoke and other indoor activities that was exclusively hired for the whole night for Yera and Xander's team. The dinner was sumptuous and everyone was having a good time with ample alcoholic drinks of various types, not to mention the loud music to which everyone could sing and dance without inhibitions because both Bosses even encouraged them to do so and wanted to make sure that everyone enjoyed to their heart's content.

    As expected, Dr. Yao was also there. Yera did not know how to react with how awkward they looked like at the round couch with a table separated from other employees where she sat with her husband, Dion with Rizie and Rui with Dr. Yao. Rui did not spare a single moment in guarding Dr. Yao to stay put beside him.

    \"When will you stop annoying me?\" Yera heard Dr. Yao hissed at Rui.

    'This is fun...' she thought, seeing how crumpled Dr. Yao's face was as she stood up because Rui also did the same. \"Don't tell me you will follow me inside the restroom too?\" Dr. Yao snarled with a raised brow.

    \"Why not? Go now and I'll wait outside... Haha... Like did you expect me to say that? Of course not... I will go to the restroom too to pee, can't I?\" Rui casually replied.

    Dr. Yao smirked and sat. \"\"I changed my mind then I will just stay here. You go first.\"

    Rui also sat down and said, \"I changed my mind too...\"

    Dion and Rizie both talked with their eyes and agreed how weird the both of them behaved. Frustrated by their weirdness, Dion took Rizie for a duet at the karaoke as soon as it was vacant... The place was good because there were a lot of things to do inside, including roulette, darts and even billiards as one enjoyed various alcoholic drinks.

    Dr. Yao, it seemed, had enough of being watched by Rui, and irritated, she stood up without saying a word while Rui followed. Yera was left alone then with her husband and the two discussed the update on the anonymous text message Yera previously received.

    \"Ralf is still tracing that number... The Go's were really cleared this time around. Even Jam... So the person who was behind your abduction is confirmed to be another party. How about Lyndon... I mean didn't you observe his reaction when you mentioned the message?\"

    Yera sighed and shook her head. \"Lyndon only reacted how he was supposed to react...\" she simply answered.

    It was almost midnight and everyone had already left. Xander and Yera made sure that their employees would be home safely since everyone was drunk so they had assigned a service to bring everyone home.

    Yera and Xander were the only ones left as they waited outside at the side of the road waiting for their driver when Xander noticed a motorcycle rushing towards them, blowing horns several times with blinking lights that made Xander to pull Yera back inside the resto bar not far from the road.

    Xander suddenly pulled Yera and ran because the resto bar was already closed to go back inside. The road was clear and no one was around except for his security team who was a bit far to come to their aid because the motorcycle was fast and seemed to be after them.

    He only stopped when the motorcycle stopped honking and passed by them. His security team was already with them and Xander shouted, \"Follow that motorcycle!\" one of the team went back inside the car and followed the motorcycle while Ralf stayed with Xander. He was panting hard and checked Yera who was looking behind towards the resto bar. They almost ran a very far distance from it.

    But what happened next shocked Yera to her core. A truck hit the spot where she and Xander were standing earlier, causing an explosion as it hit the entire resto bar.

    \"Oh my God!!!\" Yera gasped in terror.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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