258 I Like Trouble

    Shan was sneaking glances at Ron every now and then. They were in his car on the way to her home. She cleared her throat and sighed because all throughout the party, all she did was to sneak glances at him. But, to her surprise, she was not the only one doing so, because Ron seemed to be doing the same since their eyes met every now and then although they sat in different groups.

    Lost in her own thoughts, Shan was suddenly awoken by the ringing of Ron's mobile phone. He immediately picked it up and answered it.

    \"There is an explosion. Both Boss and Madame are fine. There were no casualties except for one of our men who followed an unknown person on a motorcycle. Take care of the media...\" Ralf briefed and the call ended.

    Ron suddenly stopped the car and looked at her. \"I don't want to leave you here behind. Is it okay if you come with me while I finish my work? You can lie down in the back seat and take a nap. There's a comforter and pillow there as well and the seat had been customized to be a makeshift bed. Come here and transfer here.\" Ron oriented as he arranged the seat on the back.

    \"Alright. Don't mind me and I'll rest and be comfortable here...\" Shan said as she comfortably lay down. She just noticed how the back of Ron's car was customized to be a comfortable resting place. 'Such a dedicated assistant,' she mused while she watched him outside the car as he made various phone calls.

    Meanwhile, Dion quickly dropped Rizie to her condo unit first as soon as he received the information of the incident and then he rushed towards his sister who was at the police station for a statement.

    \"Bring her home first and I will follow soon.\" Xander said to Dion as soon as Yera was done with her statement. Dion understood and assisted his sister who seemed to be still in a shock.

    Inside the car, Dion held his sister's hands and said, \"Sis, are you alright?\"

    Yera suddenly burst in tears. If she and Xander had not chased by that motorcycle, that truck definitely would have hit them and no one would survive that explosion.

    Dion pulled her for a hug as he gently patted her back. \"Everything is fine now sis. You and bro-in-law are safe now.\"

    Meanwhile back at the police station, Xander had everything been discreetly covered. After everything was cleared, he headed back to the site where the incident happened.

    Investigators were all over the place. \"What's the update,\" he asked Ralf who was monitoring the situation.

    \"The man on the motorcycle got away, Boss. The initial finding says that there's a malfunction in the truck and the driver probably lost control... The body of the driver will be sent for an autopsy to check if he was drunk or there is a foreplay behind all this. Hmm but Sir...\" Ralf hesitated, which made Xander crease his forehead. \"What?\"

    \"The incident during the company outing. The style is the same... Both seemed to be staged as an accident or negligence where there's a malfunction for the cause of the explosion...\" Ralf expressed his opinion.

    Xander exhaled loudly. \"We must find the man on that motorcycle. It seems to me that he was probably giving us a warning. Deliberately chasing us so we end up running out of that post... If not for him, me and Yera would have turned to ashes by now.\" Xander murmured. Things were getting complicated and he himself could feel that it was not a mere accident but they would need more time to trace everything.

    \"You must secure all the CCTV footage...\" Xander added as he looked at the surroundings.

    Rui on the other hand almost took a nap in his car as he waited for Dr. Yao who requested to stop over in the nearby convenience store to buy water.

    Rui stretched his arms and looked at the clock. 'What time did she go out of the car?' he mused seeing the time. He did not bother to look at the time when she left because he suddenly felt sleepy.

    He then stepped out of the car to go in and check on her in the convenient store but right then he saw her coming out and walking towards him already with a paper bag. 'What's wrong with her?' he thought, seeing Dr. Yao, who seemed to be limping so he blinked to make sure but on a closer look again,she seemed to be walking properly then.

    \"Here...\" Dr. Yao almost threw him the paper bag as she directly entered his car. Rui followed and went inside too. He scratched his head because he was not supposed to drop Dr. Yao but his dear friend Xander insisted that he took her home instead.

    \"Are you alright?\" Rui asked as he picked the bottled water in the paper bag and handed over one to Dr. Yao. \"Yeah why?\" Dr. Yao asked, then drank the water. \"I think I saw you limping earlier...\"

    \"It's just a figment of your imagination since you look like you have just woken up from a deep slumber.\" Dr. Yao scoffed as she put on her  seatbelt. Rui did not react and stepped on the gas and pulled back on the road.

    \"Why do you keep lingering around me? Aren't you afraid of me?\" Dr. Yao suddenly murmured. Rui let out a long sigh before he sincerely answered, \"I don't know too but I feel like you are walking on the wrong path and somehow I have this urge to help you walk in the correct direction.\"

    Dr. Yao pursed her lips for a perfect smug. \"You are one weird psycho... I just hope your hunch about people is always right or else you will end up getting yourself into trouble someday.\"

    Rui shrugged his shoulders and simply answered, \"I like troubles because it's always a challenge for me. Teaching me a lot of things along the process.\"

    \"Yeah I noticed trouble seems to like you too...\" Dr. Yao breathed and turned her head at Rui, who too happened to sneak a glance at Dr. Yao at the same time, and winked at him for the first time.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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