259 Goodluck

    Yera was still awake when Xander got home. He tried to reach home as fast as he could because he knew Yera was deeply in shock and she would be very much afraid and disturbed, so he quickly let Ralf and Ron to take care of the rest.

    Yera immediately stood up and ran to hug her husband as soon as she saw him inside their bedroom. Xander gently pushed her and with a reassuring smile on his face he said, \"We are now  safe darling. Don't worry and rest assured that we will get to the bottom of all this soon.\"

    He wiped the remaining tears stuck on Yera's cheeks and smiled. Yera sighed and asked, \"I think the person riding the motorcycle intentionally saved us. Did you find out who it was?\"

    \"Yeah, I think so too... That person ran away from our men and they lost him. We are still looking for him.\" Xander muttered. The person on the motorcycle was wearing a black outfit and a heavily tinted helmet.

    \"We should rest. You look tired already...\" Yera noticed and pulled her husband on the bed and then she went to his cupboard and got his sleepwear for him to change into and helped him change. The couple, after praying together, tightly cuddled with each other and dozed off to sleep.

    Meanwhile, Dion was still at the bar area drinking with himself while watching all the clips of CCTV footage hacked by Vin. He was on the other line with his friend residing in Country V.

    \"Whoever it was... they definitely have access to the government's security system. The footage after your brother's men chased the person on the motorcycle... has been hacked and had been already edited to hide that person.\" explained Vin. The two men talked and discussed a little more about the status of their research and investigations before the call ended.

    Dion was deep in his thoughts when he was suddenly startled by his mom, who suddenly appeared from his back. \"Mom how long have you been eavesdropping?\" he jested as he pulled a chair for her.

    Liz laughed and  grabbed a glass to join her son for a drink. \"Well I have heard enough and something familiar piqued my attention...\"

    \"Huh?\" Dion breathed.

    \"About that cyclone tattoos and triad thing. Honesty I heard something from your grandfather before about it. We all know that that organization was initially composed of three powerful families dominating the world in silence. They actually had some kind of a treaty to keep all their dealings peaceful and harmonious but then it was broken when descendants of each family started to break the rules they made to keep the organisation harmonious, especially like falling in love with each other that lead into tragedy. Hmm, then that time the war broke between those three families... I have heard all that from your grandfather... Oh wait I can't recall now but I have something in my possession that might help you  guys. It's in our mansion. You see your grandfather was a very close friend with one of the clans of the organisation.\" narrated Dion's mother to him, who was listening to every detail with his mouth agape in terror.

    \"Mom! Since when did we have connections with such hoodlums?\" he burst out still in shock hearing that their family had some connections with those syndicates.

    Liz laughed and said, \"Why are you discriminating? They are not hoodlums, son. Well maybe some of them took a wrong path after that treaty was broken but not all of them were bad. They are doing business in a legal way, the Quan Clan, they have a symbol of a cyclone, marked as a tattoo on all members. And our family was friends with them. Your grandfather in particular is a very close friend... The Quan Clan is in reign now in our country and we are almost close  to becoming a peaceful country. I heard that the only heir is now back and being groomed to run for presidency...\"

    Dion explained the entire scenario to his mother in which their investigation was somehow leading to the involvement of Quan Clan in all the mishaps they were experiencing but then it was proven that it was not their doing.

    \"Well they are just trying to frame the Quan Clan. Among the two, you should investigate more on the Yue Clan, their symbol is the crescent moon tattoo but I heard they are the ones taking efforts in framing the Quan Clan of all their evil deeds... Well I heard it from a reliable source, your grandfather. Maybe you should pay him a visit to find out more because you know how bad my memory can be at times...\" Dion's mother briefed and suggested.

    \"Yeah, I will fly with you when you return back home mom. My sister had gone through enough and I only want all this to end...\" Dion whispered.

    There was a moment of silence and Dion noticed his mom seemed to be in deep thoughts so he asked, \"What is it mom?\"

    Dion's mom turned at him and said, \"Hmm, I looked at uhmm you know the profile of Xander's father... How come there's no photo of his late wife anywhere at all?\"

    Dion's face crumpled. \"Mom really?\" he breathed in disbelief.

    \"What? I'm just curious to see how she looked, you know...\" Dion's mother said laughing seeing the crumpled face of her son. Well at least the  tension on his face loosened a bit.

    \"Senior Yang had intentionally protected the privacy of his wife from the start. So you can never see how she looked except when you go in their mansion, because that is where there is a big portrait of her. Well, for the time being, you can just look at big bro and imagine him in a woman's haircut, you will be able to figure out how his mother looked because they said he got all his facial features from his mother.\" Dion mumbled.

    \"Hmm, alright... Still I'm curious. Even her name is strictly private? I'm even more curious now...\" Liz moaned. Dion shook his head and commented, \"Goodluck mom. That's all I can say...\"

    Then something came to his mind and Dion quickly asked, \"Mom, did grandpa know the history of the three clans?\"

    It took time for Liz to answer before she said, \"I think so... Yes I believe so. Your grandpa had always loved to take photos and to keep them properly as a memory too, so he probably has it saved even if you want to see their family tree and everything, he must be having a copy of all the records...\"

    \"What? Why would he have those? And to keep all such things with him, is that even safe for our family?\" Dion asked with a concerned look.

    \"Don't worry... it's just a back-up and no one knnows about it but the Old Master Quan... Gosh I really don't know the full details but you my son have to promise me to keep it to yourself only, alright?\" Liz explained.

    Dion felt that he had so many unanswered questions... He wondered if that triad had a connection with all that was happening with his sister anyhow, but then he would check it to make sure.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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