260 Descend

    At Life Hospitals group office...

    Despite the incident, Yera did not cancel the board meeting.

    \"Are we all set?\" Yera asked Dion before they entered the meeting room. \"Yes, don't worry sis.\" Dion reassured.

    The door opened and Yera entered the meeting room with Dion. She sat on her chair and looked at the board members in front of her.

    \"Gentlemen, as you are all aware, I have called this board meeting to discuss and take your approval for a good proposal I received from Yang Globals group. Kindly look at it and I believe the offer is good and will definitely benefit us in return.\"

    Saying this, Yera looked at the smug faces and mocking looks of Mr. Lua and a few other people who were definitely his wingmen as well as board members. Yera gave a mocking smile back to them all and thinking a few things she was now more sure of what she was going to do next.

    She then signalled Shan to distribute the folders and then she looked at Dion who smiled and nodded back at her.

    Yera then looked towards Mr. Lua who sat all high and mighty and had an air of the chairperson around him.

    \"Gentlemen, I request you all to please open the folders and go through all the points please. \"

    When everyone opened the folders they all looked not surprised to see the content of the folder as it had all the suggestions about the suggestion of Yang Globals group for a merger.

    Reading the proposal, Mr. Lua including his wingmen formed a mocking smirk. \"This is just absurd,\" Yera heard Mr. Lua mumble.

    As expected, Yera heard a lot of negative mumbles from the opposing sides. She gave a mocking smile before she added, \"Gentlemen, I would like you to see this presentation first about the proposed merger and how it can be beneficial to all of us. And as company''s policy, we will then  proceed to voting in favour or against the proposal afterwards...\"

    Yera signaled Shan while one of the representatives of Yang Globals group stepped inside the room to give the presentation...

    After the presentation, they immediately proceeded for the voting. Yera sighed... Hoping somehow they would have a good result. She looked at Lyndon who looked restless.

    'He must be having a hard time...' Yera inwardly thought.

    After everyone cast their votes, the counting began...

    Yera's shoulder dropped, when she saw that the opposing side won by only a minimal point. Lyndon did not support her until the end. He could not even raise his head and look at her after the result was out.

    With a heavy heart, the proposal for the said merger was declared not approved by the presider in the meeting.

    Mr. Lua smirked and looked and signalled at his wingman who was also part of the board members. Lyndon noticed that and sighed. He did not want to witness the following scene because it was a signal that they would now suggest for Yera to descend.

    One of the members started to speak on getting Mr. Lua's signal. \"Since we are already here and everyone is present. I think we should also consider how the Chairwoman is managing the group. Most of us here are actually not satisfied with the way she works and we would like to request that you leave the position of Chairwoman or if not then we should do another voting...\"

    Yera gritted her teeth but managed to sarcastically lift her lips up. \"Why would I leave the position when it is our family's company? Life Globals group was pioneered by the Han family, but if you insist then we can follow the protocol and vote. So tell me who do you want to compete with me?\" she scorned with a forced smile.

    \"Mr. Lua...\" one of the board members said as he detailed the contribution and everything Mr. Lua did especially at times when she was gone.

    Dion clenched his fist. 'How dare these people...' he angrily mused and  looked at his sister who was still calm. Her sister said that they should expect the worst because somehow Lyndon was hitting vaguely about this scenario. They all thought they would ask for Lyndon to be in the Chairperson position but it looked like Mr. Lua had all the strings in his fingers now of most of the board of members.

    Another voting began inside the meeting room and Yera could see the mocking look from Mr. Lua. She was very nervous but she kept her head high.

    \"Grandpa, should I fail now please forgive me. No matter what happens I will keep our lineage and will not let anyone take over the company. I will very soon come back to prove myself.\" Yera mused.

    The second set of voting began... Yera wanted to slap everyone showing their mocking looks. They looked confident while Yera managed to keep her composure. She herself knew that the same result for the merger proposal would happen. The votes would be the same. Even if she failed now she would never stop putting those people to where they belong while she lives.

    Dion wanted to choke Mr. Lua and most especially Lyndon. He knew it was Lyndon's right but somehow he was expecting the man to still support his sister at this crucial time. Though his sister would lose the highest position, they still have the biggest shares in the company so those idiots would not last long with their evil schemes.


    At Yang Globals group office...

    \"Dr. CEO, what happened last night?\" Rui immediately asked as soon as he was inside Xander's office. Last night, his mobile phone was turned off so he received all the messages just that morning.

    Xander's face could not be painted and said, \"How come your number is not contactable?\"

    Rui scratched his head and answered, \"Last night I went directly to sleep and just found out that my mobile phone was dead this morning. I will have it checked because the battery is not empty so maybe there's a defect or something...\"

    Rui sighed and asked, \"Did Yera still proceed with the board meeting?\"

    Xander simply nodded and discussed with Rui all that happened last night. \"Wait, let me see the cctv footage...\" Rui mumbled because he wanted to confirm the time lapse.

    \"Ask Ralf...\" Xander responded followed by several sighs  as he added, \"I wonder how is the meeting going on...\"

    Rui creased his forehead and said, \"Why don't you watch it? You have access to all security footages at Yera's office right.\"

    Xander did not want to watch it but rather had his assistant Ron to monitor it for him.

    The two men waited for any update while Rui contacted Ralf to send him a copy of the CCTV footage of the accident the previous night. Rui's eyes widened as he watched the explosion. \"This is definitely not an accident. It was staged to look like it.\"

    Rui looked at Xander with almost teary eyed as he whispered, \"I almost lost you twice my friend... You are like a cat I believe. You got nine spare lives... Nine minus two and now you have remaining seven.\"

    Xander's bro raised and grunted, \"Your humor is getting worse each passing day Rui.\"

    Rui shrugged his shoulders as next he watched the motorcycle chase of Yera and Xander again. He looked at the time with knitted brows.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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