261 Challenge

    Yera entered her office and almost slumped down on the couch. Her mobile phone rang and it was Xander who was probably aware that she had just lost her position as Chairwoman.

    She was furious by the way those scumbags treated her. They all pinpointed that she had missed a lot while she was gone and they were very loud about  not being confident with how she was handling the company as a chairwoman.

    \"Darling, let's go out. I'm here at the parking lot...\" Xander said on the other line. In between the board meeting, he already rushed towards Yera's office to be with his wife regardless of the result.

    He knew his wife must be feeling very low at this moment so he wanted to cheer her up.

    As soon as Yera was inside the car, Xander immediately pulled her into his embrace and comforted her. \"Don't worry... That old man will not reign for long,\" he whispered.

    \"I can see you are feeling very low today. Let me bring you to a few nice places and lift your mood up. Let's have some fun and procrastinate from the toxic work\" Xander muttered. Yera was quiet and she just nodded and after some minutes they were already at their destination.

    Xander brought her into a bowling alley first.

    \"There, this is a good stress reliever. Imagine those bowling pins are those assholes who dared to oppose you and this ball is you...\" Xander grumbled as he positioned himself for a throw...

    \"Like this darling...\" he added as he released the ball.

    \"Strike! Yeah!\" Xander cried as the ball he threw knocked down all the pins. Yera unconsciously laughed, seeing how her husband raised his one arm as if he just obtained a great victory.

    It was her turn now and Xander chose a lighter ball for her. \"Use this and just throw the ball...\" Xander whispered while he helped his wife with the correct posture. Yera did as her husband instructed and the first throw went and sunk directly at the side, hitting nothing at all.

    \"What the heck...\" she burst out while Xander laughed. \"Darling everybody experiences that on their first try... Don't worry just try and try until you can get a hand on the technique.

    Yera did  and she was able to hit one or two. She felt so happy whenever she hit a bowling pin. Xander watched her in amusement. He dialed Ron while Yera was enjoying the bowling...

    \"How is he?\" he asked his doctor on the other line. They were actually reporting any improvements of patient X but Xander was getting impatient that he would call his team first for an update.

    \"Sir he's awake now but still unable to talk. We have already found the problem and would conduct an operation on him once his body stabilizes.\" Dr. Brown explained.

    \"Alright. Make sure everything is in good condition before we move towards another step...\" Xander said and ended the call. Then he got startled when Yera suddenly screamed and unconsciously jumped while she said, \"Strike!!!!\"

    He laughed and stood up to walk towards her. \"Hmm, see. You learned so fast. If you're already bored tell me and we will move to the next destination.\"

    Yera nodded and played some more.

    The couple then had a hearty lunch in a fine dine restaurant with a beautiful view afterwards. Xander asked his wife what else she would love to do and Yera said, \"Anything will do, as long as you're with me. I'm having a great time with you and enjoying everything...\"

    Xander's face blushed, caught off guard with his wife's words. He gave Yera a gentle kiss, not minding the surroundings at all.

    When it was almost evening, Xander brought his wife to a live comedy show. Yera shook her head because it was her first time to watch such a show so it would be another new experience for her.

    Yera, unexpectedly, had the best laughs in her life that her stomach was already aching from it.

    \"That was really fun!\" Yera commented as they were inside the car. Then she unconsciously passes gas out of her stomach. Her face reddened with embarrassment while she sneaked a look towards her husband wondering if he had heard that sound.

    \"They said if you fart with a sound, it has no smell. But to make sure let's open our windows first.\" Xander nonchalantly commented that made Yera's eyes rounded in terror.

    \"Excuse me... My fart has no smell!\" she defended. Before she added, \"It's just that I laughed too much today, so a lot of gas entered inside...\"

    Xander on the other hand was trying hard to control his laughter but couldn't. \"Darling... I really don't care how your fart smells or how it sounded... I'm just kidding... Of course I will not open the windows and let the scent that smells like a perfume to me fill in the air inside.\" Xander jested with a laugh. He could see from the corner of his eyes how cute his wife was with an embarrassed look, covering her entire face.

    \"Stop that... Don't you really dare open the window you rascal...\" Xander heard his wife challenged. He suddenly pursed his lips, waiting if his wife would dare do something gross like filling their car with her fart. That thought made him burst more in laughter and with challenging words he commented, \"Darling fire it... I'm always ready...\"

    Yera did not know whether to cry or laugh on her husband's humor. And with an arched brow, she accepted the challenge. 'Didn't he know that I have got a talent for letting out the air on my own?' she mused as she began her piece.

    The car was filled with laughter and bantering as the couple drove their way back to home. Yera felt really grateful and blessed for having a partner like Xander who she could let herself all out without inhibitions at all.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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