262 To Pretend

    Dion received an unexpected visitor the next morning. Well, it was not him who was totally shocked but it was Rizie who received the woman.

    \"Do you have an appointment Miss Lua?\" Rizie casually asked after the woman introduced herself.

    \"Sorry, I don't have... It's actually a surprise visit. I heard what happened yesterday so I am not sure if he would allow me an appointment to visit him...\" The woman meekly explained.

    Rizie cursed at the thought of how seemingly nice the woman was, not to mention how warm were her smiles that were directed at her. Dion was there in his office and was not busy at all, as a part of her job, she asked Miss Cali to sit in the waiting area while she dialed Dion and informed him that Miss Cali was outside.

    \"What should I tell her?\" she asked simply. \"Just let her in Riz,\" Dion simply answered.

    Rizie called Miss Cali and let her enter Dion's office. \"Would you like something Miss Cali?\" she asked and the woman only gave her a sweet smile while saying, \"No thanks please don't bother... Thank you so much Rizie.\"

    Rizie helplessly turned around to leave the room. Outside, she sighed several times. How she wished she had implanted a hidden camera in Dion's office so she could hear and watch what he was doing. Maybe she should ask her brother for one once she visits him.

    She looked at the calendar... The wedding date of her mother is almost there. She was thinking if she should just bring Dion right at the wedding ceremony or should she introduce him first in advance to her family. She grabbed her tablet and looked at Dion's schedules to see what would be the best time she could go home to their villa in the province such that Dion would not be busy.

    While she was checking Dion's schedules, she was interrupted by the sound of the opening of Dion's room. Cali came out first and following behind him was Dion. \"Riz, I will just grab some coffee with Cali and talk about some business. I will call you later...\" Dion informed her with an awkward smile. Rizie only nodded.

    Cali smiled at her and bid her farewell too with the word, 'thanks' once more. Another silent curse let out from Rizie's heart. 'How come she  seems to be nice... She's making me feel insecure... Hate it, I just so hate this feeling.' she irritably mused.

    Rizie followed Dion's  back as the two of them walked out and headed to the elevator...\"\"This is not good...\" she mumbled as her eyes went back on Dion's schedule.

    Dion and Cali went to the cafe on the first floor. \"Thank you for accepting my treat for a coffee. I'm really sorry for what happened... I will try to convince my grandfather to return the position to your sister.\" Cali straightforwardly said.

    \"Why would you do that Cali? Do not bother yourself with things you're not involved in.\" Dion simply commented.

    \"But I really feel bad. I heard that your sister had just returned and you were very recently introduced as a Han. I mean your family has been through a lot...\" Cali explained.

    \"Hmm, I guess you've been searching a lot of information about my family,\" Dion scorned with a twisted mouth.. Cali ignored his sarcasm and calmly smiled as she drank her coffee.

    \"Well to be honest I did. My grandfather suddenly asked me to come back, and at that moment I knew he was up to something. I'm his favorite granddaughter and he really loves me a lot since I make him proud with my smartness and intelligence, not to forget my beautiful looks. Huh, whatever he asks of me, I always follow but then it's different when he wants to involve my lovelife for his professional gains. I don't want anyone else dictating me about it...\" Cali continued and told how her grandfather wanted her to get close to Dion. Well she would not mind being close with him as a friend whereas her grandfather seemed to mean a different kind of closeness, something Cali didn't want it to be.

    \"Honestly, I find you a nice person and I want to maintain a good friendship with you though my grandpa wants us to end up with something more than that. Dion, you can be rest assured that I will not let it happen. I would like to offer you something. Like a give and take relationship if you don't mind. Right now, I still can't stand on my own, because grandpa has full authority over my money... So can we help each other?\" Cali started to table her opinion.

    Dion stared at her and he looked a bit confused...

    Cali laughed and she began to elaborate her plan.

    \"So you want us to pretend to be having a romantic relationship for a few months until you reach twenty one years of age when you'll be able to get a hold of all your money and belongings?\" Dion repeated. Cali nodded...

    \"I have a girlfriend Cali and you met her already. Her name is Rizie.\" Dion answered.

    \"I know. Don't you think I did not do enough research before giving you this offer? My grandpa also knows about this... Even how your sister was married to Xander Yang. He knows it all...\" Cali blurted.

    \"What?!\" Dion burst out in disbelief.

    \"I told you I can be of help okay? This way I can save my grandfather too from scheming because I don't want him to end up in hell for doing  bad things. I tried my best to help him out and give him good advice but he won't budge at all. I also want to get out from his grip and do what I really love to do on my own but with his power over my money, it's hard... I always ended up following whatever he  asks me to do. You see I grew up being pampered with a silver spoon in my mouth, so without anything, I feel like I will end up in trash...\" Cali childishly complained and Dion wanted to laugh at that moment but managed to control it.

    Looking at Cali and meeting her at first, his first impression was that the woman was too dependent... But he would not neglect the fact that she was naive and a nice person, an innocent one to be precise. She was twenty and would turn twenty one in a few months...

    Dion let out a long deep sigh before he said, \"Let me ask my girlfriend first then I will immediately inform you about my decision.\"

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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