263 Resignation

    At Life Hospitals group

    \"You know that you don't have to do this?\" Mr. Lua muttered as he grabbed the resignation letter submitted by Lyndon. He knew the young man's efforts from the start and he was actually satisfied with Lyndon's performance, inwardly applauding on how he was managing the company as CEO, as his favorite puppet.

    He could have been a good pair for his granddaughter but then he would not entrust Cali to someone like Lyndon. Status wise, Cali was more suitable to Dion Han. If the two ended up together he would be able to gain the largest share in Life Hospitals, thus attaining full control and power at the company, not to mention the advantage of access to Dion's wealth from his mother's side.

    \"After everything that had happened... I would rather leave.\" he heard Lyndon chime in.

    Mr. Lua's facial muscles flinched and with a grin he responded, \"Nah don't look at me like that. You do know that we've been supporting you from the start but it's you who wavered when Yera arrived. You let your emotions take over your decisions boy. In this kind of world unrequited emotions is the last thing you need...\"

    Lyndon's side lips lifted up as he scoffed, \"Why do I have this feeling that you really don't mean every word that you say. From now on I'm no longer connected with you and since you already gained what you wanted now... I do hope you will let Yera live in peace...\"

    Mr. Lua let out a sarcastic laugh and mumbled, \"It's funny to hear those words from you. I'm sorry I don't mean to offend you, but I think you, of all people, have no right at all to act like a knight in shining armor for her. Right?\"

    \"Shut up!\" Lyncon chided with a dark face.

    \"What? Did I hit on your most sore spot boy? Isn't it true that it's too impeccable that you act that way towards Yera?\" Mr. Lua added, enjoying how annoyed and angered Lyndon was at that moment. That perfect puppet who thought he could enjoy the benefits he was giving him during those times.

    Lyndon clenched his fist and chose to ignore Mr. Lua. He turned to leave with gritted teeth. That bastard old man had planned it all along. He was used... He was a pawn in his game.


    Yera focussed on accepting more surgeries and being more active inside the hospital as a top surgeon while she also trained many surgeons to pass on the knowledge she had. She let Dion handle more matters of the business with her guidance.

    It never stopped there because they were still investigating Mr. Lua and his constituents. She was sure the old man had a weakness. Mr. Lua was totally clean compared to other shareholders. Though they found nothing at first, Yera had him continuously monitored, making sure to check every single detail to put him down. She was sure that a scheming old man like him would have some flaw for sure.

    \"Did you hear the news?\" Shaira whispered to Dr. Xiao, both were not aware that Yera was not far behind them to get some files at the filing cabinet.


    \"CEO Lyndon resigned. He submitted his resignation to Chairman Lua this morning. I think he is feeling bad? I heard he did not support Dr. Han in the board meeting...\" Shaira narrated.

    \"Lyndon resigned?!\" Yera asked, she was surprised and not aware of that.

    The two almost screamed, startled by Yera's voice from behind.

    \"Is that true Shaira?\" Yera repeated.

    Shaira nodded. Yera, after Shaira's confirmation, hurriedly walked to Lyndon's office. Without a word, she directly entered Lyndon's office.

    She saw Lyndon preparing his things. \"You really are leaving?\" she asked, still in disbelief while Lyndon continued to put some of his books on the shelf inside a box.

    After a moment of silence, Lyndon turned around and gave Yera a smile. \"Please sit...\" he said as he walked towards her and led her to the couch so he could talk to her.

    \"Hmm, honestly I thought I would just wrap things up in here then look for you to say goodbye but I guess the news does travel fast... Yes I am leaving the Life Hospitals group. I honestly feel bad about what has happened and that I couldn't do a thing about it. As much as I wanted to support you, I have my own personal reasons for not doing so Yera... I'm really sorry for everything and I do hope someday you'll be able to forgive me...\" Lyndon said.

    \"What are you saying? Why are you leaving? I really don't understand. Can't you just stay and help Dion? I mean you have a good position and you are managing the hospital well. Is  it Mr. Lua? What did he say? Is he the one who wanted you to do this?\"

    Lyndon smiled and shook his head while he said, \"No Yera, it's my own decision. I've already decided to do it for quite some time now... I am really tired now Yera...\"

    Yera felt really bad for Lyndon but she knew Lyndon had his reasons for leaving...

    Yera's mobile beeped, indicating that there was an emergency. Lyndon smiled and said, \"Go now... I'll ask you for a meal sometimes like the old days, if your husband permits.\" He winked at Yera who nodded and bade her farewell. Lyndon watched her back as she left the door.

    \"Goodbye...\" Lyndon disheartenedly whispered. He was already drained out, not to mention the burden and pain he was carrying whenever he would see Yera. He could no longer take it and he wanted to go far away. But he knew someday... The circumstances would not let him be...

    Lyndon accidentally saw Jam two days ago and he followed her to find out how she was doing. He was grateful to see that Jam was doing all good and well... As for him, he decided to try to concentrate more on a new business with his family and start a new life. 'Did I ever deserve to start anew?' he mused followed by a deep sigh of fear.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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