264 Virginity

    Dion first consulted Yera and Xander about Cali's proposal.

    \"It's true that not all members of the family have the same goals in life. There will be a blacksheep and some will still take a right path...\" Xander commented. They were outside the mansion having snacks in the garden since it was the weekend and surprisingly all the family members were available to spend quality time together.

    Xander alternately looked at Yera and Dion who were sitting in front of him. With narrowed eyes, he rubbed his chin and jested, \"I wonder who among you two will be a blacksheep? Well I'm an only son so naturally I don't have any competition... Siblings do compete sometimes...\"

    \"Stop that nonsense, that only happens to people with greed. Those who are not content with what they have... Yera and Dion both grew up to be good persons. Someone whom their family could be proud of.\"

    Yera grinned seeing how Dion's mother frankly scolded her husband while she placed the tray of fruits she sliced for them. \"I just finished cooking the pasta...\" Liz commented while she looked at her wrist watch. Xander said they invited his dad so she had prepared a lot of food, cooking everything herself.

    \"How come your father is not here yet?\" Liz asked Xander with knitted brows. Dion wanted the ground to eat him wholly because of embarrassment. Why? Because her mom was too blunt in expressing how she found Senior Yang attractive and likeable not only to him but to Xander too.

    Xander gulped and muttered, \"Auntie, I think you scared dad.\" Yera kicked his feet under the table.


    Liz only laughed and said, \"Well he's a coward then if he's scared, why? Did you tell your dad my scheming plans?\"

    Xander's face puckered as he gave Dion a meaningful look but Dion only answered him with a shrugged..

    Yera on the other hand was having fun with Dion's mother. She liked her a lot. She was so cool and very candid. Well funny too because since she arrived in the mansion it was always filled with laughter. How she wished Dion's mother stayed for good, so she decided to support her in winning favor of her father-in-law.

    \"Don't worry auntie, I will call father now and tell him to arrive here fast...\" Yera excitedly said while she immediately grabbed her mobile phone to dial her father-in-law.

    \"So back to our topic about that Cali,\" Xander spoke to change the topic and discussed the importance of the matter.

    \"I think her offer is not that bad. You will just stage a fake relationship in the eyes of that Old Lua... Lyndon resigned. The Vice Chairman and CEO's position is currently vacant. To be honest...\" Xander continued but paused and looked at Yera who walked far behind them to call his father.

    \"Well, I want your sister to rest for a while and focus on just being a wife and hopefully have a normal life as a mother. I think you somehow fit and I will of course have your back... Let's use this opportunity to bring you in. Get the Vice Chairman and CEO position and grab Cali's hand for now... I'm sure Rizie would understand the situation.\" Xander noted, considering it would not last long since Cali's twenty-first birthday was coming soon.

    \"You would still be with Rizie most of your time. I will convince your sister to let Rizie come back....\" Xander stated and looked at Dion's mother before asking, \"Auntie is that okay with you?\"

    Dion's mother bit an apple first before answering, \"Of course yes... It's not like my son will have a disadvantage on that set-up. I have a boy so... having his girlfriend stay with him is not a bother for me. I don't have to protect his virginity...\"

    Seeing how Xander and Dion both crumpled their faces, Liz rephrased her words and said, \"I mean I don't have to protect his virginity since he is a man... What worries me is only of course Rizie... But anyway, once Dion meets her family then I guess this should be alright...\"

    Dion let out an awkward smile because he was not even sure when Rizie would introduce him. Just in time, he saw Rizie walking in their direction with a smile. Dion wanted to pick her up but Rizie insisted on going to the mansion on her own.

    \"She's here... You two better talk about it now...\" Xander suggested and looked at Dion's mother. \"Auntie, my dad will arrive anytime soon. Let's go with Yera and wait for him in the living room.\"

    Liz nodded and stood up so Rizie and Dion could talk alone.

    \"How come they left us here alone...\" Rizie asked as she sat beside Dion.

    Dion smiled and replied, \"Hmm because I need to talk to you about something important, so I asked them to leave us for now.\"

    Rizie suddenly got nervous and quickly said, \"Alright, but before you start I have something to say to you too, I checked your schedule and if you are okay and wish to then we can travel to our villa so I can introduce you to my family...\"

    Dion with rounded eyes, was speechless. He subconsciously pulled Rizie for a tight embrace. \"Oh thank you!!! That's good. Let's go as early as I can. I'm really excited to meet them. I want them to know I'm sincere with how I feel for you...\"

    Rizie had a wide smile all over her face and hugged Dion even tighter as she felt how happy he really was.

    Then she gently pushed him and asked, \"What is it that you want to talk about?\"

    Dion suddenly contemplated whether he would tell Rizie or not the situation involving Cali. But then Rizie seemed not to be bothered with Cali based on his observation so maybe his brother was correct.

    Dion cleared his throat before he started talking about Cali's proposal to him, including bro Xander's suggestion, detailing how it would benefit Han's fight for getting back full power in the Life Hospitals group.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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