265 Punchlines

    At Lua's Residence...

    \"Tell me dear. How is it going? How do you find Dion?\" Mr. Lua asked his granddaughter who brought him his coffee in his study.

    \"Well... It's going great grandpa. Dion is nice to me and has invited me to go out tomorrow.\" Cali lied because she couldn't afford to tell her grandpa that there was no progress at all.

    \"Hmmm, that's good then. The CEO and Vice Chairperson position is still vacant and I'm considering him for that position... But of course it will depend on how he is treating you. I can always put one of my wingman on these posts anytime but then Dion will be a good candidate since he can be my future grandson-in-law right?\"

    Cali gulped, trying hard not to crease her face before her grandfather who was looking at her intently. Instead she gave him a reassuring smile and said, \"Hmm, Dion is absolutely fit for that position grandpa. Why nominate any old man for that? I mean no offense, but you do know that being a CEO is a toxic position... and it's an advantage that Dion is a doctor too, He is surely more knowledgeable than Lyndon. You see Yang Globals group has a DR. CEO...\"

    Mr. Lua laughed and commented, \"You're too naive dear. It's not because of a related position but with skill and capability to manage. Dion is raw in this line of business. But it's an advantage for me because it will be easy to manipulate him.\"

    Cali sat beside her grandfather and snuggled at her grandfather. \"Grandpa... I really think we have enough power and money already. Why still stress yourself? I mean can we not just spend time travelling and enjoying it?\" Cali tried to vaguely convince her grandfather once more to drop his greed.

    \"Dear... You should not be content with only what you have and aim for more in life. Trust me... I'm doing this for our lineage. I want to secure your future, our family's future...\"

    Cali was about to say more but her grandfather abruptly stood up and said, \"You should rest now. I don't want to hear anymore of this nonsense. Cali's face crumpled as she blew air on her forehead. She was losing hope for her grandfather. Tomorrow, she would of course not bother Dion but go to her friends. However she should tell Dion so just in case her grandfather asks then they had the same answer.


    At A Romantic Restaurant...

    Shan and Ron had their first dinner date whereas they had a hearty meal together and casually talked about each other's likes and hobbies.

    Shan would stare at Ron every now and then as she tried to recall something. That night, she actually slept in Ron's car while he worked but something was vividly playing in her memory.

    It was Ron, gently kissing her lips but when she opened her eyes she immediately went back to sleep thinking she was in a dream, plus the fact that she was really tired and very sleepy. She unconsciously paused her gaze at his lips. 'It  felt so real that night though,' she mused as she tried hard to recollect her memories.

    Ron noticed Shan was staring at him so he asked, \"Is there a stain or smudge on me?\"

    Shan shook her head and smiled. \"No... It's just that something... Uhm anyway, I always forget to ask you but is there something... I mean that night while I was sleeping in your car. Did you happen to steal a kiss from me?\" she candidly asked. Rom almost spit out the wine he just drank with that question that he ended up coughing.

    Shan handed him and tissue as she apologized, \"I'm sorry... It's just that it felt so real to me to be a dream so I wanted to confirm.\"

    Ron reddened and almost cut his tongue out. Shan seemed to catch him red handed because he was indeed guilty but he did not want to confess it for the fear that Shan might think he was a pervert?

    It was unexpected. He was checking on her before hitting the road up but saw her in deep sleep that he was amazed and stared at her beauty. He did not expect it to happen too but his eyes went down on her lips that time and he felt a magnet pulling him down to give those lips a kiss. He could still remember how his heart fluttered and jumped out of nervousness at the same time when Shan suddenly opened her eyes. However, he was relieved seeing she soon closed them back and snored.

    \"Hmm.. I haven't yet but we can do it later. Maybe your dream is a premonition or a desire for it to happen so I will gladly fulfill it...\" Ron shamelessly blurted out. He almost cursed his boss. All that had happened because of being in the company of such a shameless boss. When you are always with such a shameless person, you end up copying his shameless punchlines.

    Shan's face reddened...

    \"I'm just kidding Shan...\" Ron countered, alarmed that Shan was suddenly quiet.

    Shan only gave him an awkward smile but replied, \"Hmm, technically we're in a relationship already right so I think that's okay...\" She suddenly looked down to focus on her food and to hide the reddening of her face.

    Ron creased his forehead and thanked his Boss several times in his thoughts since copying his shameless Boss in pursuing a woman seemed to be effective. 'Don't hesitate to express what you really feel,' those were the words he would always hear from his Boss when he was pursuing Madame Yera.


    On the other hand, Xander who was taking his dinner that time cursed for suddenly coughing. \"Geez who the hell is that remembering me at this hour!\" he grumbled as he closed the book he was reading while he waited for his wife to finish showering inside their bathroom.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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