266 Situation At Hand

    Dion was inside Yera's clinic as she discussed with him how to succeed in a very complicated major operation. \"No one in our country has succeeded till now in this kind of operation except me of course...\" Yera boasted while she watched the video clip where she conducted the said surgery.

    \"It's because it's too complicated...\" Dion commented. He would often bother his sister not only in business matters but most importantly about surgeries. Like her, he wanted to save more lives using his profession. The enormous feeling could not be explained whenever he went out to deliver the good news to his patient's loved ones waiting outside the operation room.

    \"Hmm, yes it is but there is a way to make it simple...\" Yera said as she discussed in detail each procedure with Dion which the latter took in with a focused heart and mind.

    The siblings ate lunch together after the serious lessons about surgical procedures.

    Dion's mobile phone rang and it was Cali.

    \"So what happened? Did you already inform Rizie?\" Yera asked her brother. Rizie was currently on a lunch meeting with Ron and Shan so it was only her and Dion eating lunch together.

    \"Yes I did. She did not answer me yet. She asked me if it's okay that she will think more about it. I think she's a bit upset although she smiled at me.\" Dion speculated.

    \"If that's me I will be upset too. Who would want to see her man acting as a boyfriend of another woman? I might as well break your neck on the spot...\"

    \"Sis! That's too morbid!\" Dion burst out. He could not imagine Rizie breaking his neck at all.

    Yera laughed out hard and continued, \"Well, you don't need to accept that offer if it will affect your relationship withRizie. I'm sure we will find other ways. Just be patient... We will get through this somehow.\"

    Dion heaved a depressed sigh and muttered, \"I know. It's just that I feel bad that we lost full control of the family's business and worst have someone else reign over it. Well if that person could be trusted maybe that's acceptable but Cali herself said that her grandpa has his own schemes and greed.\"

    Dion was a bit surprised seeing Cali enter the restaurant. \"What is she doing here?\" he mumbled in shock.

    \"You told her where you are on the phone...\" Yera nonchalantly commented as she followed Dion's gaze. \"She's not that bad. She's pretty...\" Yera added, looking intently at the woman with a bright and warm smile walking towards them.

    \"I'm really sorry about this. Honestly, I was on my way to meet my friends but I noticed I was being followed. See the guys on my back... Wait don't look at  them...\" Cali explained as she sat beside Dion. Then she described men in disguise she's been noticing since she entered the mall. It was a good thing that she had a good grasp on people's faces.

    \"Hmm, that's given. You grandfather is probably checking if we are really getting along.\" Dion commented.

    \"Hello, I'm Cali...\" Cali initiated and extended her hand to Yera who accepted it and smiled back. Dion scratched his head because he forgot to introduce Cali to his sister.

    \"Please don't get mad at me. I may be my grandfather's granddaughter but we have different perspectives in life.\" Cali directly stated.

    Yera was expressionless and just listened to Cali and Dion as they talked. The woman seemed to be harmless and genuine, based on her observation.


    Meanwhile, Rizie with Shan and Ron, discussed the matter pertaining to the vacant position of Vice Chairman and CEO. They gathered all information on all possible candidates and tried to check every single detail in wake of finding their smallest flaws.

    Rizie was in a dilemma ever since Dion opened up to her about Cali's offer because deep inside her she knew it was beneficial for Dion and Yera's current situation. However, she was scared that while pretending to be a  boyfriend and girlfriend there was the possibility of a real development of liking each other. So though, she herself knew that it could be the only chance for Dion, yet she was hesitant to confirm her agreement.

    \"I heard that Mr. Lua's granddaughter came up with a great offer,\" Rizie tabled what Dion told her.

    \"Oh my God! That is great? I mean COO Dion should grab that opportunity for us to have a sure win!!! Luck is crawling to our side, gradually but surely good things are coming towards us. He must not miss this opportunity...\" Shan commented. Because to be honest they were all exhausted in digging out piles of files just to find out the weaknesses  that were covered up well by all those board members, who were the wingmen of Mr. Lua, and could be used for Yera's benefit.

    Ron elbowed Shan who was not aware of Rizie's relationship with Dion. \"COO Dion has a girlfriend Shan.\"

    Shan's face crumpled as she defended, \"Duh? It's just a girlfriend, it's not like they are married okay. Besides, it will be for a show only so what harm can it cause? COO Dion and that Cali will just pretend to be in a relationship in Mr. Lua's eyes. What's random dating? Well that girlfriend of COO Dion should have more trust in him because the COO will do it only for the sake of the family's welfare. It's not like COO Dion wants to cheat on her with Mr, Lua's granddaughter who is their enemy...\"

    Ron's lips pursed and was about to stop Shan from blabbering more when Rizie interrupted, \"Maybe you're right Shan. I will tell COO Dion about this so that his girlfriend won't be selfish anymore and considers the urgency of the situation at hand.\"

    \"Oh Rizie that would be nice. Do you know who his girlfriend is? If so maybe you can convince her too. It's not the time to feel insecure... Every day counts now, so please do convince her if you know her so that we  can finally have some spare time and look towards other matters and not put all our days into going over these kinds of documents. My eyes are really bleedi...\"

    \"Shan stop that already!\" Ron scolded and added, \"Rizie is COO Dion's girlfriend!!!\"

    Shan's jaw dropped... While her gaze shifted at Rizie with wide eyes, totally in shock.

    \"True?\" was the only word that came out of Shan's mouth. Rizie nodded and gave her an awkward smile...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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