267 Whereabouts

    Dion was too excited that he even whistled a song as he drove at the road going to the province. This was the day when he would finally meet Rizie's family.

    \"Stop it...\" Rizie commented with a laugh. Dion looked so hyper and she could not help but tease him.

    Dion grabbed her hand and kissed it, with eyes still focused on the road. \"I'm just too happy.\" he murmured with a grin. Rizie might now be aware but meeting her family meant so much to him. It was an indication that Rizie, little by little was overcoming her weaknesses.

    Rizie smiled... The good atmosphere inside the car was interrupted by the sudden ringing of Rizie's mobile phone. Seeing that it was Cali, she immediately answered it.

    \"Where are you guys now? You will have to pick me up... I'm at my friend's house and it's along the way to your villa.. I will explain everything later...\" Cali said, before ending the call.

    Yes Rizie agreed to Cali's plan in the end. Cali, on the other hand, would contact her always instead if she would need to meet Dion, saying that way Rizie could at least feel safe around her, proving that she had no scheme towards her boyfriend.

    \"What happened? Who's that?\" Dion asked. Rizie sighed and said, \"I think there's some urgent situation. It's Cali...\" Dion's face crumpled as she gave Cali's address...

    \"Do we really need to do this?\" Dion complained. Another frustrated sigh escaped Rizie's mouth while she said, \"Yeah we will have to. Let's sort this out once we arrive there. I will call my family to inform them that we will arrive at dinner. They did not know anyway that we were coming...\"

    Rizie was about to call her family while on their way and inform their arrival at lunch but then an unexpected call from Cali happened. To be honest she was contemplating whether to announce their visit. Why? Because she was sure all her family would go to the villa too including her oldest brother who was living in the City...\"

    \"What are you doing?\" Dion commented seeing Rizie take off her seatbelt and cross over on the backseat. Dion was about to stop but Rizie immediately said, \"No! Just keep driving. Cali is being followed. I must sit at the back. She will jump in the passenger seat as soon as we arrive there.\"

    \"This is absurd!\" Dion cried in irritation. True enough, as soon as Dion's car stopped, the couple got startled as Cali suddenly jumped inside.

    \"Guys, I'm really sorry about this. My grandpa called and asked about my whereabouts asking why were you with Rizie and not me. It's a good thing Rizie informed me about your trip to her villa so I said that you two will pick me up. I told him I'm trying to be nice with Rizie and befriending her so it would be easy to kick her later out of the picture. So I said it's my idea to visit Rizie's villa this weekend. Damn I don't even have any clothes with me...\" Cali explained without a pause of breath.

    \"Cali, you grandpa is definitely not that dumb to believe you right? He knows I'm in a relationship with Rizie!\" Dion countered.

    Cali's eyes rolled. \"Nah... I told him that the two of you have broke-up already... He now knows that I'm doing all the efforts in getting you wrapped in my palms and dancing to my tunes... And that I want  to show Rizie that you're mine. He likes it and even calls me 'savage girl'\" Cali almost puked recalling the laugh she heard from her grandpa.

    \"It was a good thing that your villa has a resort... Wow congrats Rizie, I heard that it was really doing well. Salute to your family!\" Cali complimented, trying to ease the awkward tension inside the car.

    \"Yeah... Thanks, it's actually my twin who is managing it well...\" Rizie simply commented. Cali's eyes widened as she turned around to look back at Rizie, \"Seriously? A twin? Someone who looks exactly like you?\"

    Rizie laughed seeing the funny expression on Cali, she looked cute. \"No, we are fraternal twins and he is definitely different from me.\"

    \"He? A male? Oh he must be cute too since you are so cute...\" Cali complimented that made Rizie blushed.

    Dion on the other hand was quietly driving while listening to the two women who seemed to be getting along well. 'Was it even a good thing?' he mused as he shook his head.

    \"There's a big problem somehow...\" Dion suddenly muttered. Cali's forehead creased and asked, \"What?\"

    \"I mean you will stay at the resort and obviously your grandpa would definitely still have you followed and monitored. I'm there to meet Rizie's family and stay at their mansion of course so don't you dare interrupt and ask my presence with you.\" Dion directly declared.

    Cali pouted her lips and muttered, \"Of course I know that so I plan to just stay inside the room but then they have to see me check in with you...\"

    \"Oh I have an idea. Dion will check in with you but he needs to leave too so maybe we can do this. After the check-in Dion will go to the restroom and exchange clothes with my brother, who will be already waiting for him there, so my brother will be the one who will accompany you to your room. Is that okay?' Rizie suggested. Her brother was the best when it came to disguising. It was his natural born talent that she would often call him a con man because Josh could always copy anyone at school during their childhood to mess with others.

    \"Hmm, that will do. Hmm, is your brother uhm safe to be with?\" Cali unconsciously voiced her concern.

    Rizie laughed and said, \"Of course he is. He is a gentleman. The only flaw he has is that he's a bully...\"

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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