268 Savage

    At Han Ancestral Mansion

    Senior Yang was too hesitant in getting out of his car seeing Dion's mother was waiting for him at the main door of  Han's Mansion.

    \"I really don't feel good about this,\" he mumbled seeing the bright and shiny smile of Dion's mother from his car window. He was feeling great to get invited more often at the mansion and to accompany Dion's mother who was about his age. However, he didn't know why he felt awkward in the way that he was asked to entertain Dion's mother because somehow he felt that it was Dion's mother who was  entertaining him like a local as if she was not a foreigner in this country.

    \"Good evening James. The kids are already waiting for you in the dining area.\" greeted Dion's mother as soon as Senior Yang walked towards the door.

    \"Oh alright but why are you here waiting outside. Please you don't have to do that.\" Senior Yang said as he signaled Dion's mother to walk first inside.

    \"Yeah but I was a bit excited to welcome and see you. Anyway, let's go inside...\" Dion's mother casually said and walked in front of him. Senior Yang felt weird. 'What was that?' he mused as he shook his head and began to walk.

    At dinner, Yera and Xander would often exchange meaningful glances as they listened to their conversation and were amused to see how comfortable Dion's mother was in talking casually to their father.

    \"How come father is out of words?\" Yera whispered, making sure that her husband was the only one to hear. \"I know right? It's amusing to watch him being tamed like that.\" Xander whispered back.

    \"By the way James, you say your favorite playtime is golf right? I'm looking forward to learn golf and am sure you won't mind teaching me tomorrow. Gosh, I have a lot of places to visit and the kids are so busy to even accompany me anywhere. It's a good thing that I have you with me...\" Liz excitedly reminded him with flashing eyes.

    Senior Yang looked at his son and said, \"I think Xander is free tomorrow. My son is better than me so it's...\"

    \"Dad, I have a date with my wife tomorrow. You do know that Yera has been very busy lately with several surgeries everyday and it's very rare for us to be able to spend time together.\" Xander intentionally interrupted with a teasing grin. He was at hype seeing his father stuttered for the first time. 'Hah! The great Senior Yang was out of words in front of Aunt Liz!' he silently sent his teasing message to his father through his mischievous look.

    Senior Yang arched a brow and countered, \"Hmm, you guys can date while playing golf. Yera loves playing golf. Right dear?\"

    Yera nodded because she could not afford to lie to her father-in-law. It was true that she loved and enjoyed playing golf...

    \"Nah stop that James. Let the young couple enjoy on their own okay. Aren't you excited to have a grandchild? These two need time alone.\" Liz interrupted with a smile.

    Xander gave two thumbs up to Dion's mother as he stated, \"Auntie, you're the best!\" Senior Yang pursed his lips in defeat. He subconsciously looked at Dion's mother and his heart almost stopped when he saw her wink at him. 'What the heck?!'


    At Lim's Villa

    As soon as Dion with Rizie together with Cali arrived at the resort, Dion immediately after checking in went to the restroom where Rizie's brother was already waiting for him to arrive.

    Dion gulped seeing Rizie's brother staring intently at him. \"So you're Dion? Geez what the hell of a situation you are in dude that I have to take care of a woman on behalf of you? What are you staring at? Go and remove your freaking clothes and let's swap!\" Rizie's brother irritably instructed.

    Dion thought his heart almost dropped. He was wearing a jacket, a cap and shades not to add the shawl on his neck. It was a good thing he had those inside the car. \"Dude move faster. I want to get it done fast. My time is gold...\" Rizie's brother growled.

    \"I'm sorry about this by the way, I'm Dion han...\" Dion said and extended his hand for a handshake. Josh's face crumpled and snorted, \"Josh here. Enough with the formal  introduction and strip dude...\" Dion quickly moved with a thumping heart. Rizie only mentioned the word bully... Dion thought to add the word 'savage'.

    Dion felt like he was in the military whereas, Rizie's brother never stopped scolding him to move faster as if he was timed in stripping and putting on the clothes Rizie's brother brought. \"That brat... How dare she announce her arrival on the same day and even involving me in this kind of situation...\" Josh whined. He couldn't believe that he would miss the opportunity to bully Rizie in front of her boyfriend!

    How he waited for this moment to come and get back to his dear twin sister who did nothing but bully his girlfriends during school days up to her heart's content! Oh, and it certainly did not stop after school days but Rizie continued with her bullying whenever she was at the villa.

    \"You... Let's talk after this!\" Josh hissed and threw Dion his car keys.

    \"My car key is in the pocket...\" Dion almost whispered to Rizie's brother who went outside the restroom in a rush.

    Dion let out a loud exhale. Finally he could breathe! They dropped Rizie at the bus station not far from the resort, she was supposed to wait for her brother to pick her up while he and Cali were to proceed to check in at the resort.

    After getting the signal that Cali's tail had already left... Dion immediately ran at the parking lot to get Josh's car and pick up Rizie at the bus station.

    As soon as Rizie was inside the car, Dion spluttered, \"You forgot to mention to Cali that your brother is a savage one with words.\"

    Rizie laughed out hard and said, \"I intentionally did not add that. Do you think Cali would agree to be with him if I said that to her? Bully is enough... Cali is a sweetheart. Who knows, maybe she could make my brother tongue tied...\"

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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