269 Bully

    Cali was startled when someone suddenly grabbed her hand. \"Shhh, it's me, Rizie's brother. Just stay quiet and let's end this without any further drama...\" the man murmured in her ear. Cali twitched her mouth and wrapped her arms with the man's arm and said, \"Alright Dion, let's go!\"

    As soon as they were inside the elevator, Josh was about to break from Cali's arms but the latter did not let him go. \"We can't afford loose ends. Unless you confirm that your resort's security is tight enough not to be checked by my grandfather.\" Cali whispered so they continued to walk in that close proximity upto inside her room.

    \"Geez, I can't believe this...\" Josh complained, still annoyed while he removed the shawl, shades and cap. Then he finally looked clearly at Cali... His facial muscle flinched, startled with how pretty the woman in front of him was smiling at him with her warm lips. 'Warm lips? Since when did he start describing lips as warm?' he mused as he collected himself from being starstruck at that moment.

    Earlier, he would admit that he was easily drawn towards beauties. But beauties did not affect him that much now. It was very rare to have a woman like his sister-in-law Keira with a complete package in and out. He had already learned his lessons with his past relationships so now he looked and gave more importance to inner beauty rather than the outer beauty.

    \"Thank you Josh... I'm Cali...\" Cali cooly introduced herself and extended her hand. Josh with an arched brow sighed and accepted  her hand but quickly let go. \"Rizie said you did not have dinner yet. Call the reception now and place your order.\" Josh nonchalantly instructed and then sat on the couch to call Rizie.

    'Why is he such a snob?' Cali could not help but silently comment. She did not like it... With pouty lips, she dialed the reception number and ordered some food.

    She was talking at the reception when she heard Josh telling her his order. Cali added his order with a twisted face...

    Then Josh directly looked at her and said, \"I missed the biggest event of Rizie's life. She must be really happy at this moment. Anyway, she told me that you will explain to me everything so fire it out while we wait for dinner. I want every single detail on what was going on here...\"

    Cali gulped as she saw that serious look on Rizie's brother. She blinked her eyes hearing and seeing the snapping on his finger in front of her. \"Hey Cali right? So Cali... I'm waiting? Are you going to stare like that at me? I know I'm handsome but you don't have to make it so obvious you know...\"

    \"What?!\" Cali burst out in shock. 'Darn!' she cursed and chose to just begin with the narration instead of giving the brute the opportunity to brag more about himself.

    After narrating everything from the start, the first reaction she got from Josh was shaking his head while he looked at her from head to toe.

    \"I'm not bragging but at the age of twenty one, I'm already managing the ranch and meat production not to mention that during my teenage days I got to help my grandpa at the ranch while studying. I gotta earn my own ways too... Seriously? You're just waiting for your inheritance? You can't make it on your own without it? Are you kidding me?\" Josh asserted in disbelief.

    \"What are you saying? Of course it's hard for me! I have grown up having everything I want. Why do I need to suffer and experience hardships when I can easily have everything with a concrete plan? I mean... Yeah it's literally not my effort but still it's under my name... My parents saved it all up for my future so I'm already secured. It's not like I am stealing it or something...\" Cali grumbled.

    \"Gosh... It's the first time I have met someone like you. Someone who is so scared not to live in luxury but not willing to follow her grandfather's instructions when it comes to her lovelife. I mean why just don't get that Dion for yourself instead. Well, I don't like him for my sister anyway given his complicated situation like this. He might end up hurting my sister. Rizie is still young any way and she won't mind losing another guy like before...\" Josh suggested with still a grain of salt for his sister's bullying before.

    Cali's face crumpled while she firmly croaked, \"He's not my type! Besides, there's no impact of his presence on me, you know, like butterflies in my stomach, thumping of my heart or the stopping of my heart and all...\"

    Those words made Josh burst out in a fit of laughter. He could not believe he was hearing it from a twenty year old woman who was grown enough to live on a fairy tale and love stories.

    \"So naive... Why don't you go inside a book and you will definitely experience those kinds of things... Impact, butterflies... heart thumping out? stopping? I believe those happen in cardiac arrest... Try to do a lap tomorrow morning princess and your heart will definitely thump like this... tsug... tsug... tsug...\" Josh teased, stuttering with continuous laughing.

    Cali wanted to almost cry at that moment but instead, she unconsciously grabbed the pillow on the side of the bed where she sat and threw it as hard as she could at Josh's face. She had never met a man old enough to be as bully as this bastard!

    She gulped seeing the dark face of Josh who was unable to dodge the pillow. \"You're so dead!\" she heard Josh barked. Cali's eyes widened seeing he stood up... She closed her eyes and raised her two hands with peace signs and muttered, \"So sorry!!!\"

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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