270 Good News

    The next morning, Dion was awakened by continuous knocking on his door. He slept late after entertaining Rizie's grandparents who kept asking him questions about his life, profession and every random thing they could think of.

    Rizie said that they were lucky that her siblings were not around but only her mother and grandparents were present that night. But Rizie had warned him to be prepared to meet everyone else the next day because her siblings would probably be arriving today.

    Cali requested Rizie to convince her brother to stay back with her in order to attend to her needs and look after her at night. Josh reluctantly agreed to this request when Rizie forced him to and stayed back in the hotel in a separate room right next to Cali's. Though Josh was very upset about this weird demand of Cali, even Rizie was confused with that request of hers, but finally Rizie did manage to convince her brother to sleep there.

    Dion on hearing the continuous annoying knocks  stood up from his bed sluggishly and walked towards the door and opened it with his half opened eyes. \"Rise and shine dude! I missed my proper introduction last night but anyway it's better late than never. Come and follow me. Let's start our day with some warm up shall we? Follow me...\"

    Dion almost stumbled on his feet when he heard the excited and energetic voice of Josh telling him to join for exercise. He looked at his wrist watch and asked Josh, \"Can I have a quick shower and first get changed?\" He wondered what kind of freaking warm up it would be such early in the morning. He was wearing his sets of pajamas if he was referring for an exercise.

    Josh shook his head and said, \"Nah you can change there. Let's go...\"

    Dion gulped and quickly followed. He was getting nervous. His eyes widened as they walked out of the mansion. \"You owe me a favor. Geez I can't believe I would babysit a twenty year old grown up woman an entire night...\"

    \"Where are we going?\" Dion asked as he rubbed his arms because when he felt the chills caused by the midnight morning breeze on his skin. He wondered if Rizie's brother would freeze him to death as a part of something like an initiation?

    He gulped when they stopped into a barn. \"Change into these.\" Josh muttered as he handed him clothes and boots. Dion stared at the clothes while Josh grinned. \"That's equivalent to your PPE in the hospital. Move faster. Our babies are hungry. You have to feed and clean all their dirt.\"

    Dion was flabbergasted, with dropped jaw he murmured, \"You mean I have to clean their shi*t?\"

    \"Why? Are you complaining? Well if you can't even do such a simple task when asked, then I guess you won't last long in handling my twin...\" Josh murmured with a twisted face.

    Dion snapped back to reality and quickly said, \" Of course not. This is just a piece of cake...\" He rushed towards the changing room to get ready. Josh was grinning ear to ear mischievously, as he prepared his mobile phone for a one in a million sight his dear sister could cherish...


    Meanwhile, that same morning, Xander and Yera decided to visit the Lim's Villa Resort, not just to check how Dion was doing but to also accept Xander's dearest cousin Keira's repeated offer to visit the resort owned by the family of her husband, General Zach Lim.

    \"I can see Dion getting beaten up by The General...\" Yera commented feeling bad how Dion must have been doing there. Dion absolutely had no win when it came to physical matters.

    Xander laughed and said, \"Don't worry... That family is nice so I'm sure Dion is in good hands. Besides, I have already asked Keira to help Dion out.\" Keira along with Rizie's eldest brother was also on their way to the villa to meet Rizie's boyfriend. Xander intentionally did not tell Yera how angered Zach initially was when he found out that Rizie already had a boyfriend and the man did not even set his foot in her home first, to court Rizie  with her family knowing.

    Keira already told him how Zach was a very conservative and a very protective brother but he did not dare inform Yera about it. Dion was already a grown up man and such simple matters should be taken care of by himself alone.

    Yera opened her car window to smell the fresh air from the countryside, where there were a lot of trees then she looked at her hand that Xander was holding. Such a good day to have a joyride with her husband as this. Hitting the road and visiting a beautiful place before she witnesses the final verdict on the Go's case in the coming week.

    She flushed when Xander pulled in for a kiss, the hand he was holding and with a quick glance at her and a wink he said, \"I love you darling...\"

    Yera was giggling inside as she murmured, \"I love you too...\"

    In the midst of their travel, Xander's mobile phone rang and it was Ralf.

    \"Boss!!! Good news!!! The files... The files... it's restored. That bastard's files the police obtained in his hiding place are restored!\" Ralf was almost screaming up to the top of his lungs.

    That instant Xander immediately pulled the car at the side of the road.

    \"Boss the bastard had a video in which he had confessed about the person who hired him and the one who had helped him to hide. I think you and Madame should watch it. I will send you the copy of those videos right now. He had also detailed about where he had hidden the evidence for everything... Boss...\" Ralf's voice was stuttering. After all the hardships, they finally had something. He was almost crying as he delivered the news.

    Xander opened the video so both him and Yera could watch it.

    While the video played Yera watched in complete shock and Xander kept cursing, while Yera remained silent Xander was losing his composure with each passing second...

    The culprit for her abduction... The truth was finally out. She was still blank while she only stared in one direction. She could hear her husband's voice insisting that the police should issue a warrant of arrest right at that moment but it would take at least twenty four or forty eight hours since the police were still validating everything and wanted the forensic evaluation of that video. They also needed to search for and verify the said evidence mentioned in the video.

    Her husband was still on the phone, using all his connections for a quick arrest...

    Yera tightly closed her eyes as tears started to drop down from them. She had turbulent emotions at that moment. She wanted to scream out loud...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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