271 Manipulate

    Dion could still smell the stinky shi*t he just cleaned up a while ago. He felt like the smell was stuck in his nose and hands during breakfast. Josh had thoroughly enjoyed his moment as he kept on taking pictures and videos while commanding him to feed that, clean those, make sure there's no more shi*t...

    Dion sighed, now he knew his brother in law  was so right when he said that he should do some workout and physical stretching exercising, but he avoided it because he was always in the hospital most of his day.

    \"Where's Josh...\" Rizie's mother asked. Rizie smiled and said, \"Brother is out early to check the resort...\"

    This time, it was Dion who grinned. Why? Because this morning, Rizie asked Cali why she was asking for Josh so often and Cali simply replied, 'That bully bastard should learn his lesson for being so rude. Can you please help me to bully him back Rizie?'.

    'Make sure you bully him up to the highest level,' Dion mused with a grin. Then his face suddenly became serious. His brother-in-law called this morning and updated him about the situation. His sister wanted him to continue his stay so that Rizie's family could know him better, reassuring that his brother-in-law was taking good care of everything as well as her.

    He was somehow relieved that finally everything came to light about his sister's abduction.

    \"Try this...\" Rizie's mother offered a plate of a dish that interrupted his thoughts. Dion actually ate a lot because Rizie's mother was undeniably the best cook...

    \"Auntie... You really cook so well... even better than my mom...\" He complimented while he rubbed his stomach because he felt so bloated.

    \"Thanks...\" Rizie's mother said.

    \"How come you did not inherit that trait from your mother?\" Dion whispered in Rizie's ear that made everyone laugh.

    \"Yeah too bad Rizie is a bad cook...\" Grandma Terry seconded.

    After breakfast, Dion was invited by Grandpa Shen outside to walk for a bit. \"Dion, my granddaughter can be stubborn and childish sometimes but I hope we can trust you with molding her since you're older to her and more mature.\"

    \"Yes grandpa... I understand. I really don't mind her. But I believe Rizie is more matured now...\" Dion responded. Grandpa Shen laughed and said, \"Yes, I can see she's maturing cause finally she brought a man to meet her family. You're the first man she had introduced to us, so I guess she has taken this relationship seriously now...\"

    Earlier it was only Josh who would inform them that Rizie had a boyfriend and then later he would inform them that she broke up. He could not recall how many times Josh has reported to them that Rizie had a boyfriend and again broke-up. None of those boys ever reached their villa.

    Dion felt happy somehow knowing he was the first man Rizie took seriously.


    At Lim's Resort...

    'That brute... Let's see who will laugh in the end...' Cali mused as she looked at herself in the mirror. Last night she was triumphant in ruining his night with her acting. And today she would definitely pester him again all she wanted.

    \"You deserve that for bullying Cali Lua!\" She whimpered, remembering how sharp that tongue of the man with his words. She looked at the wall clock and quickly went back to bed.

    After some time, she heard the clicking of the door and heard footsteps...

    Cali smirked before she weakly sat up and rested her back comfortably on the pillow. She touched her chest as if she was still in pain.

    \"Don't you need to go to the hospital?\" Josh immediately asked, seeing how weak Cali looked. He inwardly cursed his twin and especially that Dion for giving him such a headache. One morning in the barn was not enough! That freaking Dion should clean all their barns alone next time around!

    Last night when Cali threw him the pillow and he stood up to walk to her, she suddenly started having a hard time breathing.

    Cali gave him a sweet smile as she muttered, \"I'm fine really. I just need to relax... This only happens when I get scared and usually it would get better after some rest... Just a while... I will just normalize my breathing...\"

    Josh sat down on the couch and picked out the bento box he bought for her. He watched Cali inhaling and exhaling her breath as if she was doing some yoga.

    'What a pain in the ass!' Josh inwardly exclaimed. He waited until Cali finished what she called 'self healing'.

    \"Let's eat...\" Josh commented. Cali did not respond but only gave him a reluctant smile as she spoke, \"Josh I'm really sorry for the inconvenience I caused to you, but can you please help me eat. I should not move for an hour but my stomach is already grumbling...\"

    \"What?\" Josh burst out as his mind absorbed Cali's words. \"The heck? Do you want me to feed you with my own hands? Are you a kid?\" he hissed in disbelief.

    Cali's face saddened and then she started with the height of her acting skills, with a sob her eyes started welling up indicating that her drum of tears would soon start leaking and would flood the room like last night.

    Josh, with an angry and irritated face, loudly exhaled all the air he could out of his lungs before he said, \"Fine! Stop and don't dare let those tears fall or I will leave you here alone!!!\"

    'Wow... He had never met such a crybaby like this woman was. She acts like a kid at such a mature age! She behaves like a toddler at most! A twenty year old toddler!' he irritably mused as he walked towards her and sat on the side of her bed.

    He scooped a spoonful of food and raised his arm to feed that toddler. Whenever he would look at the bento box to scoop a spoonful of the dish, he failed to see how Cali's eyebrows were rising up including one corner of her lips.

    Cali intentionally coughed and Josh panicky ran to get some water for her.

    'This is so much fun!' Cali rejoiced inside as she suppressed her laughter watching how easy it was for her to manipulate the bastard Josh and catch him in her palms. A woman's tear was really helpful. Good thing, she thought, that she did well in her acting class so faking a tear was a piece of cake for her.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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