272 The Last Man Standing

    At Lim's Villa

    At lunch, as expected, the rest of Rizie's siblings had arrived with their spouses. Dion had already met Lyra and her husband but it was the first time he would meet General Zach and his wife who was Xander's cousin.

    Dion smiled as he extended his hand and introduced himself. He gulped when he felt the tightness and strength of Rizie's brother while shaking his hand. \"My hand please...\" Dion whispered with a smile.

    \"Stop that.\" he heard General Zach's wife scolding him as she continued, \"My cousin Xander said that Dion is a good boy so you don't need to be hard on him okay...\"

    Dion wanted to hug Keira, his brother-in-law's cousin, for coming at the right time and saving him because just the cold look from General Zach was already freezing him and it looked like he wanted to eat him alive. Oh, he could describe it more like a 'shoot to kill' look.

    \"Hmm is that so. We will see later...\" Zach commented as they all proceeded to the dining area for lunch. 'Later?' Dion helplessly mused because he was worried about what was waiting for him later. Anything would do not just not the cleaning of barn with full of shi*t again.

    Meanwhile, Rizie shook her head while she observed how her brothers and brother-in-law salted and cooked Dion alive. First was Josh and now these two.

    Josh had sent her the clips of the video he shot in the morning. She was still sleeping when Josh took Dion with him and harassed him. Her twin was surely enjoying himself in avenging Rizie for all that she did with him and his girlfriends!

    Well, mused Rizie, as like even those days in the past Josh blamed Rizie for everything without realising that she did all those things  because Josh often chose a bitch that was why she always protected him from such girls and was only saving him.

    \"That brute... He should thank me instead for saving his life from those bitches. How dare he bully my man...,\" she mumbled with a twisted mouth.

    \"You men... Stop asking Dion a lot of questions and focus on lunch first...\" Grandpa Shen scolded and that very instant the two men started behaving.

    Rizie smiled seeing that because Dion was easily able to gain her mother and grandparents' hearts since last night.

    Later at noon...

    \"Drunk people do not tell lies!\" Rizie's brother-in-law shouted as he excitedly put on hard drinks in front of Dion who was sitting beside Rizie.

    \"What the heck... Isn't it too early for alcoholic drinks?\" Rizie complained with a crumpled face.

    \"Who said so?\" Her brother interrupted with another box of beers placed at the side as he joined Torin on the seat in front of them.

    \"Why? Can you not tolerate alcoholic drinks long enough?\" Zach asked Dion with a straight face.

    \"That's okay...\" Dion answered, forcing a smile. To be honest he was not aware of his alcohol tolerance since he rarely drank and whenever he does it often does not reach more than one bottle.

    \"See? That's the man! Alcohol is better that a lie detector machine!!!\" Rizie's brother-in-law stated with a grin.


    \"Geez... I will leave you all then because I don't wanna witness you freaking junkees altogether making a mess!!\" Rizie scoffed because her brother and brother-in-law would become crazy when drunk and she did not want to witness these two's craziness at Dion.

    \"Call me once these two reach their limits and make unnecessary scenes...\" Rizie whispered to Dion before standing up to go to Keira and her sister. She could not stop her brother and brother-in-law anyway so she would just leave and not witness those two harassing Dion.

    After hours... Rizie checked the boys and her eyes widened seeing those three idiots dancing together while they passed the shots to one another...

    \"Ohhh! Let's do a monkey dance this time!\" Rizie's brother-in-law shouted while he began to dance. \"What the heck!\" Rizie burst out seeing her brother and Dion following the dance.

    Rizie was too embarrassed to watch them being crazy so she immediately left the boys alone. But as she turned around, she almost bumped into her mother who grabbed her hand and turned her back to look at the boys with her.

    \"Hmm, I think Dion is a nice boy and I can feel his sincerity towards you as a mother. See how he blended well with your entire family though he needed not to. He surely wants to please us all and gain our votes... I'm impressed. He did not care about anything at all as long as he pleased the family of his woman.\" whispered Rizie's mother followed by a chuckle as she watched the boys.

    \"Geez look at your brother going overboard. Do you really think he's already drunk? I never saw him act like that... so carefree...\"

    \"It's because he met a good partner. Seeing him more carefree is preferable than his reserve personality before.\" Rizie commented.

    \"Hmm yes, it's the same as seeing you in a finally serious relationship. Once you confirmed that you already love him, you should not let him go Rizie. Take that courage and I hope that you'll be brave enough to fight the inner battle between your heart and mind...\"

    Rizie smiled at her mother and reassured her, \"Mom, please stop worrying about me. I will take note of your advice okay... Shall we go now? My eyes are hurting watching those idiots for real...\"

    Rizie pulled her mother out.

    Meanwhile Dion wondered when the two men would pass out. He could not tell how long he could last. He felt his stomach was already turning upside down with too much alcohol. 'How come those two are still standing?' he mused but then he recalled that they were soldiers so their bodies were naturally physically stronger than his.

    \"Looks like Dion will pass out soon...\" Rizie's brother-in-law commented.

    \"No No I'm still good,\" Dion quickly replied and grabbed another bear as he energetically said, \"Cheers! Let's get wasted!\" Dion did not  want to let those two think of him as a weakling. He would make sure he would be the last man standing at the end of the day.

    Zach and his brother-in-law exchanged meaningful gazes as they watched Dion downing the beer...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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