273 Blinded By Her Love

    Aklan Province...

    \"Enjoy your meal,\" Jam smiled at the customers as she put the orders on their table.

    She was at the kitchen when Grandma Dan called her out to get the order of the new customer. She went out with a smile and said, \"Good morning. Here's our menu. You should...\"

    She paused when she saw Lyndon turning his head up to her... Lyndon smiled and said, \"It's nice seeing you well and happy...\"

    He had been watching Jam from the distance as soon as he left the Life Hospitals group. They were doing an ocular at the province when he accidentally saw Jam with paper bags, delivering packed food at the nearby school. He couldn't believe it at first but then he had it checked and his guy confirmed that it was really Jam whom he had seen that day. Jam, who was living a very simple life compared to how she used to live before. Jam, who was often smiling now compared to her eyebrows that were always in coalission.

    Realizing how he had treated her poorly, he felt too ashamed to even show himself in front of her. But then he could not help but to at least say a proper goodbye to her before he decided to do the right thing.

    Jam composed herself with the sudden surprise and continued, \"Here's our menu...\" Like their normal customers. She detailed their best selling dish.

    She had stayed with the grandma who offered her a book that day. The book that inspired and encouraged her to move on and change herself to a large extent, though she must admit that she was still working towards progressing more because there were certain things that she was not ready to surrender especially now.

    Jam gave Lyndon a warm smile after receiving his orders. \"It's nice to see you too.\" Then she turned around and left Lyndon to give his orders to grandma Dan.

    Lyndon shook his head and followed with a satisfied smile as he confirmed himself that Jam was now alright.

    Jam on the other hand immediately leaned on the door she closed as she calmed her breath. \"What's with you?\" she mumbled when she realized that she just ignored Lyndon like that and she did not even bother to ask how he was doing.

    She was too surprised to see Lyndon. 'How did she find me?' was the first question that popped in her head, giving her that small hope that Lyndon somehow cared for her?

    But her inner self scolded her so she could stop hoping and expecting. That way she would not get hurt anymore.

    She filled her lungs with air and then exhaled loudly before she opened the door to walk back to Lyndon and directly ask him what he was doing at that place.

    She smiled and walked towards him but then paused as she saw a team of policemen cornered him.

    \"Lyndon Chu. You are under arrest for kidnapping and attempted murder of Miss Yera Han. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in court...\"

    The policemen handcuffed Lyndon and took him

    Jam's eyes widened as she hysterically stated, \"What's going on? Why are you taking him? Where are you taking him?\"

    They were already outside the restaurant. Grandma Dan was trying to hold and stop Jam who was following Lyndon. \"Child... Please calm down. This won't do good to your baby...\"

    Lyndon stopped walking and turned around to face Jam, \"This is it... It was bound to happen Jam. I wanted to take your advice and do what was right so I decided to surrender myself soon but then I guess this is a sign that maybe I might have again delayed that SOON and like before ended up not surrendering myself... Don't worry and live a happy life please... I want you to be happy and I'm really sorry for everything Jam... I am really sorry...\"

    Jam was crying hard as she tried to follow Lyndon but she suddenly felt weak and then everything blacked out in front of her eyes.

    From a distance, Xander and Yera were inside their car and were watching and witnessing the entire scenario. Yera was still disheartened as she looked at Lyndon. Of all the people, Lyndon was the only person whom she still believed in. She could not understand at all why he would do it to her when she could clearly feel how sincere his feelings towards her were during that time.

    But then her thoughts were cut off when the grandma who was holding Jam was shouting for help. She immediately went out while Xander ran to carry Jam inside the car.

    \"Oh please bring her to the hospital. She has a weak body and her baby... Oh God her baby inside is trying its best to stay with her,\" the old lady hysterically informed as she kept on praying for Jam and her baby's safety.

    Yera was taken aback with that information... She did not expect to hear that. Xander drove the car while she and the old lady were inside while she was holding Jam.

    \"You mean she's pregnant?\" Yera whispered. \"Yes, she is in almost her fourth week of pregnancy now. She bled a few days ago and the doctor said that her baby was safe and grabbing hard onto her but because of her depression she could lose the baby...\" the old lady explained as she grabbed Jam's hands and whispered, \"You have to stay strong child. Do you hear me? Your baby is fighting so you should fight for your baby too..\"

    Xander, who was driving, looked at the rear view mirror every once in a while to check on his wife. His wife had conflicted emotions at that moment. Lyndon was not the only one to be arrested at that time but Jam was also considered an accomplice because she hid the man that Lyndon had hired for a long time, the leader of the gang who abducted Yera had clearly stated this in his recording along with the evidence. She had provided everything that the criminal would need to hide well. Jam knew all along that it was Lyndon who perpetrated Yera's abduction, but she remained silent. Xander could feel how broken Yera was when she came through the truth, all he wanted for those two was to rot in jail forever. But looking at his wife now, Xander could only see compassion in her eyes as Yera stared at Jam...

    Xander let out a sigh... Jam did that because she was blinded by her love for Lyndon but still she had committed a crime by hiding a criminal.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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