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    Life Hospitals group

    Yera stared at Jam who was peacefully sleeping in one of their vip rooms. She was stable now and the baby was surprisingly still in her womb though it was still weak.

    She sighed... The door opened and the grandma Dan entered with Jam's clothes and things that she had left in the grandma's house.

    \"These are her things...\" the old lady stated. She handed them to Yera.

    The old lady took one more look at Jam and whispered, \"Be strong my child... You're with your family now...\" Then she smiled at Yera and thanked her before leaving the room.

    Yera sat and put the bag at the side. She stared at Jam's journal then opened it. There she read Jam's frustrations. Jam wrote everything in there but what caught Yera's attention was the letter that was clipped in one of the pages.

    Yera opened the letter. Her eyebrows creased seeing the letter was addressed to her.


    Dear Yera,

    I'm not sure if this letter will ever reach you... I must confess but I can't stab Lyndon, I'm blinded with my deep feelings for him that I'm scared to see him behind bars. I'm probably in jail already while you read this letter. To be honest I was thinking of surrendering myself but something came up. I found out that I was pregnant so I got scared for my child and chose fate to decide how everything would turn out. I was hoping Lyndon would surrender himself too in his own accord...

    I came to know about it just this year... By accident... That man happened to be lingering around the hospital and I noticed he was particularly looking at Lyndon. That same man  I noticed to be lingering around Lyndon's house as well. Yes, I did stalk Lyndon as soon as you showed up as Deyna Song. So I hired someone to take that man because I had a hunch that the man had some malicious agenda.

    There... I found out everything. That man confessed that Lyndon was the one who instructed them to kidnap you but keep you safe, and he was also instructed to let you go once your grandfather surrendered all the rights to Lyndon. He said that the plan was messed up when you were shot by one of his men. That man was scared because he had messed up so he lived in hiding for years...

    I offered that man security because I saw it as an opportunity to use, so that Lyndon could stay by my side. I thought I would have power over him knowing his weakness. Lyndon... I think he meant no harm to you but something went wrong with the men he hired... I know what he did is still unforgivable... But I hope you can still consider...

    I want to really apologize too because I hid that fact... It's like I'm part of the crime... I'm willing to pay for it Yera, but please can you spare my child? As soon as I gave birth to her, I'm willing to pay for everything. I just want to make sure that my child will be safe and sound.

    I know that I have no right at all to request any such things from you, and you have all the rights to get me imprisoned for all the things I've done to you. Please  know that I'm really sorry and regret the things I did before...

    You have the right not to forgive me but please spare my unborn child. I only need nine months Yera please...


    Yera felt her head would burst anytime soon as she folded back the letter. She stayed with Jam and had not seen Lyndon yet. She wanted to see Lyndon one last time to give him the opportunity to talk, to ask him herself the question that was haunting her ever since she came to know he was the one behind her abduction.

    The video that man left was very clear in which he had detailed everything how Lyndon found him and his gang and hired them for the task. The supposed to be a birthday celebration that night turned into a nightmare. Lyndon instructed them to kidnap her though there was no intention to kill her, still he committed a crime. He of all people was the last person she would consider as a suspect for that crime.

    The door opened and Xander entered.

    \"How is she?\" he asked as he sat beside his wife. Yera heaved a conflicted sigh before replying, \"She's stable now but the baby is still weak. She needs to stay in here...\"

    Yera handed Xander the letter she found in Jam's journal. Xander read it and afterwards commented, \"What's your plan now darling?\"

    Yera stared at Jam and spoke, \"I believe she had learnt her lesson and she is actually following the right path now. She is not scared for herself but she only wanted to protect her baby. Let's heed her request and help her to have a safe and healthy delivery... Then let's see how everything goes after that. The way I see it, Jam wants to start a new and simple life with her child. She was sincere... She feels regret and penitence... Let's see after the child is born if she's still willing to pay for her crime then I will decide, by then...\"

    Xander hugged his wife and whispered, \"I think you should see and talk to Lyndon. He is requesting your presence...\"

    Lyndon had confessed everything already. He was at the site when that man, the leader of the gang  died. Lyndon insisted that there was one other party also chasing the man, the party who killed and ran the truck on the man at the road.

    Lyndon insisted that he did not kill the leader. He went there to convince the leader to come to him and not kill him.

    Xander planned to tell it to Yera but seeng how exhausted his wife was right now, he should let her rest first. Just when he thought that everything was finished now with Lyndon's arrest... But it turned out that there were still unsolved issues. Lyndon said that the man told him that one of his men might know something since that man was the one who fired that shot at Yera. That man was the patient X under his custody. However, patient X's body was still not stable though a few movements in him were observed, he would still need to undergo another operation and another set of treatment to recover if fate had it for him...

    'How come his wife's case was too complicated...' he mused with a heavy heart.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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