275 Turn Back Time

    Yera went to the detention cell where Lyndon was held captive.

    She paused at the door and let out a long sigh before signaling the policeman that she was now ready to enter.

    She walked in the room and saw Lyndon at the adjacent glass waiting for her. Yera sat down and looked at him, he stood there with his head slightly bowed. Yera knew why, because he couldn't muster enough courage to look directly at her out of guilt...

    \"You asked for me... Please make it short because whatever your reason is... It's still not going to be convincing enough to make your deed acceptable and important for you to break my trust like this. Of all the people in my family and professional circle, even my husband included you as their suspect, but me, I strongly believed that you could have nothing to do with it...\"

    Lyndon bit his lips and slowly looked at Yera and murmured, \"I know there's no excuse enough to justify my wrongdoings. I asked for you because I wanted to personally apologize to you Yera. I'm sorry that I did not confess about it earlier to you... I am sorry Yera. You don't have to forgive me and I deserve whatever is coming my way...\"

    Yera felt numb, she stood up with a straight face and turned around without a word at all. Before totally going out of the room she paused and said, \"I think you should know this... Jam is pregnant... Four weeks pregnant... I have decided to not file a complaint against her as your accomplice until her baby is born. She has a complicated pregnancy... and without proper care she could easily lose her child.\"

    Without further adieu, Yera left Lyndon dumbconfounded with the unexpected news. \"Jam is pregnant?\" he mumbled, he was out of himself.

    Four weeks... He knew he was the father because he was Jam's first and the time frame when something happened to them that night. Lyndon covered his face with his palms as his shoulders dropped. He was going to be a father... A father that his child could not be proud of.

    He had no intention to harm Yera that night. He loved her deeply and unconditionally. He had planned her kidnap for ransom. Yera's grandfather wanted him out of the picture from Yera's life. He wanted to cancel the engagement because Old Master Han had found out that their family was falling down. He was enraged because of it and wanted to teach the old man a lesson. He wanted to rob all his money and then used it against him afterwards. He was already fed up by how he and his family were being belittled by him every now and then, so out of options, he finally came up with the plan of kidnapping Yera and to ask for ransom.

    But things did not happen according to his plan. It all got messed up and Yera ended up dead. He was in delusion for years... to the point of taking his own life but his parents needed him so he lied with a big burden at his back and in his heart.

    When Yera returned he was too grateful. Seeing her alive and well like that was like a blessing for him. He contemplated whether to confess to her and surrender himself to the authorities but he... he was a coward who didn't have enough courage to face his wrongdoings...

    Lyndon cried and shouted inside as he kept hitting his head with his fist as hard as he could. If only he could turn back time but he couldn't...

    Yera saw Xander outside the detention center and the latter ran to her side to hold her hand. \"Are you alright?\" her husband asked.

    Yera nodded and murmured, \"Yes I am, it's just that I'm disappointed I guess. I really did not think that Lyndon could do that to me...\"

    \"Do you want to go somewhere?\" Xander asked as they entered their car. Yera sighed and replied, \"Let's go home... I feel so tired...\" Yera felt exhausted and she wanted to stay home and feel the comfort of  her husband by cuddling her in his embrace while she rested on her bed.


    Meanwhile while everybody was busy with their own agendas, two people were playing hide and seek...

    Senior Yang's mobile phone kept on ringing while he kept on ignoring it, seeing the caller ID of Dion's mother on his screen.

    He wanted to have at least one day's rest by not seeing her just for a day. Why? Because she was really troublesome and bothersome. He sighed when the ringing stopped and went back to read back the book he was holding.

    He heard knocking on the door. \"Come in...\"

    One of his helpers went inside his library and informed, \"Master, you have a visitor...\"

    Senior Yang's eyebrows collided because he was not expecting any visitor at all so why would Butler Gary let anyone in their mansion without informing him first.

    \"Where is Butler Gary?\" he asked the helper.

    \"He's in the living room Master entertaining your visitor.\"

    Senior Yang quickly rose from his chair to look who was the said visitor. As he was nearing the living room, he halted hearing a familiar laugh of a woman. \"No way?\" he whispered as he walked faster to see if he was right.

    To his horror, it was indeed Liz who seemed to be having a good chat with Butler Gary.

    \"Oh, you're here. You were not answering your phone so I got worried and just dropped by since I was near the area...\"

    Liz stood up from the sofa and walked towards him, she casually pulled him and said, \"By the way I brought you some cake and snacks. Show me the kitchen and dining area to prepare this...\"

    Senior Yang twitched his mouth as he was pulled by Dion's mother. He could not believe what was happening. Dion's mother was just... He could not even put the right words to describe her. He suddenly counted the number of days he would need to accompany her and be with Dion's mother because he was not really feeling normal about it all...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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