276 Verdic

    Yera and Xander prepared themselves to attend the final verdict of Juliet and Roy Go.

    Roy and Juliet were both hysterical as they entered the courtroom. Roy was shouting that he was innocent while Juliet was still hysterical insisting she did not kill her father.

    \"Yera please... You know how I loved father. It only saved him from further suffering. You should thank me, you bitch!\" Juliet shouted at her while she struggled in the clutches of the policemen holding her.

    The judge signaled the doctor to give the two suspects a shot to calm them down.

    Xander embraced his wife close to him while he held her hand. The proceedings began from where the verdict was to be announced.

    \"It was proven that the defendants Juliet Go and Roy Go were GUILTY...\" Yera heard the words as the complete verdict was read. Tears fell continuously from her eyes. Finally, it was all over and done. Justice for her parents and grandfather was served. The Go's both were given a life sentence in the prison. Both were shouting and were hysterical because they could not accept their sentence.

    \"We should go...\" Xander whispered to Yera as he held her and supported her to walk out from the courtroom. Hearing the verdict was enough for her and his wife did not need to witness those animals and hear their  voices.

    Outside the courtroom, Yera hugged Xander tightly while crying herself out. Xander gently stroked her hair and patted her back. This should be an achievement for them but there would be another trial to wait for and Xander was confident to get justice in that trial as well.

    He was adamant on making Lyndon pay for what he had done. And he would not stop until he reached the end of it. He would search every corner of the earth to find that person Lyndon was telling about, the one who instructed one of the gang members to shoot and kill Yera if an opportunity opened.

    There were still a lot of loopholes like the recent accident with the truck that exploded. Lyndon firmly denied his involvement in other things except for her kidnapping.

    Little that the couple knew, a pair of eyes was observing them from a distance and the owner of this pair of malicious eyes was also present during the verdict.

    \"You sure do have nine lives... What an irritable bloodline...\" the person in all black muttered with eyes directly at the couple.

    \"Check that person in black at ninety degrees clockwise...\" Ralf instructed on his radio. That person quickly moved out as soon as Xander's security team noticed that suspicious person. And it went out as a chase.

    \"What's going on?\" Xander asked as he witnessed some of his security in disguise was moving.

    \"A suspicious person Boss.. Let's head to the car first Boss,\" one of Xander's men responded. The couple then proceeded to the parking lot.

    \"What happened?\" Xander asked as soon as they were inside the car.

    \"Our men lost that person,\" Ralf murmured while he scratched his head.

    \"Tsk..\" Xander scoffed before he grabbed his mobile phone to call Dr. Black.

    \"You should not push them hard... Let's just wait for the update.\" Yera murmured as soon as her husband ended the call. Xander would follow up the status of patient X every now and then daily and she was quite sure the doctors would be immensely pressured by this. But she could not blame her husband because he too was frustrated like her with the turns of events since it did not end with Lyndon's arrest.

    Xander emitted a long sigh and uttered, \"Yes I shouldn't pressure them. Geez, that patient X is killing me though. He is our only hope at this point.\"


    At Life Hospitals group office...

    Dion was keenly watching the surgeries conducted by his sister in his wide monitor at his office. The one he wanted to perform was craniectomy. He had done one before but still with his sister's supervision and he must admit he was not that confident in himself yet with this kind of procedure so he wanted to learn every detail minutely since brain surgery was the most difficult and complex one to handle.

    Only his sister was able to conduct a successful operation with such severe complications and all her patients were still living a normal life up to date post surgery, unlike the ones who were operated upon by other doctors and were left to live with some severe post surgical complications or worse ended up dead during or after surgery.

    Rizie entered his room and said, \"I got good news...\"

    Dion paused the video and with a smile commented, \"Thank God... Those scumbags will rot in jail...\"

    Rizie laughed and nodded but then commented as she sat beside him on the couch while looking at the video he was watching, \"Hmm you were sure it's about the verdict but then yes the Go couple will rot in jail all through their lives. They deserved it.\"

    I observed that you've been watching these brain surgery videos too often lately. Do you have a schedule for it?\"

    Dion shook his head and commented, \"None yet but I would like to steal one from my sister...\"

    Rizie frowned and turned to directly look at him with her stern face. \"Hey don't say it like that as if you'll steal only a thing... It's a life you will have to steal back from the clutches of death, so you better be confident and not attempt it just because you wanna try to do some practice...:\"

    Dion gulped and was lost for words. Rizie spoke like his sister at that point. He scratched his head and murmured, \"Sorry... I'll be more sensitive next time.\"

    Rizie grinned and patted Dion's head while she whispered, \"Good boy. Now, let's then talk about you and Cali.\"

    Rizie handed him a paper and said, \"I made the schedule for you two wherein you can have casual meetings to make it look like a date in Mr. Lua's eyes. You two should be done with the time I set. No extension of time or else you'll be dead meat in my hands...\"

    Dion got through the paper and chuckled.

    \"What?\" Rizie asked with knitted brows.

    \"Nothing... It's just that I don't think this is necessary... To be honest I'm not comfortable at all.\" Dion commented.

    \"It is necessary and I insist that you do this... I want to help your family and I myself don't want to see that old Lua ever again in the company, so make sure you kick that a*sshole out as soon as you and sis gained full management and power in Life Hospitals group.\" Rizzie firmly declared.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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