277 CEO Position

    That same day, Yera organised a simple celebration for the good and satisfying result of the trial of Juliet and Roy Go.

    She herself prepared a few things for dinner and also invited Rizie and her father-in-law over.

    This month was like a blast and a lot had happened. There were bad and good things that happened at the same time.

    During dinner, Senior Yang kept sneaking a glance at Dion's mother every now and then. He felt something was wrong with her behaviour. Why? Because Dion's mother was suddenly ignoring him, as if he was not present around, since his arrival.

    'What's her problem?' he mused a bit confused with her attitude.

    \"Mom, how long are you going to stay? Sister has organised an event for me...\" Dion asked his mother as they all gathered in the living room after dinner for some coffee.

    \"I can't son... You know I have a lot going on and I suddenly left the business to come here... But I will try to come every now and then once everything is settled,\" Liz answered because it was true that she had left a lot of things to rush with her son.

    \"Hmm, how about I prepone the date. We have set it for next week. I want everyone to recognize Dion as the only heir of our family.\" Yera commented and looked at Rizie who nodded as an understanding since it was Rizie who would handle the said event.

    Dion sighed with the thought of another long week ahead of them. Cali said that her grandfather would soon be calling for another board meeting regarding the position of Vice Chairman and  CEO. Cali said that she would do everything to convince her grandfather to have him in that position instead but they  would have to be together often, just like the schedules made by Rizie.

    Dion looked at his sister and muttered, \"Sis, I will go with mom when she leaves and will be back as soon as possible. I will actually suggest the same thing to prepone the gathering to an earlier date...\"

    Rizie frowned because she was not aware of that. Yera on the other hand was surprised too.

    Dion smiled and said, \"I have an important thing to attend to there and besides grandpa has asked for me. Right mom?\"

    Liz awkwardly smiled but nodded, \"Uhh...\" It would be best that his son hid the truth of coming back to country V for everyone's safety.


    The next morning, Rizie served as an alarm clock for Dion and Cali pertaining to their schedule that morning where Dion and Cali were to have breakfast together inside Life Hospitals group's head office so Mr. Lua could see it by his own eyes and hear it from the others also, since the gossip would surely spread and escalate in the entire building.

    Rizie no longer bothered even if the gossip reached her from any sources... Because she knew that it was only for the show. The board meeting would soon be held and this was their best shot for Dion to get the position of CEO,  so right now they must act and stage up everything properly.

    Days passed by and Dion continued to go out with Cali just as Rizie had planned everything. Surprisingly everything kept going on well whereas he became good friends with Cali and the same was true with Cali and Rizie. Cali was indeed a person with a very good heart though both him and Rizie agreed that Cali was a spoiled brat and way too immature at most.

    The board meeting was called very soon and the day of the board meeting arrived and as expected the main agenda of the meeting was the appointment of Vice Chairman and CEO position. Following the company's policy, board members casted their suggestions. It was really a relief that everyone agreed to have Dion for the position so voting was just not needed.

    Rizie almost jumped from her seat but tried hard to control herself. Same went for Yera. Mr. Lua congratulated Dion with a handshake and pulled him in for an embrace as he whispered, \"I expect a lot from you CEO Dion Han. I hope you won't let me down.\"

    Dion knew those words of Mr. Lua had a double meaning, that the old hag did not expect only for managing the group well but taking care of his granddaughter as well as to become his grandson-in-law.

    'In your dreams...' Dion mused as he let out a forced smile. \"I will ask Cali to celebrate with me later,\" Dion muttered instead, a script prepared by Rizie that she clearly reminded him to say in case they would succeed in getting the Vice Chairman and CEO position for him.

    A wide grin appeared on the old man's face, satisfied with Dion's answer he responded, \"Good then. Cali said you will not disappoint me... I will definitely see to it what you really want...\"

    Dion only smiled before turning to the other board members to thank them for their support.

    He exhaled a sigh of relief as soon as he was back in his office... Rizie after locking the door immediately pounced at him and hugged him tightly. \"We did it! We did it!\" she energetically burst out.

    \"Can we celebrate instead? I want to celebrate with you not Cali!!\" Dion mumbled with pouty lips. Rizie pulled out from his embrace, looked into his eyes and said, \"Of course we will.\"

    \"But you said Cali...\"

    \"Nah, Cali has her own plans. That brat is enjoying herself in bullying my twin and even is asking for my help, so later you will just pick her up and she will be with your body double.\"

    \"You mean Josh? How?\" Dion could not believe it at all. \"Did he travel here to the city? I thought he couldn't leave the villa because of his resort?\" He asked in a row.

    Rizie smirked and said, \"Well I have my own ways in convincing that bully in doing things, so stop frowning because we will celebrate together okay?\"

    Dion gave Rizie a nose to nose kiss followed by a kiss on her lips. He felt too lucky to have such a reliable and understanding partner that Dion now wanted to proceed towards the next step of asking her for marriage. He found it difficult to live without her even for a few hours now.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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