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    Senior Yang was a bit restless after the dinner at Han Mansion last time. Something was really off. He wondered if he had done something to offend Liz because he was ignored by her brutally the whole evening, though not totally since the latter would casually answer him whenever he initiated and asked something. It was just entirely different because the woman had been pestering him for days now without a leave.

    He looked at his mobile phone and murmured, \"Weird...\" Because usually his mobile phone would be flooded with text messages from Liz asking what he was doing or acting like an alarm clock often reminding him about their meeting and the things she would like to do with him or the places she wanted to go to.

    'Maybe I should call her once and ask how she is doing?' he mused, contemplating whether to dial Liz's number or not. In the end he chose not to do it.

    Senior Yang sighed and grabbed his book thinking he should be grateful instead because finally he could have his long lost privacy somehow. 'What is wrong with me? I should be glad that the woman is no longer pestering me,' he tried to convince himself.

    But then another sigh escaped his mouth as he closed the book and decided to walk outside in the garden. He felt the day was too long and to be honest he was kind of feeling bored... Or perhaps it was because he had gotten accustomed to Liz's energetic vibes as she would always linger around him and actively keep doing a lot of things together. Senior Yang didn't realise when he started liking that whirlwind type woman hovering in his space around him and had started to take the air of loneliness away from him...

    Meanwhile, at Han Mansion, Dion was getting ready to accompany his mother shopping for some gifts and mementos that she wanted to bring with her when she went back to country V. He too wanted to buy some presents for their helpers, grandfather and some very close relatives and friends of his.

    While they were window shopping, Dion could not help but ask, \"How come it's not uncle Yang that you brought with you today instead it's me? Also I noticed last night you were being too casual towards him, giving him no special attention whereas from the day you met him you were acting shameless with him, as if you two were already so close...\"

    Liz laughed at her son's direct words and replied, \"Well, I bet that old man is also thinking the same way right now. I'm sure he might be too restless thinking if he had done something wrong or wondering if something is wrong with me for suddenly acting so indifferently.\"

    \"What? Are you saying you intentionally did that? You schemed the entire scene?\" Dion burst out, confused as he continued, \"Why?\"

    Dion's mother looked at the glass showing the dresses and pointed at a dress and asked Dion, \"Is this a nice color? Do you think James will like it?\"

    Looking more confused, Dion asked, \"Huh? You will buy uncle Yang something too?\"

    \"Of course... And you should practice calling him dad now, you know...\" Liz shamelessly declared.

    \"What the heck mom?!\" Dion raptured with a crumpled face. \"What? I told you about it before so don't act so shocked like that. You'll see... My estimate is that by tomorrow that old man will come knocking at Han's mansion pretending as if he wanted to visit his son and daughter-in-law but the oldie would actually be coming in because he would just want to see me. he would come to check how I am doing and the rest will go according to my plans... I will have him under my alm.\"

    \"I really hate to discourage you mom but uncle Yang is not such an easy man like you think he is... Heed my advice and you better don't expect too much from him mom, so that in the end you'll not be too disappointed...\"

    Dion quickly dodged because he expected that his mom would hit his head. But he did not anticipate that she would pinch his sides. \"You brat! You should support your mom in this fight. Don't you know that your mother is a love expert!\"

    It was true that she was good in getting the heart of an opposite sex. She could actually get Yera's father if she wanted to at that time, but she knew it was wrong so she did not do that. She had many suitors all through her life, asking for her attention and proposing through families even, but she refused to enter a relationship in order to focus entirely on Dion alone.

    Besides, there was no one who could steal her attention at all except for Yera's father in her youth and surprisingly Xander's father now, whom she had met so late in her life. But age was not significant in matters of love. Moreover, which justice system ruled that she could not have the second chance she deserved in love because of her age?

    \"You see... maybe ignoring him a little would give him time to understand his feelings about me. He will be able to understand if he enjoys my company or not. He can realize what I mean to him in this short span of time. Well, I'm not saying that he will fall in love with me right away but what I'm almost sure is that he will at least realize if he even likes me enough to miss my presence and my undivided attention towards him...\"

    \"Alright mom, let's see if what you're doing is effective then...\" Dion scoffed seeing the frowning of his mother at him.

    \"Stop frowning mom. Remember it adds wrinkles on your beautiful face...\"

    Hearing the word wrinkles, Liz immediately touched her face and stretched her lips in a wide smile. She often kept a smiling face so she would look and stay young.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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