279 Fabricated Story

    At Yang Globals Hospital

    Xander quickly rushed inside the delivery room when the news that his cousin was admitted for delivery there reached him. Keira was about to give birth and he wanted to make sure she was looked after properly and was safe.

    As soon as he entered, he heard Keira screaming and cursing her husband over the phone because of the pain she was experiencing. As soon as her ob-gyn doctor confirmed that Keira's vitals were all alright, Xander left the room.

    Outside, he shook his head as he imagined his wife giving birth and cursing him like that... Saying she would kill him because of the pain. Xander's face twitched at the thought of all that, but the excitement of being a father made him grin. He saw Zach running towards the delivery room with anxiety written all over his face, he did not even notice Xander waving at him.

    \"He must be too excited being a father this soon,\" he mumbled with a smile as he followed Zach's back. He got startled when he felt someone's arms on his shoulders.

    \"Why are you envious my Dr. CEO?\" He.heard Rui's teasing voice. Xander's face twisted and asked, \"Are you a mushroom? Where did you come from?\"

    Rui laughed and said, \"I was just passing through the hallway and happened to see you. By the way, how come you still couldn't bake a bun in the oven? Don't tell me your little buddy is in the dysfunction mode again?\"

    Xander abruptly threw away Rui's arm from his shoulders and boastfully grunted, \"It's in fact hyperactive dear Dr. Rui. By the way, I need to talk to you about something, so please follow me in my office.\"

    While Xander was talking to Rui, he received a call from his father so he immediately received it. \"Yes dad?\" he asked while Rui signaled him that he needed to scoot out. Xander nodded.

    \"What is it dad?\" Xander asked, suspecting something as he heard his father sigh at another line.

    \"Well... How about you guys have dinner at our mansion tonight?\" Senior Yang suggested. Xander was a bit surprised because they just met each other recently. \"Hmm, alright... I will check with Yera and get back to you dad.\"

    \"Oh bring Dion and Rizie too. They haven't been in our mansion till now right? I can tour them around here. Xander heard his father add that and his lips lifted up in the form of a teasing smirk when he realized what actually his father wanted to do. Something was fishy so he intentionally said, \"Hmm,okay I will ask Dion.\"

    Senior Yang twitched his mouth. How come his son be so clueless and did not mention Dion's mother who was living with them only?

    \"Dad I'll call you back if Yera, Dion and Rizie are available tonight,\" Xander reiterated with a grin, waiting if his dear father would cut the crap or not mention anything at all.

    There was a moment of silence and Xander heard a sigh from his father so he asked, \"Dad what's wrong? You do know that you can confide in me, just like I do in you about everything, so you can also say about anything, including your love life...\"

    \"You brat... What do you think of yourself? You're still on the way but I'm on my way back on the paths you are yet walking....so no thanks... I can handle my things myself, and you just work hard and focus on giving me my grandchild. Geeez....\" Senior Yang mumbled.

    \"Anyway, bring Dion's mother too if she is available.\" Senior Yang hastily said before immediately ending the call.

    Xander shook his head hearing the ending tone. His father did not even give him a moment to counter his sentence. He immediately typed a message to his father...

    [You've been in hibernation for too long dad... So you're not aware that the paths have changed considerably and your on your way back analogy - is not applicable at all today...]

    \"That brat!\" Senior Yang exclaimed after reading his son's message who was obviously teasing him.

    Xander called Yera to inform her about the dinner and he also informed her about Keira's delivery. Yera was glad to hear it and immediately went to his hospital to pay Keira a visit.

    At the hospital, Yera almost met all of Rizie's family who were also present to visit Keira. It was a good thing that Yera arrived at Keira's private room with Rizie.

    So  Yera took the initiative to invite Rizie's entire family to lunch in a private restaurant near the hospital, owned by Keira's friend so they could have an exclusive lunch.

    \"Rizie, did you call Dion?\" Rizie's mother asked as they seated. Rizie looked at Yera because Dion was having lunch with Mr. Lua and Cali at that moment.

    Rizie excused herself and called Cali instead. \"Don't worry sis. I'll send Dion over now.\" Cali reassured. \"Are you sure?\" Rizie reconfirmed. \"Yes. Is Josh present there sis?\" Although a bit confused with the question, Rizie answered, \"Yes. Why?\"

    \"Hmm, you see I need to enter the restaurant too... Josh can introduce me as his girlfriend so my presence won't get awkward with all your family?\" Cali suggested because she would need to stay longer inside for she was sure her grandfather would have them monitored outside the restaurant.

    Rizie let out a long sigh before going back inside. Dion needed to keep the bargain and pretend to be in a relationship with Cali until she turned twenty one. Rizie took it as an opportunity too to get Mr. Lua's trust on Dion so he could be supported by the board members under Mr. Lua. Until they found anything concrete and huge enough to bring Mr. Lua down, Rizie thought that being on the good side of the old man would be better so she encouraged Dion to coax the old man. They could at least try that technique since Cali insisted that her grandpa's only weakness was her.

    After some time, Rizie looked at the door because Cali messaged her that they were almost there. She smiled seeing Dion entered with Cali.

    \"Who's with Dion?\" Rizie's mother asked when she noticed Dion approaching their table with a beautiful girl beside him.  Yera's eyes widened and she looked at Rizie who smiled and said, \"Oh that's Cali...You haven't met her right. She was in a meeting with Dion and Josh happened to ask her to go here directly...\"

    \"Josh?\" Rizie's mother asked, totally confused. Josh was not there yet but he called saying he was not very far from them and would soon arrive.

    \"Yeah, she's Cali... Josh's new girlfriend. It's a long story mom let me summarize it while Josh is still not here.\" Rizie laughed and introduced Cali first to the family as she began a fabricated story about how Josh and Cali met.

    \"Such a small world,\" Grandma Terry commented, amazed how such incidents occurred.

    Cali gave all eyes on her, a sweet and warm smile as she said, \"it's really nice to finally meet all of you. Josh says a lot of good things about his family and it's really heartwarming and inspiring.\"

    Yera and Xander were both dumbconfounded at the sight that they could only keep their mouth shut.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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