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    At Life Hospital

    Days passed by fast and Dion worked harder to prove himself as the new appointed CEO  while Yera had been busy with her routine of specialised surgeries.

    \"Sis, you have a craniectomy later right? Can I be your assistant?\" Dion asked as he visited his sister's clinic. Yea smiled and nodded. \"Tell Shaira and Dr. Xiao about it... Dr. Xiao will surely be happy in slacking off. You just saved his butt but ask him first...\" Yera simply said.

    \"What are you eating?\" Dion asked when he smelled something fishy. Yera laughed and said, \"Oh shrimp paste... and green mangoes... You want? It's good.\"

    \"For real? Eww isn't that sour?\" Dion commented with a twisted face. Yera only laughed and continued with eating. \"By the way, are you sure Rizie is okay with what's going on with you and Cali? I mean you both are very popular as a couple and the gossip market about you and Cali is very hot in the hospital.\" Yera suddenly recalled she had to ask her brother. She and Xander were so awkward during the last meal they had with them together with Rizie's family.

    Dion let out a long sigh and said, \"She herself is the one planning everything about me and Cali, sis. I tried to stop her and said there's no need for this but it seems she has decided to join hands with Cali in this since Cali is very confident that this is the best way to get everything back from her grandfather. Cali said I have to attach my name with her's in public's eyes and pretend nicely because her grandfather is dying to get me to his side... If I'll be able to get his trust, I can soon get more shares from him.\"

    \"Nah... That old man is a cunning fox. He will only sell shares when you marry his granddaughter so stop this nonsense before it gets out of hand... Moreover, I don't like this idea at all. I too will talk to Rizie about it...\" Yera scoffed. She was not comfortable with this plan since it started.

    \"Yes sis, please talk to Rizie and convince her because I really did try my best. She's handling my entire schedule as she wishes and even puts me on the spot. Geez, I'm a doctor not a poker actor and that Mr. Lua is really getting on my nerves now, so much so that even a poker smile takes me a long time to perfect in front of him.\" Dion pleaded. Just the sight of Cali's grandfather wanted him to puke but he had to treat him well because reality was that it was the need of the moment.

    While Dion was speaking his heart out, Yera's mobile phone rang and he saw it was Xander calling her. After the call ended Dion commented, \"It's nice that you two can go out together whenever you want.\" They both were going to have lunch together and had been open with their relationship and did not mind the eyes of others at all now.

    Yera laughed and said, \"That's why I told you to stop with such absurd game ideas the three of you are having... We will figure something out soon so be patient okay? See how nice it is to go out openly with the person you are in love?\" Yera stated, making her brother intentionally jealous.

    Xander and her would formally announce their intended wedding ceremony as well at Dion's party. There was no point in hiding their relationship anymore so the two did not bother to meet disguised like before...

    Dion's face contorted. He was obviously frustrated...

    Yera suddenly recalled something and asked, \"Your friend from country V. The one helping you out with hacking, Vin? Do you think he can help us into something? Ralf is on it already but it seems like they are having a problem digging for those deleted files from our system. Lyndon said that those  files can help as evidence against Mr. Lua that's connected to the VIP floor...\"

    \"Oh yeah Vin is quite good also. I will contact him about it...\" Dion commented. His friend was actually a mysterious person, and he himself did not know his real identity. It just so happened that Vin felt indebted to Dion for saving his life once and then their friendship started since then and they gradually became close like brothers.

    \"Alright. Your bro-in-law is waiting already. I'll go and have lunch with him. See you later...\" Yera said as she stood up to leave while Dion followed.

    Xander took Yera to a restaurant not far from Life Hospital.

    \"What's that smell?\" Yera exclaimed as she sniffed her husband sitting beside her.

    \"What? What smell?\" Xander confusedly asked.

    \"I told you not to use any perfume, all your perfumes stink and irritate my nose! Why can't you get a better perfume darling?...\" Yera irritably hissed.

    \"Uhm but I did not use any...\" Xander defended as he smelled himself then added, \"Oh, it's probably because the lab gown I reused when I did some rounds in the wards. The scent probably lingered in my polo. How come my perfumes suddenly started smelling stinky while you loved that smell earlier?\"

    Yera's mouth twitched and said, \"That was a different smell, not this one, you must have started a new deodorant without telling me. Just stop using it or don't ever come near me...\"

    Xander scratched his head as he watched his wife continue eating. Lately, he noticed she was becoming moody, not to mention that she had become a glutton, getting hungry and eating every now and then, that too lots of junk food, not her usual routine at all.

    Then Xander's eyes suddenly brightened while he said, \"Darling... I think we should see a doctor. Oh wait...\" Xander grabbed his mobile phone and opened an app. Yera's eyes widened and in disbelief burst out, \"You keep a track of my menstrual cycle on the app?\"

    Xander reddened and grinned. \"Hmm, it says here you're supposed to have your period next week... I guess this is too early to speculate. In the meanwhile let's work harder in the coming days.\"

    Yera's face twisted and said, \"Geez... Maybe it's just that I'm frustrated lately and eating actually helps me to release stress. But you do have a point, as I can feel my nose has become sensitive to many kinds of smells. But as of now lets keep this with us only, okay? Don't you dare tell father also... I don't want him to get his hopes high for nothing. Let's confirm things first before spreading the word...\"

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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